AtlasIED Helps Alum Update Sound System of His Alma Mater

AtlasIED Helps Alum Update Sound System of His Alma Mater

Corroded, weather-stripped, underperforming speakers swapped for a new suite of full-range AtlasIED stadium speakers.

When Jonathan Peyton graduated in 1992 from Alexandria Senior High School, Alexandria, Louisiana, the quality of audio in the school’s football stadium was the furthest thing from his mind. But over the years, as he continued to attend games, he couldn’t help but notice the many “dead” zones within the 3,000-seat venue. As an audiophile, local businessman, and long-time supporter of the Alexandria Trojans athletic program, he vowed to “fix the problem.”

A Complete Audio Overhaul

On further inspection of the press box audio system, he discovered poorly connected equipment, faulty wiring, and damaged rooftop speakers that even in their heyday wouldn’t have had the horsepower nor the appropriate range to cover every seat. “The old speakers had literally disintegrated from years of wear and tear,” Peyton says. “Plus, they didn’t have the crossovers to deliver the full frequency sound that was sorely needed in this stadium.” 

After getting the go-ahead from the school administration, he contacted pro AV manufacturer’s rep firm Mizzen Marketing, Mansfield, Texas, for suggestions. Top on the list was swapping the old, corroded horn speakers for new wide-dispersion models from AtlasIED. 

Based on measurements, budget, requests of the school administration, and other information gathered by Peyton, Mizzen Marketing drafted a detailed blueprint, specifying equipment, speaker locations, DSP settings—everything Peyton needed to execute the plan.  Funded largely by the school’s alumni association, the new audio system features a suite of AtlasIED outdoor stadium horn speakers, amplifiers, power sequencer, and fan module. 

Full Audio Coverage from the Press Box Roof 

Large areas like sports stadiums require several strategically mounted speakers to deliver intelligible broadcasts and impactful music to every seat, Peyton explains, so he removed the three large, heavy, ill-performing speakers from the roof of the press box, replacing them with seven smaller yet more powerful AtlasIED speakers. Peyton utilized six speakers from AtlasIED’s FS line to flank the company’s AH54-15-BSG long-throw speaker, which was chosen for its ability to toss audio all the way across the field and into the visitors’ section. Situated at each end of the press box, the two nearfield, wide-dispersion FS12T-BT60 and two FS12T-99 speakers would spread audio across the entire home section. For an extra boost of low-end bass, Peyton added two FST-12 SUB speakers. “This combination of speakers ensures that nobody would ever again strain to hear music, public address notices, and game-day commentary and that the volume level would be consistent throughout, solving the popular complaint of audio being too loud in some areas and barely audible in others.” 

Wide audio dispersion was a key factor in choosing the AtlasIED horns, Peyton notes, but the lightweight nature was certainly another selling point. “It definitely made hoisting them onto the press box roof a lot easier than it could have been.” 

Amps Minimize Human Error

To drive and protect the speaker array, Peyton installed two AtlasIED multi-channel power amplifiers and a power sequencer into an existing equipment rack in the press box. “Because the audio will be managed by many different people, our goal was to keep the system as simple and straightforward as possible to use,” Peyton says. “The AtlasIED DPA2402 and DPA602 amps helped us accomplish this.” Using the amps’ graphical user interface, Peyton pre-set the audio processing and volume levels and disabled the manual controls so users can only turn the system on or off, nothing else. “Once the system is powered, you just plug in a microphone and it’s good to go, virtually foolproof. Plus, these amps are so small, run cool, and have plenty of power to drive the entire speaker array.” 

The Crowning Jewel

With that—and the installation of new wiring, a wireless microphone, and mixer—the audio update was complete. Peyton has put the system through its paces and reports positive reactions from stadium attendees, coaching staff, and players. “From all areas of the stadium, music and announcements are clear, intelligible, and at the perfect volume level,” he says. “And the school’s choir has never sounded better singing the national anthem.” There’s just one more task to tackle: the design and application of an Alexandria Trojan logo on the face of an existing AtlasIED equipment rack, which has admirably stood the test of time. “It’s just as durable and sturdy as it was when installed 20-some years ago. It just needed a little sprucing up.” 

AtlasIED Products Used in This Project:

DPA2402 2400-watt networkable multi-channel power amplifier

(2) FS12T-BT60 12” 2-way multipurpose nearfield horn speakers

AH54-15-BSG 15” 2-way stadium horn speaker

(2) FS12T-99 12” 2-way multipurpose horn speakers

DPA602 600-watt networkable multi-channel power amplifier

(2) FS12T-SUB 12” multipurpose low-frequency horn speakers

ECS-204 20A power conditioner and sequencer

EFP3-2 RU WMA series half rack

See how the AtlasIED’s amplifiers and speakers have enhanced the audio quality for football fans in the Alexandria High School stadium here. 

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About AtlasIED

A global electronics manufacturer providing comprehensive audio and security solutions for commercial, corporate, educational, healthcare, retail, transportation, and government environments, AtlasIED brings together the legacy, engineering skills, and legendary service of Atlas Sound and Innovative Electronics Design. Offering industry-leading mass notification, life safety, VoIP, background music, paging, and sound-masking systems, AtlasIED delivers product lines that span wide and deep, with more than 2,000 innovative audio solutions for businesses of every size. Combined, Atlas Sound and IED products have been installed in more than one million businesses over the past 80+ years.

With nine locations and a network of manufacturer representatives and distributors around the world to provide superior support to dealers and customers, AtlasIED’s customer service is an industry benchmark that competitors strive to match. AtlasIED is family-owned, with manufacturing operations in the United States that hold an ISO9001:2008 Quality Standards Certification to ensure consistently high-quality products, service, and support.

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Access Networks Introduces Cloud-Based Wireless Controller and Management Platform

Access Networks Introduces Cloud-Based Wireless Controller and Management Platform

ARCC, a cloud-based wireless controller solution by Access Networks, provides integrators streamlined and fully customizable deployments, remote access and control of clients’ networking systems, and an opportunity to leverage recurring revenue. 

LOS ANGELES, CA (February 23, 2021) – Access Networks continues to evolve its enterprise-grade networking solutions with the introduction of a cloud-based configuration and management platform. The next-generation cloud-based wireless controller, ARCC, is built on Ruckus architecture and delivers a new level of simplicity during deployment, a higher level of control with more tools to customize each job, and a lower cost of entry for industry-leading capabilities. Additionally, it offers a solid source of recurring revenue, as ARCC enables networks to be easily monitored and managed remotely. Quick and easy remediation and firmware updates can help boost integrators’ bottom line, streamline workflow, and improve customer satisfaction. 

“Historically, wireless residential networks have required an on-premise controller for visibility, configuration, and control,” says Access Networks VP of Sales Ben Jurow. “Now, with the introduction of ARCC, integrators can deliver the same level of service and support remotely. ARCC has all the same features, and more, of our popular C120 hardware-based wireless controller, so dealers can transition to cloud-based service while offering customers the same high-level of performance.”

ARCC rounds out Access Networks’ full range of network management platforms, now giving integrators a choice of a cloud-based solution, as well as the company’s legacy C120 hardware solution or Unleashed software solution. “ARCC marks the next evolution in our product development and offerings,” Jurow says. “Integrators can stick with traditional solutions or embrace the cloud as a reliable, easily accessible, and failsafe method of monitoring and maintaining clients’ home networks.” 

ARCC seamlessly integrates with any Access Networks-enabled network, much like the C120 appliance. Core managed network solutions ship preconfigured based on dealer-supplied network parameters and requirements specific to the deployment. Once the access points, routers, and switches have been installed, the access points will connect to the Internet and self-configure. Then, from a computer or mobile device, the integrator can button up the system, administering security protocols and setting up passwords, for example. The entire process is seamless and transparent to the customer, and repeatable when possible, saving integrators time and manpower.

Additionally, ARCC allows integrators and their clients to stay ahead of the technological curve. Updates introducing new features and capabilities download to ARCC remotely via the cloud, providing an easy, dependable, affordable way of keeping clients’ networks as current and capable as possible. And when new Access Networks products are added to the network, modifications to the ARCC configuration platform happen automatically.

Access Networks plans to offer ARCC training to integrators interested in offering the platform. Existing Access Networks integration partners can find more details in their MyAccess partner portal. Others who are interested in learning more about ARCC are invited to contact 

About Access Networks

Access Networks is the leading provider of enterprise-grade networking solutions for the modern smart home. Focused on designing and supporting reliable and secure networks, we help people stay connected to what matters most. Our solutions are customized to satisfy the bandwidth requirements of any household, and through our network of highly-qualified technology integration firms, are configured and installed to deliver an exceptional experience, every time. No matter how your home evolves, you’ll always stay connected, as our team of knowledgeable and experienced designers and engineers continually refine our innovative product and service offerings. To learn more, visit Access Networks online at and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

AtlasIED Helps Alum Update Sound System of His Alma Mater

AtlasIED Launches Tech for Safer Schools Microsite to Provide School Administrators with Educational Resources, Checklists, and Tips to Deploy More Effective Communications Systems

New AtlasIED microsite provides a wealth of information to help technology decision-makers understand and implement improved audio and communications solutions in K-12 educational settings. 

PHOENIX, AZ – (February 18, 2021) – AtlasIED—a global manufacturer of comprehensive audio and communications solutions for commercial environments, has launched a new microsite designed as a resource for school administrators, safety directors, and technology stakeholders who want to learn about solutions designed to assist in executing emergency preparedness plans, enhance the delivery of routine information, support successful student outcomes, and reduce teacher fatigue. 

AtlasIED’s new Tech for Safer Schools microsite is a helpful tool for technology decision-makers, offering solutions to real-world challenges facing K-12 schools. The site identifies specific hardware, software, and complete, scalable communications platforms for classrooms, buildings, campuses, and entire districts, that seamlessly integrate with existing building systems such as security, access control, and fire alarms. Additionally, the FAQ & Resources section offers informative blogs, case studies, and a collection of answers to questions commonly asked by K-12 administrators about technologies to support building-wide safety plans, common school-day processes, and classroom instruction. 

Often those who are tasked with finding the technology to upgrade legacy systems such as intercom, PA, and classroom audio amplification aren’t aware that these systems can marry in a more unified and future-resistant network-based system. This microsite aims to educate those in the difficult position of outlining modernization efforts so they can understand and ask about the technologies that may work best for their districts. It also walks them through the process of potentially identifying gaps in existing processes to strengthen the systems that support them.

Visitors of the site are invited to input information about their current communications needs, from which AtlasIED can recommend specific solutions, suggest a proper system design, and connect them with the appropriate experts for additional assistance.

“Having a unified, intuitive, and effective communications system is vitally important to educational facilities to ensure the safety of students and staff and create a comfortable learning environment. As a provider of a broad range of audio and communications solutions, AtlasIED is committed to helping school administrators develop and implement successful communication technologies and systems to align with their existing processes and strategies,” says Michael Peveler, VP of Sales at AtlasIED. “AtlasIED has offered a variety of proven audio and communications systems for many years, but until now, there hasn’t been a dedicated site that explores the topic and introduces school administrators to options and applications dedicated to their needs.” 

Visit to learn more about school communications technologies and connect with an AtlasIED expert who can assist with identifying the best solution for your specific needs. 

About AtlasIED

AtlasIED has been a recognized leader in the pro-audio industry for over 85 years, developing innovative audio solutions for a wide variety of commercial environments. The company’s diverse, comprehensive, and ever evolving solutions cater to the high-quality audio and communication technology needs of markets globally, including transportation, healthcare, corporate, industrial, government, hospitality, education, and house of worship. Technologically advanced, expertly engineered, and highly marketable, AtlasIED’s products and systems deliver mass communication, high intelligibility announcements, IP-based visual and audio communications, distributed audio, background music, paging, and sound masking solutions to commercial projects of every size and scope, including those which are mission critical. Family-owned, the company’s nine locations and a well-established network of experienced manufacturer representatives and distributors throughout the world ensure exceptional customer support and service to drive continued growth and advancement of the commercial audio industry. 

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Access Networks Promotes Ben Jurow to Vice President of Sales

Access Networks Promotes Ben Jurow to Vice President of Sales

A combination of exceptional technical skills and years of sales experience helps Jurow leverage new growth opportunities for Access Networks.

Los Angeles, CA (February 10, 2021) Access Networks, the premier enterprise-grade networking solutions provider for the modern smart home, continues to strengthen its presence as a leader in the industry with the recent promotion of Ben Jurow to Vice President of Sales. Chosen for his exceptional technical acumen, years of sales experience, and commitment to the evolution and growth of Access Networks, Jurow will direct the company’s inside and outside sales teams, foster relationships with manufacturer rep firms, lead dealer support and service programs and strategies, and help shape and inspire the development of new networking solutions. Jurow also joins Access Networks’ Executive Leadership Team, providing perspective and guidance toward even greater contributions to the smart home industry. 

Previously, Jurow held several key sales leadership roles at Access Networks. “Through those experiences, Ben honed his sales skills and developed a deep understanding of the nuances of home networking and the importance of providing our integration partners with the best experience possible,” says Access Networks CEO Bryce Nordstrand. “He’s able to apply these qualities to this new leadership role, pushing us all forward to bigger and better things.”

Before joining Access Networks, Jurow held various sales positions with a home automation manufacturer and was a systems programmer at several integration firms. “His passion for products, sharp technical knowledge, and exceptional client relationship skills are a winning combination and suit our company culture perfectly at Access Networks,” Nordstrand continues.  

“I’m excited and honored to take on the role of Vice President of Sales where I can use my talents to develop strong working relationships with new and existing dealers, increase sales, and explore new business opportunities,” says Jurow. “I understand that networking can be a complex system to configure and install for some integrators, and as part of Access Networks’ mission will strive to smooth out and simplify the process, leading success for our integrator partners.”  

To learn more about Access Networks, please visit, on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

About Access Networks
Access Networks is the premier enterprise-grade networking solutions provider for the modern smart home. We design and maintain sophisticated network solutions based on a simple premise: keeping our customers connected. Access Networks assists custom integrators by working to specify, select, source, and configure the networking gear before it is shipped to the project site. From design and deployment to service after the sale, we are here to ensure our network solutions meet the bandwidth demands of today’s AV and control components and enhance the overall technology experience. 

New Design-Friendly Wall and Ceiling Mounts from Wall-Smart Debut During IBSx 2021

New Design-Friendly Wall and Ceiling Mounts from Wall-Smart Debut During IBSx 2021

Home builders, architects, designers, integrators, and consumers will appreciate Wall-Smart’s new lineup of flush mounts that seamlessly & stylishly recess devices into walls and ceilings.

BUFFALO, NY (February 9, 2021)Wall-Smart, the leader in the design and manufacture of innovative mounting hardware that conceals technology products within wall and ceiling surfaces, will showcase several new additions to its wide range of products at the International Builders’ Show’s virtual experience, taking place online February 9-12, 2021. 

Though this is the company’s first time exhibiting at IBSx, Wall-Smart is a long-standing and highly-regarded brand in the custom audio-visual marketplace and the recipient of a number of prestigious awards. Wall-Smart’s mounting solutions provide builders, architects, designers, technology integrators, and their clientele a way to seamlessly integrate popular technologies such as tablets, touchscreens, light switches, voice assistants, security cameras, and networking equipment into new construction and retrofit projects in an aesthetically pleasing manner using standard construction techniques.  

“Technology has become a necessity for most households, but that doesn’t mean the home environment must suffer from ‘wall and ceiling acne’,” says Wall-Smart Co-CEO and Founder Galia Ben-Dor. “This is the philosophy on which Wall-Smart was conceived and bases the design of every product developed. We think every home should be as beautiful as it is smart, and our new solutions give builders, architects, designers, technology integrators, and their clientele even more ways to achieve this objective with ease and simplicity.”

New Mounts Customized for Seven Leading Home Tech Manufacturers

Each of Wall-Smart’s new wall and ceiling mounts is custom designed, engineered, and fabricated for a specific home tech product. This attention to detail ensures not only a seamless, completely flush appearance, but also optimal convenience of use and quality of performance. New to the Wall-Smart line are mounts for leading devices, including Control4 T4 touchscreens, Crestron 70 Series touchscreens, Savant Echo low-voltage keypad, Araknis Wi-Fi access points, IC Realtime IPMX-W40F and W20F security cameras, Honeywell 6290W home security keypad, Legrand Adorne light switch, Apple iPad Air4, and more.

Streamlined Security and Surveillance

According to the 2019 edition of NAHB’s study, What Home Buyers Really Want, 46 percent of recent and prospective home buyers want a security camera in their home. Historically, however, cameras have been difficult to hide without hindering their ability to capture video. A new mount from Wall-Smart drastically downplays the appearance of IPMX-W40F and IPMX-W20F security cameras from IC Realtime without any impact on performance. The body of the camera tucks inside a specially designed Wall-Smart mount, leaving only the lens exposed and trimmed nicely with a faceplate. 

Creatively Constructed Home Control

Touchscreens are quickly becoming a mainstay in modern smart homes as a means of control, communication, and access to the Internet and video like real-time images captured by security cameras. To grant homeowners quick and easy access to these features, touchscreens are best positioned in high-traffic areas. To minimize their appearance in areas like kitchens and foyers, Wall-Smart has introduced new mounts for Control4 and Crestron touchscreens, accommodating sizes of 8 and 10 inches and 5, 7, and 10 inches, respectively. Versions for installation in new construction, retrofit, and solid-surface wall applications are available, as well as a retrofittable low-profile bezel in black, white, or unpainted so as to be custom-painted to material-matched to the adjacent surface. Wall-Smart bezels feature imperceptible perforations to enable clear, uninhibited audio transmission for intercom and voice control via the touchscreen. 

Seamless Switches

For construction and remodeling projects that call for low-voltage light switches, Wall-Smart expands its offerings with mounts for the Savant Echo keypad and Legrand Adorne keypad. Both have been designed for new construction, with a solid-surface option for the Savant Echo. 

Tucked Away Tablets

Lastly, Wall-Smart debuts new construction and retrofit mounting options for the Apple iPad Air4 tablet. Because tablets are meant for portability, this mount boasts a quick-release feature and built-in POE to USB converter to keep it fully charged.

Quick and Easy Installation During and After Construction

Comprising moisture-resistant, chemically treated MDF, Wall-Smart’s design-forward mounts install similar to that of any drywall application. The mounts recess into standard stud bays and ceiling joists for a flush appearance. Finished with drywall or a low-profile, paintable bezel, the mounts enable technology to become a seamless part of the surface, significantly minimizing its visual impact on the home environment. 

Wall-Smart mounts can be used in any home construction or remodeling project, installed into virtually any surface, including drywall and plaster, as well as concrete, brick, wood, marble, glass, and metal. Installation in new construction follows standard Level 4 drywall procedures. Retrofit installation typically takes less than five minutes and does not require a drywall expert. The mounts can be ordered directly from Wall-Smart or from its partners for any technology that’s specified for the residence, further simplifying the deployment process. And should a device require maintenance, repair, or replacement, it can be easily removed from the mount. 

Where to See Wall-Smart Mounts

To see Wall-Smart’s extensive portfolio of technology concealment solutions for the design-build community, visit Go to for more information about its extensive line of flush mount products and instructional installation videos, the company itself, or its partnerships. 

About Wall-Smart Ltd.

Wall-Smart is the leading designer and manufacturer of custom flush ceiling and wall mounts for high-end home electronic devices, including tablets, touchscreens, Wi-Fi access points, security cameras, voice assistants, and more. Dedicated to providing cutting-edge, creative, and cost-effective concealment solutions for technology in new and existing homes, Wall-Smart inspires homes that are both technically advanced and exceptionally beautiful. A wide range of products, combined with simple installation, and fast, hassle-free shipping, poises Wall-Smart as a valuable smart home resource for home systems integrators, home builders and contractors, architects, and designers. 

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