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Cut through the noise and grow with an efficient KMB content plan designed and executed by our experienced AV trade strategists, writers, editors, and marketers.

Stop Wasting Precious Resources

Some firms lack knowledge of the AV industry, produce “one-and-done” content, and are limited in service scope. At KMB, we are AV experts that know how to stretch your dollar and reach via our vast network and wide range of services.

We Speak AV

Don’t waste time and money on firms that lack expertise. KMB content writers have authored books on AV and served as editors and contributors at national pubs like Electronic House, Home Theater, Wired, CE Pro, HGTV, Residential Systems, KBB, Commercial Integrator, and more. Our knowledge empowers your content.

Propel Your Content 

We are experts at taking content and transforming it into the appropriate medium, whether it’s a social media post, a press release, an email campaign, a video, or a podcast. We work your content to get more mileage out of it, broadcasting your presence far and wide.

Design-Build Connections

KMB connects the tech integration and design-build communities through our deep network, Connecting Tech + Design and AV Trade Talk podcasts, through a collaborative partnership with Modenus Media and the weekly webcast CEO Katye McGregor Bennett does with CEO Veronika Miller called Design UnCut.

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We Treat Your Business Like It’s Our Own

  • We care about our clients and want to see them win


  • We’re entrenched in the AV industry and understand your challenges


  • We’ve helped small businesses go from startup to success story

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Let’s explore your goals, hopes, and dreams. Next, we deliver a hyper-efficient plan. Let’s do the work, forge lasting connections, and have a great time doing it. Now, sit back and watch your content win!

Chat →

Let’s explore your goals, hopes, and dreams.

Plan →

We deliver a hyper-efficient plan.

Network →

Forge lasting connections and have a great time doing it.


Sit back and watch your content win!

At KMB, we know that you want your products, service, or association to be a brand leader. In order to do that, you need to amplify your presence. The problem is, the channels are crowded, your message isn’t defined, and your resources are limited, which makes you feel spread too thin and ineffectual.

We understand that many companies in the AV space lack the proper resources to devote to marketing and PR, but we believe that content shouldn’t come at the expense of other aspects of your business. That’s why our seasoned AV writers and content strategists have helped companies like yours cut through the noise with the killer content and laser-focused messaging you need to succeed. So drop us a line to get started.

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