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Quantum Media Systems specializes in creating incredible image displays and has significantly contributed to the early development of 4K, High Dynamic Range, and now 8/16K image enhancement technologies. With more than 20 years of experience in designing, engineering, and facilitating Studio-Grade Digital Cinema Technology in Professional Screening Rooms, Commercial Theaters, Super Yacht Salons, and Private Residential Environments.

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Quantum Media Systems Announces DCI Compliance of its Award-Winning XDR3 LED Video Wall

Adherence to Digital Cinema Initiative specifications enables Quantum’s LED Video Wall to access exclusive content from the Bel Air Circuit.  Denver, Colorado (September 8, 2023) — From its inception, the XDR3 LED Video Wall from Quantum Media Systems was designed and...


Making Video Walls Better

Quantum Media Systems’ Ken Hoffman on what he’s doing to create video walls that live up to the technology’s potential It may seem odd to single out one provider of LED video walls as a luxury-focused solution when the entire category operates in the stratosphere of...

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Quantum Media Systems Introduces Cinematic XDR LED Video Wall at CEDIA Expo 2022, Delivering Ultra-High-Performance Home Theater

“We felt that the image quality in existing LED offerings could be improved dramatically. With our experience in very high-end projectors, we knew how it should look and thought if we could get LED to the point where it gives us the best that projectors can do and more, we’d have a really amazing product line,” says Hoffman.

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Quantum Media Systems Cinematic XDR LED Video Wall Offers Advantages Over Two-Piece Projection

The trend of LED video walls in home theater and media room environments is growing, for good reason. Video walls offer distinct advantages over projectors, such as saving needed space normally occupied by a projector while protecting the room’s design aesthetic. With only four inches of total build-out depth for the LED Wall, the XDR also conserves the needed space typically used for speakers behind a projection screen. Additionally, LED walls eliminate the concern of disrupting the projector’s light path to the screen wall, freeing up your seating arrangements. The XDR delivers complete image uniformity, including Brightness, Focus, and Convergence as compared to traditional projector and screen applications.

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Quantum Media Systems’ Cinematic XDR LED Video Wall Is Designed for Ultra-High-Performance Home Theater

We’re seeing more and more LED video walls pop up in the world of home cinema. However, many of today’s LED walls are adapted from the digital signage industry, not created for home theater specifically. Quantum Media Systems is an exception to the rule with its new Fine Pitch XDR LED Video Wall, designed from the ground up for ultra-high-performance digital home cinema. The XDR lets the audience enjoy a truly high-performance image with the lights on thanks to its extreme brightness (up to 1000nits),  providing an expanded High Dynamic Range of deep blacks and bright whites within the same image frame. Beyond its incredible performance, QMS pairs its video wall with an ecosystem that enables integration partners to create a visual experience beyond what is commercially available.

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Quantum Media Systems Cinematic XDR LED Video Wall Emphasizes Performance, Ecosystem

Quantum Media Systems has been designing, engineering, and facilitating studio-grade digital cinema technology for pro screening rooms, commercial theaters, private theaters, and beyond for 20+ years. Owned by Ken Hoffman and Cesar Guerrero, QMS has traditionally put an emphasis on two-piece projection systems. Within the last five years, however, it has transitioned its focus on the development and integration of its own Fine Pitch LED walls.

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