KMB Travels: Top Picks for Denver Dining and Show Floor Escapes During CEDIA 2019

KMB Travels: Top Picks for Denver Dining and Show Floor Escapes During CEDIA 2019

We’re baaacccckkkkk… CEDIA Expo has returned to one of our favorite towns, and we’re here to share some favorite spots to eat, drink and be merry. We invited Expo attendees (past and present) to give us their choice restaurants, bars and touristy things to do; we’ve sprinkled in a few of our own for good measure. As Barrie McCorkle of D-Tools puts it:  “If you like food, you will not be disappointed with this city. It’s a culinary mecca.” Refueling for the show WILL NOT be a problem.  


From Jason Vreeman, Director of Cinema Sales, Americas, Dolby

Hailing from Colorado Springs, Jason has a good sense of what’s hot (and what’s not) in Denver. His #1 pick for dining in downtown Denver: Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox. 

With a 5-star stellar gourmet menu made from ingredients which are all locally sourced, a bar offering the highest quality cocktails and mocktails, and a retro atmosphere of 60s post Hays Code film deco and live music (or dueling DJs depending on the night), Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox is a feast for your eyes, ears and pallet. 

From Barrie McCorkle, Director of Supplier Programs, D-Tools

There is a ton of stuff to choose from as you walk the distance on the 16th Street Mall or just a block away from it. Some of my favorites here include Earl’s Kitchen and bar, Panzano, Elway’s, Tamayo, Cru, Rioja, Tupelo Honey and Jax Fish House. You will not go wrong with any of these. If you go to Earl’s or Panzano, basically everything on the menu is fantastic. If you like lamb, get the lamb lollipops from Cru. The oysters from Jax are incredible, try the creole, yum.  If you want some crazy cocktails and solid southern cuisine with a twist, Tupelo Honey is your place. If you find yourself at Elway’s, the burger is damn good, in addition to their extensive selection of killer steaks and perfectly cooked seafood.

If you want a truly magnificent culinary experience, I have four suggestions for you. First is TAG.  It’s on Larimer Street and you will walk right past it if not careful. This place is magnificent. You know when you have that one dish at a restaurant that has you dreaming about its flavor for days after. TAG has this, but with every single dish they serve. You will find yourself licking the plate at this place. Some must haves are the duck fat fries (you can order as an appetizer), the caramelized butterfish, flash seared Hamachi, and Hong Kong style steamed sea bass. Whatever you do, leave room for dessert. The Sticky Toffee Cake will make you wonder how things this delicious are even possible.

Second on my top list is Cholon. This is an Asian fusion restaurant that makes everything incredible. They also have a late-night happy hour from 9 p.m. to close. Some specialties are the Lobster Saigon crepes, 7x Wagyu Steak, and Ahi Tuna Crudo. But the one item on the menu that is a must-order is their soup dumplings. Somehow Cholon is able to create little balls of dim sum with gruyere cheese, sweet onion and soup, yes soup, inside the dumpling. It is an actual explosion of flavor in your mouth. And yes, you can get them at happy hour.

Third is a little off the beaten path—a hidden gem called Café Brazil. It’s located about 10 minutes outside of downtown on the corner of Lowell and 44th. This is not the Brazilian restaurant you are thinking of where they cut meat off of skewers. No, no, this is traditional Brazilian cuisine with a full rum bar that’s home to over 75 rums from around the world. You can even order rum flights. Once again, you cannot go wrong with anything on the menu, but there is one dish that is a must. Occasionally, they will offer rack of lamb as the special. If you are lucky enough to have this option, ORDER IT. There is none better, anywhere, period.

Last but not least is a place called The Family Jones. They distill their own liquor and make craft cocktails like you’ve never had before. If you’re unsure what to get, trust your server. The entire staff is made up of foodies who will not steer you wrong. All food here is prepared as smaller share plates, so you can sample a lot of different things and get a good variety. Some of my favorites are the Roasted Artichoke Fondue, Upside Down Pineapple Pork, Duck Leg Confit, and the 48HR Beef.


From Robert Keeler, Senior Director of Sales, CEDIA

Some people like to slow down with a low-key restaurant after the show floor closes; others need a venue that’s livelier. The latter is what Robert prescribes, and his go-to is Otra Vez Cantina. A relatively new establishment, the restaurant’s slogan is “A great time, every time, and then again.” Say no more. Located on the 16th Street Mall, it’s easy to get to and easy to find something delicious on the menu. Otra Vez Cantina specializes in Mexican fare with South American influences, and offers more than 200, yes 200, tequilas and mezcals, plus wide range of other cocktails. The 20-foot floor-to-ceiling bar connects to a street-side patio. A private banquet area is available for parties and meetings. 


From Margot Narum, KMB Friend and Foodie

When Margot is in Denver, she makes a point to visit Gaetano’s and thinks you should, too! Not to put on the pressure, but this establishment, which opened in 1947 was a favorite hangout of the several notorious members of the mob. Mob boss kingpin “Little Caesar” liked Gaetano’s and so did the Smaldone family. Today, this Denver icon retains much of that same flavor, serving up old-school, authentic Italian dishes and Gangster cocktails. Word to the wise, this is a small restaurant where food is made to order. On a tight schedule? Nope. Ready to linger and soak in the ambiance? Yes. 


From KMB Communications, Don’t Forget Breakfast 

A hearty breakfast is the best fuel for battling a busy show floor. Snooze specializes in classic breakfast fare in a casual atmosphere. Some of the notables on the menu: 

Breakfast Pot Pie
Snooze’s homemade rosemary sausage gravy smothers a flaky puff pastry, topped with an egg your style (we’d say sunny side up!). You’ve reached breakfast bliss, complete with hash browns.

Ham Benedict III
The classic evolved with our signature English muffin topped with shaved hickory smoked ham, perfectly poached cage free eggs and smoked cheddar hollandaise.

Blueberry Danish Pancakes
Buttermilk pancakes topped with blueberry coulis, sweet cream and almond streusel surrounding a center of lemony cream cheese filling

Abri-ca-lav-ra Mimosa
Wash it all down with a specialty breakfast cocktail of Snooze Sparkling, Abricot liqueur, fresh lavender, honey and lemon juice.


The Napa Valley of Craft Beer

Colorado is known as the “Napa Valley of Craft Beer” … and beer in general. The city of Denver definitely contributes to its nomenclature, boasting 6 craft breweries per 50,000 people. Craft beer aficionados John Sciacca and Mike Maniscalo offer their recommendations (as well as breweries they’re eager to try), in no particular order:

From John Sciacca, Principal, Custom Theater & Audio and KMB blogger

I can’t really remember a ton of stuff that I tried in Denver… I remember having some great stuff at Upslope, Crooked Stave is known for sours (blech!), and Odell supposedly makes a solid IPA. Falling Rock Tap House is supposed to have a great tap selection too…..and is one of the very few places outside of Napa-area where you can get Pliny the Younger.


From Mike Mike Maniscalco, Better Living Technologies

My faves include Falling Rock Taphouse, Epic, Great Divide and Crooked Stave. I’m looking forward to trying Purpose. 



Show Floor Escapes

If you have three hours to spare, HA!! Maybe after the show ends, though, you can partake in a tour that takes you to craft brew hot spots in the Lower Downtown (LoDo) District of Denver. During the four stops, you’ll go behind the scenes to experience the brewing process, drink in a brewery founded by the governor, and have the opportunity to pose plenty of questions to the tour guides. Tour stops include Jagged Mountain, The Wynkoop, Falling Rock, and Rock Bottom.

Projection mapping is an up-and-coming application in the home systems biz. See it up close at one of Denver’s hottest new attractions: Beyond. This projection-mapped laser light show is held at the International Church of Cannabis and features guided meditation, an audio visual art installation, and a musical laser light experience. 


Fresh air and flora are good for a trade show reset and refresh. Spanning more than 24 acres, the Denver Botanic Gardens provides plenty of this, featuring a wide range of gardens and collections. 


We hope you try (and love) some of our recommendations. Tell us what you thought of them in the comment section below. See you in Denver!

Zappiti PRO 4K HDR Media Player Receives ISF Certification

Zappiti PRO 4K HDR Media Player Receives ISF Certification

Imaging Science Foundation gives Zappiti PRO 4K HDR Media Player its stamp of approval as a licensed ISF-certified manufacturer.


DENVER, COLORADO (August 21, 2019) Zappiti, the award-winning international brand and leading manufacturer of high-performance 4K media players has received ISF certification for its flagship PRO 4K HDR product. The certification from the Imaging Science Foundation signifies that the PRO 4K HDR media player is able to achieve the highest quality of video production for viewing on display devices in a variety of environments and illustrates the powerful capabilities of Zappiti products. 


“Receiving ISF certification for our PRO 4K HDR puts Zappiti in a league of its own, as the first media player manufacturer to receive this honorable distinction,” says Rick Martin, COO of Zappiti. “It differentiates our product from others and positions Zappiti as a leading supplier for the home cinema marketplace.” 


Core Technologies Driving the PRO 4K HDR

ISF certification puts the PRO 4K HDR in a class of its own. Additionally, the product supports a host of leading audio and video technologies to ensure unmatched audio and video quality. Some of the technologies built into the PRO 4K HDR include Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and 4K HDR. Plus, with its ability to integrate with leading home control systems from Control4, Crestron, and others, the Zappiti PRO 4K HDR media player offers a home entertainment solution that will meet or exceed the performance requirements of modern home cinemas.


Oppo-Digital Heritage

The Zappiti PRO 4K HDR may be breaking new ground in the AV industry, but it has a rich history backed by components previously used in the popular but now discontinued line of media players from Oppo-Digital. “The AV integrator who designed the PRO 4K HDR was one of the first resellers in Europe of the popular Oppo-Digital media servers,” says Zappiti marketing manager Rémy Pariselle.”He took the very best features of Oppo players, like their unique power supply, and put them into the Zappiti media player.”


CEDIA Expo attendees are invited to see Zappiti in booth 3255 on the CEDIA Expo show floor and to learn more by visiting

About Zappiti

Zappiti is an international leader in the design and manufacturing of high-end universal media players. Providing AV integrators with a range of solutions, Zappiti has offices in both Europe and the U.S., with operations including research and development, tech support and sales. Engineered to deliver high-caliber audio and video reproduction and with ISF-certification, Zappiti media players create an immersive, dimensional, and emotion entertainment experience that is just as the original filmmakers intended. Rich in innovative software and hardware technology and boasting user-friendly operation, Zappiti media players appeal to both casual viewers and serious home theater enthusiasts. 


About Imaging Science Foundation

The Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), a leader in image quality since 1994, creates standards for display devices to enable them to look their best in different environments, with a dedication to improving the quality of electronic imaging. ISF has four roles: consulting with manufacturers regarding product development, dealer training, media communications, and ISF licensing. 


For additional information visit and follow Zappiti on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


All products, product names, trademarks and registrations mentioned are the property of their respective owners, all rights reserved.


Media Contact

For interviews, editorial appointments, or media tours, please contact Katye (McGregor) Bennett of KMB Communications by phoning (425) 328-8640 or emailing

KMB Travels: Our Recs for San Diego Restaurants & Must-Dos During CEDIA 2018!

Did you know KMB hails from San Diego? This is our hood, people! Here are KMB’s recs for our fave San Diego restaurants, plus entertainment and escape spots to beat the chaos of the CEDIA show floor. 

Breakfast Republic (Liberty Station) (Formerly MCRD)
Filled with arts, eats, and shops, Liberty Station has become one of our go-to’s now that the original Naval Base and Marine Corp Recruiting Depot has been completely overhauled and repurposed. We are particularly fond of Breakfast Republic, where you can enjoy the most important meal and power up for your CEDIA agenda. Try the breakfast Mac-n-Cheese! Open from 7am–3pm, it also has 20 beers on tap. Delish.

The LOT Movies & Dining 
Also at Liberty Station, The LOT is great for all of the many movie and dining fans that CEDIA inevitably attracts. It’s one of those new theaters with a restaurant and bar, all with the great AV (not to mention incredibly comfy seats by Fortress Seating). A high-energy social hub for craft coffee, artisan pastries, elevated cuisine, premium spirits, and sophisticated wines.

Women’s Museum of California (Liberty Station)
Need a little culture in your CEDIA week? Check out the Women’s Museum of California while you’re at Liberty Station, where Katye’s sister heads up the events and design teams!

Rubio’s Coastal Grill
As cliché as it might sound for a native Californian to recommend a fish taco, it’s hard to beat one when you’re in America’s Finest City. If you’ve never tried a fish taco, this is the year to do it!

Puesto Mexican Artisan Kitchen and Bar
Stewart Filmscreen’s Shannon Townley introduced us to Puesto, very near the Convention Center. Good prices for fresh food and powerful drinks. (And you know you are gonna need one after day one!)

El Indio Mexican Restaurant
We’re huge fans of authentic Mexican food, and one of our favorites is close to downtown—El Indio Mexican Restaurant and tortilla factory. Insider tip: We often stop here before going back home in order to get a stash of fresh corn and flour tortillas. If you have access to a freezer the night before you depart, these tortillas freeze and travel well in a plastic bag (now outlawed in California).

Roberto’s Taco Shop
For an entirely different, very SoCal, authentic Mexican food experience known to many who grew up in the area (and perhaps had too much to drink on rare occasion), visit the Roberto’s empire. Really, honestly, any “-erto’s” is more than likely gonna be good. Try the rolled tacos and a carne asada or California burrito.

Bluewater Seafood Market and Grill
Like fish? Look no further than Bluewater Seafood Market and Grill, which happens to be next to El Indio. John Bennett says you have to have one of their fish sandwiches! Be careful, you might want to move to SD just for this sandwich. #Truth.

Point Loma Seafoods
Robert Keeler of Stewart Filmscreen agrees that this is the place to go for your daytime seafood eating needs, especially if you like a diverse—very diverse—seafood offering. They claim to be the “freshest thing in town,” and friends agree.

Little Italy
If authentic Italian food and atmospher is more your style, try Little Italy. We like both Solunto (the bakery!) and Sorrento (great pizza!)

Rustic Root
This place has incredible rustic American fare where traditional dishes are given a modern twist. Last year several companies and KMB got to know Rustic Root and became big fans. We’re going back and know others who are too. Like Shawn Tobin of CE Pro, whose bone-in ribeye was larger than his head. (This was proven. We saw the pictures.)

Raised by Wolves
We haven’t been here yet but friends tell us it’s a fun place to be. Yelp reviews suggest it might be a bit of a pain, so proceed with caution. We’re gonna check it out for a) the interior design (see below) and b) the fact that it’s a speakeasy. KMB loves to speak easy.

The Whiskey House
Whiskey lovers, rejoice. We’re told this place is the place to go while in SanDiego. Industry expert Robert Keeler of Stewart Filmscreen attests to the breadth of its offering, which tops 600 different kinds of whiskey.

Gelato Vero Cafe
Big fans of ice cream here at KMB. So we always try to stop at Gelato Vero Cafe for gelato. It’s just North of El Indio. Go for the gelato not the service.

In-N-Out Burger
Do you know about the secret menu? Look it up and be woefully cool when you order in front of your colleagues California’s most famous burger. For Katye, it’s animal style with crispy fries.

San Diego Surf Polo Club
Ever taken in a game of Polo? Just so happens there’s a world-class polo venue just north of San Diego in Del Mar, with games taking place both weekends, before and after CEDIA Expo. Even Better, there’s a tournament on the beach in front of the Del, which in and of itself is a sight to behold (see below).

Water Taxi

Rent a Boat
Want to hit the water? Rent a stand up paddle board, boat, or even a yacht and take to the seas (or just stay in the marina).

Upscale Baja-style seafood with menu items like Lobster and Black Bean Flautas, you can’t miss with this rec. We haven’t eaten here ourselves, but hear from our foodie friends it’s divine, and the views appear to be amazing!

Top of the Hyatt Bar
Home of the original Bombay Sapphire martini and 40 floors above the ground overlooking the harbor. You might see KMB peeps hanging here pre- or post-dinner during CEDIA week.

So Many Craft Beers, So Little Time
According to Beer Connoisseur, San Diego has earned props as one of the world’s top craft beer cities. And with more than 140 craft breweries in the area, there is plenty of hoppy delicious to keep your week interesting. Having reviewed over 500 craft beers. John has a few favorite breweries to share in this guest blog.

We hope you try (and love) some of our recommendations. Tell us what you thought of them in the comment section below. And see you in sunny Sandi!