About Us

KMB Communications is a strategic, creative, and dynamic PR firm focused on providing highly personalized service. Differentiated by the depth of our knowledge and breadth of our offering, we specialize in targeted messaging and media placement for our partners, delivered to the right audiences at the right time.

We’re not just creating a buzz.  We take a dynamic, comprehensive approach, that inspires interaction, bringing about conversation, and creating genuine dialogue. We’re creating creative content paired with clear, concise communications that are effective on all platforms and have a consistent look, feel, tone, personality and inflection. We handcraft messages. We create compelling content. We challenge thought and stir emotion. We monitor. We analyze. We strategize. And, we dynamically adjust to the needs of the marketplace, audience, and to what’s trending to ensure your message rises above the competition.
We break the noise. We do this by leveraging our vast network within the AV industry and tapping personal relationships with publishers, editors, bloggers, technology professionals, thought leaders,influencers and trendsetters to be sure our clients’ messages are not just delivered, but well received.
At KMB, our partnerships become yours. Founded by Katye (McGregor) Bennett in 2011, KMB Communications is based in Red Lodge, Montana. Passionate about the prosperity of our clients, we foster success through a collaborative approach that utilizes a strategic mix of targeted messaging, bold creativity and unyielding integrity.
The KMB team is diverse but dedicated. We bring extensive Social media, SEO, content marketing, graphic design, photography & videography, business development, operations, supply chain management, independent manufacturer’s representation and distribution, event planning and trade show support skills and experience to the table. Specialized and highly strategic, the KMB team delivers clear, concise copywriting and content, with an eye for opportunity and unmatched enthusiasm for our clients.

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