Kordz Demystifies HDMI Cable Versions in Newly Released Article

In the next installment of Kordz’ popular Technology Demystified series, Kordz kicks off a four-part exploration of the evolution of HDMI technology, delving into the significance of each version of the ubiquitous yet easily misunderstood backbone of AV connectivity.

October 12, 2023– Since the first version of HDMI was introduced in the early 2000s, this technology has become ubiquitous in modern AV device connections. Seamlessly transmitting high-definition audio and video signals and supporting foundational technologies like ARC, HDCP, and CEC, it has played a pivotal role in the progression of the AV industry. Still, with each new iteration, HDMI becomes increasingly complex to comprehend. 

To help AV integrators make sense of it all and better understand the progression of this ever-evolving connectivity solution, Kordz has authored a comprehensive, insightful guide to HDMI. The next article, Demystifying HDMI: Understanding the Numbers’, delves into the significance of each version, starting by looking back at HDMI 1.0 and how it laid the groundwork for future versions including HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 2.1. 

This free guide covers the key features and capabilities supported by each version of HDMI. The thorough yet easily digestible resource leads readers through HDMI’s journey from the introduction of HDCP and 1080p enabled by HDMI 1.0 to 4K from HDMI 2.0 and 8K and beyond via HDMI 2.1. AV integrators can see where HDMI has been and where it’s heading to make better-informed choices. 

“HDMI has undergone a remarkable transformation since its debut in 2002 thanks to the dedicated work of many pioneering leaders in our industry. With nearly 12 billion devices equipped with HDMI technology now shipped since the release of the first HDMI specification, its impact and prevalence has been nothing short of extraordinary,” says James Chen, Kordz Managing Director. 

“Yet, more than twenty years later, many integrators can still be bamboozled by the terminology and technicalities of the different versions and have problems identifying which devices are correct for which job. As one of the brands that helped solve HDMI’s early connectivity woes, at Kordz we want to ensure AV integrators have all the facts to understand HDMI’s evolution and the significance of the HDMI version numbers they deal with today. This next chapter of our HDMI Demystified series provides a solid, detailed overview.” 

In future chapters of the series, Kordz will cover additional aspects of HDMI, including the differences between HDMI cables, the endless alphabet soup of HDMI features, and HDMI certifications, so stay tuned.

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Kordz’ professional-grade products are designed, engineered, and constructed to enable industry partners to focus on the big picture, not the little hurdles. The company’s extensive line of robust, fast, and effective cabling and networking components deliver the seamless interoperability and digital experiences today’s tech-savvy end-users expect and dramatically simplify deployment for systems integrators. By offering a wide range of professional cabling solutions backed by expert technical support, Kordz helps systems integrators around the globe meet the evolving cabling requirements of a wide range of residential and commercial environments. For more information about Kordz, please visit kordz.com and follow the company @kordzglobal on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

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Leon Releases New Studio Frame for Sony’s BRAVIA XR TV

The Leon Studio Frame’s contemporary profile, Sony-developed TV app, and integrated motion-and-light-sensor transform BRAVIA XR’s Ultra-HD display into a work of art.

[Ann Arbor, MI] – October 10, 2023 – Leon Speakers announced today the official release of the highly anticipated new Leon Studio Frame™ for BRAVIA XR. Pre-orders for this innovative new framing solution are now open to Leon dealers, with shipping expected to begin November 2023.

In an era where design-conscious individuals seek creative ways to elevate their living spaces, the demand for integrating TVs seamlessly into home aesthetics continues to rise. The Leon Studio Frame and exclusive Sony Art Frame Gallery app come together to transform the Sony BRAVIA XR TV’s breathtaking 4K HDR display into a beautifully framed work of art.

This newly unveiled Studio Frame is designed exclusively to work with the BRAVIA XR X93L Mini LED 4K Google TV in 65” and 75” class sizes, and attaches easily to the TV, presenting it as a modern piece of art. Each Studio Frame includes exclusive access to the Sony Art Frame Gallery app. Developed by Sony, the app includes a selection of 70 works of art from Sony’s Alpha photography collection and The National Gallery Collection of Paintings—along with an exclusive piece by Detroit-based artist Mike Han. Users are also able to upload additional images to the app for a more personalized touch.

The BRAVIA XR’s exceptional Ultra-HD resolution breathes life into each artwork, displaying them with impressive color, precision, and dimensionality, akin to a museum-quality experience. Its creative design not only discreetly conceals mounting and wiring behind the display but also incorporates passive ventilation. 

The new Studio Frame is available to order in four premium designer finishes and can be effortlessly added to new Sony BRAVIA XR X93L 65” and 75” class TV installations or retrofitted onto existing ones of the same class without the need to remove the display from the wall.

“Our team has been designing and crafting simple, stylish ways to integrate technology into the design of a room for over 25 years,” says Leon founder and president Noah Kaplan. “The Studio Frame represents a new way for us to fulfill our mission of merging art with audio, and the Sony BRAVIA XR series provides the ultimate picture-perfect display to match our high-end craftsmanship and premium finish options.”

Programmable through the Sony Art Frame Gallery app, the TV will automatically display the user’s choice of art when powered off. In addition, Studio Frame’s built-in motion-and-light sensor can power the TV down when a room is vacated and back on again upon reentry—saving energy and creating a responsive, welcoming environment.

Together, the Leon Studio Frame and Sony BRAVIA XR series offer the perfect solution for users who value art, aesthetics, top-tier display quality, and a high-end fit and finish. The Leon Studio Frame pre-order is currently available exclusively to Leon dealers. To complement the Studio Frame’s artistic aesthetic, Leon will offer a soundbar with matching finish options as a part of its FrameBar series.

About Leon Speakers

Leon brings a creative approach to the AV industry by designing and manufacturing customizable speakers and technology concealment solutions that enhance the sound and style of any space. For over 25 years, they have been a leader in the conversation on merging design with technology, creating innovative products that serve both the Residential and Commercial markets. Learn more on their website

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Data by D-Tools Publishes 2023 Midyear Market Health Report

The first-ever D-Tools Market Health Report based on nearly 100,000 project proposals reveals an average 5.2% drop in revenues for integrators in first six months of 2023.

CONCORD, CA — September 20, 2023 — D-Tools, the leading provider of business management software for electronic systems contractors, today announced the publication of its first-ever industry health report titled the D-Tools 2023 Midyear Market Health Report. Going forward, Data by D-Tools’ reports will deliver timely, accurate, and actionable business intelligence to stakeholders in the residential systems, commercial AV, and commercial security industries on a regular basis. 

The D-Tools 2023 Midyear Market Health Report examines several key metrics from the residential custom electronics industry for the first six months of 2023 versus the first half of last year. The data analyzed was extracted from nearly 100,000 project proposals created by integrators using D-Tools Cloud, the company’s comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) business management software. The research reveals that the average residential custom integration firm had revenues fall by an average of 5.2% in the first half of the year, with month-by-month tracking showing that the market is following a similar pattern to the overall U.S. economy. 

“The D-Tools 2023 Midyear Market Health Report offers the industry a valuable snapshot of how the year is progressing to date in 2023 for both suppliers and integrators,” says Jason Knott, Data Solutions Architect & Evangelist, Data by D-Tools. “There are several interesting and somewhat surprising data points in the report.”  

Among the other important metrics tracked in the report include average number of proposals, closing rate, and project size. Other data examines the product-versus-labor mix, the amount of value engineering taking place, and the top equipment categories installed. 

“The industry’s rapid adoption of D-Tools Cloud enables D-Tools to deliver valuable insights that stakeholders – integrators, manufacturers, distributors, buying groups, etc. – can use to track key industry health markers and critical trends within the custom installation market,” says Randy Stearns, D-Tools CEO. “This 2023 D-Tools Midyear Market Health Report is the first installment of what will become a series of studies aimed at helping industry players adapt to changing market dynamics and plan for the future.”

Every report from Data by D-Tools will not only report findings, but also offer recommended actions that custom integrators can take based on the research. The 2023 Midyear Market Health Report is available as a free download in the Resource Center here

About Data by D-Tools
Data by D-Tools extracts and analyzes aggregated anonymized data drawn from over 1,000 active integration companies using the award-winning D-Tools Cloud software. D-Tools Cloud tracks real project data in aggregate across multiple phases, including quoted, proposed, sold, ordered, and installed. Data by D-Tools aims to be the preeminent provider of objective, actionable industry information and insights for the electronic systems industry to foster critical decision-making that fuels market growth.

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D-Tools, Inc. is a leading provider of business management software for electronics systems contractors worldwide. For more than 25 years, D-Tools’ award-winning solutions have empowered thousands of low-voltage systems integrators to streamline their business operations for greater efficiency and improved profitability. Boasting an integrated product library complete with up-to-date specifications and unique dealer-specific pricing, the D-Tools Cloud and System Integrator™ (SI) platforms enable end-to-end management of the systems integration project lifecycle. From sales and system design through installation and ongoing service, D-Tools’ purpose-built software products ensure accurate detail that directly benefits the bottom line. For more information, visit www.d-tools.com. 

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Quantum Media Systems Announces DCI Compliance of its Award-Winning XDR3 LED Video Wall

Adherence to Digital Cinema Initiative specifications enables Quantum’s LED Video Wall to access exclusive content from the Bel Air Circuit. 

Denver, Colorado (September 8, 2023) — From its inception, the XDR3 LED Video Wall from Quantum Media Systems was designed and engineered exclusively for high-end home cinemas. Technologies incorporated into the LED Video Wall enable it to optimize the types of content typically consumed in residential settings. Now, Quantum adds another compelling content choice—first-run movies available via the exclusive movie distribution service, the Bel Air Circuit. 

Streaming of high-res digital content from the Bel Air Circuit is achieved through Quantum’s recent compliance with system requirements and specifications established by the Digital Cinema Initiative. DCI support and Bel Air Circuit integration further differentiate the XDR3 LED Video Wall from other large-format displays on the market, providing systems integrators yet another selling feature for their high-end clientele. 

The XDR3 LED Video Wall enhances viewing enjoyment of exclusive Bel Air Circuit movies and other content through brightness up to 1000 nits, immersive image display technology with Fine-Pitch LED and high-performance image processing to produce a full, vibrant color spectrum and High Dynamic Range (HDR). 

The XDR3 LED Video Wall requires just four inches of total build-out depth, which makes it look like a natural extension of the wall—an artistic expression rather than a random piece of technology. The low profile of the XDR3 LED Video Wall also saves space. Homeowners enjoy a big screen viewing experience without a large, loud video projector infringing on the room design for comfort of the audience. This space-saving attribute also enables greater freedom with seating arrangements.

Where to See Quantum Media Systems at CEDIA Expo 2023

CEDIA Expo attendees can see all the key differentiating features of the XDR3 LED Video Wall from Quantum Media Systems at an appointment-only demonstration in Room #207.

Learn more here: www.qmsprivatetheater.com/.

About Quantum Media Systems
Quantum Media Systems specializes in creating incredible image displays and has significantly contributed to the early development of 4K, High Dynamic Range, and now 8/16K image enhancement technologies. Quantum Media Systems has more than 20 years of experience in designing, engineering, and facilitating Studio-Grade Digital Cinema Technology in Professional Screening Rooms, Commercial Theaters, Super Yacht Salons, and Private Residential Environments. For more information visit QuantumMediaSystems.com or contact [email protected].

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Leon and Mera Unveil a Fusion of Artistic Design, Audio Innovation, and Illumination with the new Mera Sound Sconce

An exclusive preview of the all-new wall-mounted lighting and audio solution in one will be on display at CEDIA Expo 2023.

[Ann Arbor, MI] – September 5, 2023 – Leon and Calgary-based design firm Mera Studio Architects are thrilled to introduce an exclusive preview of the all-new Mera Sound Sconce at CEDIA Expo 2023.

A groundbreaking new approach to lighting and sound, the wall-mounted Mera Sound Sconce offers both full-range audio and a warm, comforting glow to elevate the sound, look, and feel of any space. Its artisan-inspired design is supported by Leon’s 33UX audio platform and integrates diffused, dimmable LED lighting seamlessly. 

“Our idea for the Sound Sconce was to highlight and not hide the speaker—to think of it as an element in the room capable of transforming the user experience via sound and light,” says Mera Principal Architect Tara Marshall. “All too often, speakers are the last element considered in a space. We wanted to rethink the speaker and come up with a design that would shift the concept of the speaker from an afterthought to a forethought, and the duality of a speaker that can illuminate a room just seemed to make sense. Why not integrate sound where you might already install a light? From there, we set out with Leon’s team on the challenge of creating a speaker that was equally as beautiful as a light.”

“We’ve learned so much through our collaboration with Mera,” says Leon Founder and President Noah Kaplan. “Both of our organizations are committed to ending the disconnect between design and technology. Through our work with the Mera designers, we have gained a new perspective on modern architecture and the possibilities for the future of AV and technology—a future led by thoughtful, collaborative design.”

The new sconce collection comes in three finish options handpicked to represent Mera’s intentional, natural approach to color, material and texture—as well as Leon’s commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and style. The sconce at this year’s CEDIA Expo features a custom-knit bouclé grille fabric and coordinating textured powder-coat finish.

Leon expects to start shipping the new Mera Sound Sconce in Q1 of 2024.

Where to See Leon at CEDIA Expo 2023

CEDIA Expo 2023 attendees can see the Mera Sound Sconce and other design-forward technology concealment and customizable speaker solutions from Leon at Booth #1909. Systems integrators and designers can learn more about Leon’s complete line of innovative residential and commercial solutions at www.leonspeakers.com

About Leon Speakers

Leon brings a creative approach to the AV industry by designing and manufacturing customizable speakers and technology concealment solutions that enhance the sound and style of any space. For over 25 years, they have been a leader in the conversation on merging design with technology, creating innovative products that serve both the Residential and Commercial markets. Learn more on their website

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