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WALL-SMART is the leading designer and manufacturer of custom flush ceiling and wall mounts for a wide variety of smart home devices, including tablets, touchscreens, Wi-Fi access points, security cameras, voice assistants, and more. Dedicated to providing cutting-edge concealment solutions for technology in new and existing homes, WALL-SMART inspires homes that are both technologically advanced and exceptionally beautiful.  

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WALL-SMART Custom Flush Wall Mounts Help Builders Blend Apple’s Newest iPad Tablets into Luxury Homes

The new design- and installation-friendly selection of Flush Wall Mounts for Apple iPads recesses the device flush with the wall surface. Builders, architects, designers, and systems integrators can now blend these ubiquitous mobile devices beautifully into the home environment where they won’t clash
with the interior design, clutter coffee tables, or go misplaced. From one convenient, secure location, users have access to all their favorite applications. The tablet can be easily inserted and removed from the mount and a built-in USB adapter keeps it fully charged. 


New Universal Flush Mounts from WALL-SMART Conceal Wi-Fi Access Points from Several Leading Manufacturers

WALL-SMART addresses every detail in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of each Universal Access Point Mount, which comes in small, medium, and large sizes. It includes the necessary hardware for installation in both new and existing homes, incorporates technology to ensure exceptional Wi-Fi performance, and affords easy access to the access point for service. Additionally, the mount has been designed for installation in any orientation and to ensure proper air ventilation and heat dissipation to protect the access point from overheating. 

WALL-SMART Shows Builders at IBS 2023 How its Design-Friendly Wall Mounts Make Popular Home Technologies Blend with Wall and Ceiling Surfaces

WALL-SMART showcases at IBS 2023, Booth W2264, a variety of design-friendly flush wall and ceiling mounts from its portfolio, including mounts for the newest generation of Apple iPad tablets, an all-inclusive mount that accommodates multiple brands of Wi-Fi access points, and a mount made for the installation of technology within masonry walls. These new products join WALL-SMART’s diverse family of discreet mounting solutions for installation in drywall, as well as marble, glass, wood, concrete, and other solid surfaces. 


WALL-SMART Develops Mounting Solution that Recesses Home Tech Devices Flush with Masonry Walls

Designed, engineered, and manufactured to simplify and beautify the installation of a wide range of wall-mounted technologies, its new patent-pending Frameless Flush Mount provides a seamless fit between rugged wall surfaces and sleek keypads, switches, touch panels, tablets, and more without sacrificing the architectural integrity of the structure or the performance of the device. Homes and buildings made of masonry can now provide the smart benefits of technology many buyers have come to expect in addition to unquestionable strength and durability. Furthermore, builders, designers, and architects can differentiate their businesses with a technology solution that’s simple to deploy and attractive to tech-savvy homebuyers.

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WALL-SMART Showcases Custom Mounts that Minimize the Visual Impact of Smart Home Devices

WALL-SMART Helps Builders, Architects, and Designers Blend Technology Easily and Beautifully into Homes

WALL-SMART continues to make smart homes more beautiful through ongoing and evolving partnerships with leading manufacturers of popular home technology products. Through this collaboration with leading product manufacturers and a deep understanding of the needs of the design/build industry, WALL-SMART designs, fabricates, and manufacturers a range of eye-pleasing and installation-friendly wall- and ceiling-mount solutions that dramatically minimize the appearance of touchscreens, tablets, lighting keypads, voice assistants, security cameras, Wi-Fi access points, and more. 

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WALL-SMART Showcases Custom Mounts that Minimize the Visual Impact of Smart Home Devices

Wall-Smart Joins Home Technology Association as a Supporting Brand

We are excited to bring together Wall-Smart’s reputation for discrete and innovative mounting solutions and HTA’s members plus the specifier community to continue to push forward the benefits of home technology for both the trade and consumers,” says Josh Christian, HTA CEO. “Wall-Smart offers solutions that bridge technology and design—something that gives our industry credence by fostering comfortable, convenient, smart, and beautiful living spaces. The products that they design and manufacture are an important facet of the smart home landscape.

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WALL-SMART Showcases Custom Mounts that Minimize the Visual Impact of Smart Home Devices

Revit Files for Wall-Smart Technology Concealment Solutions Now Available to Designers and Architects Through BIMobject

“Technology plays an important role in the comfort, convenience, and safety of homes, but the products that enable an enhanced lifestyle needn’t be an eyesore,” says Wall-Smart Co-CEO and Founder Galia Ben-Dor. “Wall-Smart products enable the seamless, discrete installation of
technology, providing architects and designers with an eye-pleasing installation option. Having our Revit files available to these professionals on BIMobject streamlines the design and installation process significantly, making the integration of technology simple and aesthetically pleasing.”

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Case Study: Wall-Smart Facilitates a Technology Disappearing Act in 7,500-Square-Foot Custom Home

Case Study: Wall-Smart Facilitates a Technology Disappearing Act in 7,500-Square-Foot Custom Home

Technology can dramatically enhance home environments, adding convenience, comfort, and connectivity. But it can also raise havoc with design and architecture. At least that’s what the custom builders at Boca Raton-based Compson Homes thought. This belief was quickly dispelled, however, by an innovative line of mounting hardware from Wall-Smart. Introduced to Compson Homes superintendent John Collins by the low-voltage contractors at TYM Home Technology Design at the onset of a recent project, the mounts turned what could have been a new home overwhelmed by unsightly smart devices into a thing of unparalleled beauty. 

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