Over the years, we at KMB have learned that we have to improve and adapt to the constantly changing landscape that is PR, marketing, and media. We’re determined to deliver the highest level of service to every client and therefore run a very tight ship, with fewer clients and a curated roster. That way, each client gets our all. 

KMB has strong ties in the pro and consumer AV space, and are we consider ourselves expert matchmakers! We connect our clients—typically a mix of AV manufacturers, integration firms, and associations—with architects, builders, and interior designers in order to help them tap into new opportunities where it makes sense. 

Many of our clients have been with us from the beginning, from startup to success. Others are new friends looking for a fresh program. And some even hire us for help on an ad hoc basis, like media relations at trade shows. The point is: we’re flexible and can work with you to create a custom program. 


Kevin Main

President & COO, Torus Power

“The most significant benefit of our relationship with KMB Communications is the depth of the partnership which goes beyond our formal business arrangement to truly caring about what we do. Katye, and the team at KMB Communications, are really well-positioned and admired within the industry. Partnering with KMB Communications reassures our customers that our company has reached the level to be working with the best of the best, and that brings us valuable credibility. Our relationship with KMB enables us to bring our voice to the industry in a meaningful manner, cutting through the noise, and getting in front of the audience we seek. I honestly can’t think of another firm or representative that has the same relationships in the Custom Install industry. KMB Communications also has a keen understanding of the nuances needed to develop a specialty brand. It may seem odd, but few marketing or PR professionals really understand how seemingly routine day-to-day decisions contribute to the brand experience over a period of time. KMB gets it, in spades. We never have to spend time discussing our approach to business because we share the same core values. Our motivation and goals are so closely aligned with KMB that we have a sense of common purpose in our business strategies. It’s how KMB does what they do, the way they do, that makes all the difference in the world.”

Tim Bigoness

 CMO, D-Tools

“KMB Communications has been a true strategic partner for D-Tools and a key member of our communications team. Katye (McGregor) Bennett and her team have a unique understanding of how to cut through the noise and get journalists to focus on the key points of our messaging. True professionals, KMB is always working above and beyond to ensure our continued and enhanced presence in the market. Whether it is collaborating on announcements, case studies, features, presentations, or other strategic messaging, Katye has helped draw out points of view or proof-points that I may have not considered and which almost always ultimately improves whatever content we deliver.”

Mark Cichowski

Technology & Business Summits


“KMB gets it. They take a practical, human approach to learn about our company and what our short, mid and long-term goals are. From their long and deep market experience, they evaluate how our message will affect and benefit our audience, and work with us to formulate solid strategies. It is not a ready, shoot, aim approach but rather a 360-degree view and step-by-step plan.

They don’t just see how many press releases they can get into the field, but rather distribute targeted, meaningful information. They stay current on the technology side of the business regarding social media and how people access info.

Their diversity blends technology and the personal touch as well. They have the chops to deliver the message via videos that they can shoot and produce, organize online group conferences, yet can also arrange the one-one-one in person time with the people that they need to reach.

With all that professional stuff said, they are also warm, honest, and genuine people to work with. They are tough and direct when need be and push back when something is not in the best interest of the client. 

I strongly recommend KMB.”

Robert Archer

Senior Editor CE Pro magazine

Technology Editor Commercial Integrator magazine

Contributing Editor Electronic House magazine

www.cepro.com, www.electronichouse.com, www.commercialintegrator.com

“There is no public relations professional that is nicer to deal with and hustles more for her clients than Katye (McGregor) Bennett. I appreciate that Katye makes an effort to understand the readerships that I serve to provide me with relevant story ideas, product information and general industry trend topics.

“I also appreciate the fine line Katye walks in contacting me and not pursuing coverage for her clients in too aggressive of a manner.

“I sympathize  with the position that public relations professionals find themselves in where they are dealing with the press and trying to serve the best interest of her clients, and I believe Katye has found that sweet spot.

“Katye and her team are friendly, professional and always available.

There’s not much more I can ask of a public relation professional than what Katye delivers.”

Patrick McCarthy

Former Senior Editor

CT Lab | Dealerscope | Technology Integrator | CE Week | Connected Design

“Katye (McGregor) Bennett is one of the professionals you meet in an industry and never forget.

“She has fine-tuned an experience for both the client and the media that gives you exactly what you need quickly and accurately. Not only is Katye and the KMB Communications team professional but they have a level of comfort that allows media, such as myself, the opportunity to call on them for anything I may need.

“No one takes their job more serious than Katye a, and it shows in both her professional relationships and the success she and KMB brings to our company every day.”

CEDIA - Cris Pyle

Senior Director of Marketing

“The team at KMB bring an incredible amount of enthusiasm and energy to the table making them a pleasure to work with. Katye and John definitely have their finger on the pulse of what is happening within the industry. Having this deep understanding of the channel has been very valuable to us, they have done a great job of capturing the spirit of CEDIA when we have worked with them on video and photography projects.”