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CEDIA Booth #4600

Fortress Seating Showcases New Solutions and Industry Favorites During CEDIA 2017

From luxurious custom chairs, loungers, and sectionals to innovative Smart Chair Technology, Fortress Seating delivers opportunities for integrators in every room of the home.

LA VERNE, CA (August 2017) — During CEDIA 2017, Fortress Seating will showcase its latest handcrafted seating lineup while demonstrating ways integrators can secure additional opportunities with their clients by offering custom seating not just in home theaters but throughout the home. Completely customized and manufactured to specification, Fortress Seating chairs, sofas, and sectionals epitomize luxury with high-end, timeless designs and premium quality materials, each one built by hand in the USA by an expert team. Outfitted with the customers choice of accessories, hand-selected fabrics, and with distinct attention paid to every fine detail, Fortress Seating solutions are at home in private cinemas, family rooms, living rooms, media rooms, dining rooms, and anywhere else people unwind, gather, or convene.

Fortress Offers Solutions that Fit Any Environment
Todays consumers seek luxury seating options that fit their space and their unique needs for comfort, style, and convenience. Increasingly, this solution comes in the form of a custom sectional.

Fortress Seating solutions are designed, engineered, and built to-order by hand in Southern California. Every model can be customized and outfitted with a number of popular features, options, and accessories to suit any application. Popular choices include motorized head and foot rests, height-adjusting seat backs, pocket arms, cup holders, USB ports and power outlets, and touch screen mounts to enable convenient control of a smart home automation system. Other options include beverage coolers, safes, lighted cup holders, tray tables, as well as custom fabrics, finishes, specialized hides, and color matching to maintain room design aesthetics. If integrators, technology professionals, or their customers can imagine it, Fortress can build it.

Motorized Adjustable Seat Height Options Solve Sightline Challenges in Home Theaters
Sightlines are often a challenge in home theaters—especially when it is a retrofit or a remodel, and the room was not built with risers (stadium seating) or a sloped floor. The motorized adjustable seat height option from Fortress solves this problem by allowing seat height to be adjusted row-by-row. This offers home theater designers ultimate flexibility, providing users with the ability to raise any row of theater chairs up to 10 inches.

Fortress offers other solutions to sightline challenges, too. Alternatively, each row can be designed with a seat height three or more inches higher than the one before it.

Smart Chair Technology Makes Fortress Seating the Most Comfortable Device in Any Room
A significant new advancement in the seating category, Fortress’ Smart Chair Technology seamlessly interacts with home automation and control systems to turn any Fortress Seating model into the most comfortable and most intelligent device in the room. With state-of-the-art human occupancy sensors, pre-set seating positions, and numerous options designed to enhance comfort and convenience, Fortress Seatings Smart Chair Technology blends high-tech functionality with aesthetic appeal. Any Fortress Seating model chair, sofa, loveseat lounger, or sectional can be customized to include Smart Chair technology and control systems can be programmed to trigger automated responses based on human motion—such as when an occupant sits in a specific seat—the sweet spot if you will—the lights will dim and the shades will lower as the screen drops into place. 

Bringing safety to the forefront, Fortress’ Smart Chair technology senses when an impingement occurs and ceases all motorized functions or movement, which is especially important in homes with children and pets. These safety-oriented features and benefits aren’t limited to the theater environment, mind you. Fortress Smart Chair technology can be applied to any Fortress Seating model to create ideal seating solutions throughout the home. During CEDIA 2017, Fortress will show Smart Chair Technology in the acclaimed Bijou model.

Fortress Seating For Residential and Commercial Theaters 
For CEDIA attendees who have time to take in drinks, dinner, and a movie, Fortress recommends a visit to The LOT theater and concept entertainment venue in nearby Liberty Station or La Jolla, CA. There, each auditorium has been outfitted with custom Fortress Bijou chairs featuring a host of handy accessories. All seats include swivel tray tables that make it easy to enjoy a beverage and meal as the movie plays, a motorized chaise foot rest for comfort, and pocket arms to turn two individual chairs into a cozy loveseat. The facility boasts more than 500 Fortress Seating Bijou model chairs and is an exceptional example of ways Fortress works with its partners to deliver their vision.

Visit booth #4600 during CEDIA 2017 to experience the latest trends in custom seating, see new options and accessories, and learn how to maximize opportunities with Fortress Seatings new Smart Chair Technology.

About Fortress, Inc.
Founded in the 1930’s and based near Los Angeles, California, FORTRESS, Inc. is an award-winning manufacturer of luxury custom upholstered furniture and home theater seating. Delivering exceptional seating solutions for home and business that address and resolve the most demanding requirements, FORTRESS sets the standard for innovative design, complete customization, and excellent fit and finish. When off-the-shelf seating is not the answer, FORTRESS has the solution. Those interested in learning more about FORTRESS, Inc. are encouraged to view the www.fortresseating.com website, e-mail [email protected], call (909) 593-8600, and follow @FortressSeatingon Twitter and Facebook. 

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