Access Networks Adds Unmanaged Option to its Cloud-Based Wireless Controller

Access Networks Adds Unmanaged Option to its Cloud-Based Wireless Controller


ARCC, a cloud-based wireless controller solution by Access Networks, is now available as an unmanaged service that can be added to any access point purchase.

LOS ANGELES, CA (May 14, 2021) – Access Networks is making it even easier for integrators to monitor and manage clients’ enterprise-grade home networks. Adding to its recently released cloud-based solution ARCC (Advanced, Resilient Cloud Controller), Access Networks now offers ARCC as an unmanaged service that can be added to any access point purchase. 

ARCC delivers a new level of simplicity during deployment, a higher level of control with more tools to customize each job, and a lower cost of entry for industry-leading capabilities. Additionally, it offers a solid source of recurring revenue. From a single pane of glass, each clients’ network is easily monitored and managed remotely from anywhere. Quick and easy remediation and configuration changes can help boost integrators’ bottom line and improve customer satisfaction. 

Along with offering a new level of simplicity to the home network, ARCC provides a solution to integrators and their clients that keeps them ahead of the technological curve. ARCC enables real-time control of the access points and is constantly adapting RF energy to the ever-changing environment of today’s complex wireless world. Updates introducing new features and capabilities download to ARCC remotely via the cloud, providing an easy, dependable, affordable way of keeping clients’ networks as current and capable as possible. 

“Historically, wireless residential networks have required an on-premise controller for visibility, configuration, and control,” says Access Networks VP of Sales Ben Jurow. “Now, with the introduction of ARCC, which can be added to any Access Networks Core system or access point purchase, integrators can deliver an exceptional level of service and support remotely via the cloud without having to install any additional hardware. ARCC provides efficiency and the most complete Wi-Fi service for clients including deployment, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and upgrades.”

ARCC seamlessly integrates with any Access Networks-enabled network, unmanaged as well as custom Core network solutions. Once the access points, routers, and switches have been installed, the access points will connect to the Internet and self-configure. Then, from a computer or mobile device, the integrator can button up the system, administering security protocols and setting up passwords, for example. The entire process is seamless and transparent to the customer, and repeatable with custom-made templates when possible, saving integrators time and manpower. This gives integrators interested in utilizing the cloud for remote network management more design flexibility, faster system deployment, greater workflow efficiency, and less equipment to install and service.

Existing Access Networks integration partners can find more details about ARCC in their MyAccess partner portal. Others who are interested in learning more about ARCC are invited to contact 

About Access Networks

Access Networks is the leading provider of enterprise-grade networking solutions for the modern smart home. Focused on designing and supporting reliable and secure networks, we help people stay connected to what matters most. Our solutions are customized to satisfy the bandwidth requirements of any household, and through our network of highly qualified technology integration firms, are configured and installed to deliver an exceptional experience, every time. No matter how your home evolves, you’ll always stay connected, as our team of knowledgeable and experienced designers and engineers continually refine our innovative product and service offerings. To learn more, visit Access Networks online at and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

AtlasIED Announces Version 2.0 of Software for Atmosphere™ Digital Audio System

AtlasIED Announces Version 2.0 of Software for Atmosphere™ Digital Audio System

Updated Atmosphere™ software offers enhanced customization of music delivery, support of bell scheduling, and streamlined post-installation service. 

PHOENIX, AZ – (May 11, 2021) – AtlasIED—a global manufacturer of comprehensive audio solutions for commercial environments, builds off the successful launch of its Atmosphere™ digital audio system with a new 2.0 firmware update, available for free here, The updated version enables several performance and installation enhancements, including stereo and subwoofer support, self-healing accessories, room combine, and bell scheduling. These and other updates offer integrators even greater opportunities to customize the delivery and control of audio to satisfy the unique requirements of restaurants, bars, hotels, school campuses, houses of worship, retail establishments, and other commercial environments. The new Atmosphere™ software supports the system’s original core technologies, such as touchless control and artificial intelligence, and utilizes the same product suite or digital audio processors, amplifiers, and graphical user interfaces.

Bell Scheduler

A top request of AtlasIED dealers, the integration of a bell scheduler evolves Atmosphere™ 2.0 into a turnkey digital audio system for school campuses, industrial environments, and other facilities. Building off the integrated message player of the original Atmosphere™ release, the new bell scheduler enables setup and delivery of multiple bells and ring lists to signify class dismissals, lunch breaks, and other routines. Schedules can be easily modified and bells added and deleted by end-users via the Atmosphere 2.0 software’s new Planner configuration tool. 

Room Combine

In large spaces like hotel conference rooms, auditoriums, and banquet halls, it’s common to partition the area into several smaller zones for flexibility of use. Atmosphere™ 2.0 can deliver different audio to each individual zone or the same audio to two or more combined zones, as chosen by the end-user, with one primary controller per combined zones. Integrators can configure the zones within the Atmosphere™ software and provide end-users with a customized mobile app and wall-plates for simple, intuitive selection and control of the audio. 

Stereo and Subwoofer Support

To provide a dynamic, multi-dimensional listening experience, Atmosphere™ 2.0 does the job through its newly added stereo and subwoofer processing and playback capability. With the new version, the Atmosphere digital audio processors seamlessly support stereo sources, stereo zones, and zones with subwoofers. Once the stereo and/or subwoofer zones are set up, proper controls are automatically linked and DSP objects are created, giving integrators the flexibility within the Atmosphere™ platform to easily and affordably expand from a mono audio solution to a more engaging stereo speaker-subwoofer setup. Ideally suited for performance venues, from the smallest cocktail lounge to the largest auditorium, stereo and subwoofer support through Atmosphere™ 2.0 provides an immersive audio experience.

Self-Healing Accessories

Providing integrators and their customers peace of mind and long-term satisfaction, should any wall-plate accessory of an Atmosphere™ 2.0 accidentally break, there’s no need to spend time in the field to reprogram the replacement product. Instead, the system “self-heals,” instantly recognizing the newly installed wall-plate and loading into it all of the original customized settings automatically. Integrators can have the system back up and running in seconds, dramatically reducing time and resources typically required to service a digital audio system. The benefits to customers are realized through lower maintenance costs. 

Continual Evolution of the Atmosphere™ Platform

“By advancing Atmosphere™ forward with the launch of our new 2.0 version, integrators are afforded even greater flexibility in the design of digital audio systems through the implementation of any or all of the system’s new suite of features,” says John Ivey, president at AtlasIED. “Since the initial launch of Atmosphere™ in September 2020, we have listened to our dealers, integrating many of their requests into the 2.0 platform. Through our commitment to the continual evolution of the Atmosphere™ ecosystem, the technology avoids obsolescence, providing customers with the most advanced solution for audio processing, control, and delivery, and creating new business opportunities for technology integrators.”

AtlasIED Hosts Virtual Q&A for Dealers on May 20

With so many features bundled into Atmosphere™ 2.0, it’s natural for integrators and end users to have questions. To provide a solid understanding of the updated system and its unique benefits, AtlasIED will host an interactive Q&A session on May 20 at 2 p.m. ET. Anyone can register for the event at

Enhancements Combine with Original Features

While Atmosphere™ 2.0 represents an exciting progression of AtlasIED’s digital audio platform, all of the innovative features of the original system remain intact. Atmosphere™ 2.0 enables each authorized user to manage the system from his or her own mobile device, lending a cleaner, more hygienic approach to control no matter which operating system is being utilized. Setup is simple: The controls of the Atmosphere™ 2.0 digital audio processor populate automatically when a user’s mobile device scans the DSP’s QR code. Per parameters programmed initially into the system by the AV integrator, this QR code grants access to certain features; for example, allowing a manager to modify the schedule of outgoing messages, while staff is permitted to only adjust the volume level. 

Leveraging this hands-off approach to control is a revolutionary ambient noise compensation technology. Built into each Atmosphere™ 2.0 DSP (two models are available) are multi-patented algorithms, which enable it to continually learn and adapt to changes in the environment. Through data collected and transmitted by an Atmosphere™ 2.0 ambient noise sensor, the DSP comes to recognize patterns like the need to raise the volume at a bar during happy hour to compensate for high levels of ambient noise. Unlike systems that rely on external microphones to monitor the environment, Atmosphere™ 2.0 uses artificial intelligence to analyze and respond to the predictable behaviors of its users, such as consistent commands issued from an Atmosphere™ 2.0 volume controller, as well as data sent from an Atmosphere™ 2.0 ambient noise sensor to the DSP. 

The audio level isn’t the only setting that Atmosphere™ 2.0 adjusts automatically. Messages uploaded to the DSP as WAV files can be dispatched according to a pre-programmed schedule based on priority or when triggered by an Atmosphere™ 2.0 input device, such as a volume/source/zone selector. This level of automation affords AV integrators a digital audio solution that can be customized for exceptional operational convenience, efficiency, and performance. Adding another layer of customization is a built-in Tilter Filter™, which drastically simplifies tuning the audio for the specific room or zone with an easy-to-use feature that helps balance lows and highs.  

Interoperable Components Boast Attractive Industrial Design

Products currently comprising the Atmosphere™ 2.0 digital audio platform include two varieties of digital signal processors (6-input/4-output AZM4 and 10-input/8-output AZM8; two amplifiers (400-watt AZA404 and 800-watt AZA804); six different plug-and-play accessories, including wall-mounted audio controllers (single- and multi-zone options); and remote audio inputs (RCA, Bluetooth, and XLR sources); and an ambient noise sensor. As many as 16 accessories can be daisy-chained to the AZM4 and AZM8 DSP. Plus, the entire Atmosphere™ 2.0 lineup has been engineered to integrate with AtlasIED loudspeakers; integrators can use the preloaded EQ files in an Atmosphere™ DSP to easily tune the speakers for the specific application and environment. Boasting a clean, modern, industrial design, Atmosphere™ 2.0 complements the aesthetic of most commercial environments. 

About AtlasIED

AtlasIED has been a recognized leader in the pro-audio industry for over 85 years, developing innovative audio solutions for a wide variety of commercial environments. The company’s diverse, comprehensive, and ever-evolving solutions cater to the high-quality audio and communication technology needs of markets globally, including transportation, healthcare, corporate, industrial, government, hospitality, education, and house of worship. Technologically advanced, expertly engineered, and highly marketable, AtlasIED’s products and systems deliver mass communication, high intelligibility announcements, IP-based visual and audio communications, distributed audio, background music, paging, and sound masking solutions to commercial projects of every size and scope, including those which are mission-critical. Family-owned, the company’s nine locations and a well-established network of experienced manufacturer representatives and distributors throughout the world ensure exceptional customer support and service to drive continued growth and advancement of the commercial audio industry. 

For more information please visit, and follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Making Dreams Come True: Make-a-Wish Kid’s New Home Theater Anchored by a 110-Inch Zero Edge Pro Slate Screen

Making Dreams Come True: Make-a-Wish Kid’s New Home Theater Anchored by a 110-Inch Zero Edge Pro Slate Screen


Along with other ProSource vendors and members, SI contributes to a $20,000 custom home theater and makes a child’s entertainment wish come true. 

Austin, TX (April 21, 2021) — Screen Innovations (SI), a premier manufacturer and supplier of design-forward optical screen and shade materials, has always given back to its community through charitable donations. Its most recent, the contribution of a 110-inch, 16:9 Zero Edge Pro Slate acoustically transparent screen with LED kit for a custom theater installed in the home of a Make-a-Wish kid. An effort spearheaded by custom integration buying group ProSource, the soup-to-nuts theater features a wide variety of AV equipment from member companies including SI, as well as Origin Acoustics, Control4/SnapAV, Marantz, Sony Electronics, and others. Austin-based AV integrator Macauley Technologies donated its time and labor to complete the transformation of an existing bonus room into a full-fledge theater in five days. 

“It was an honor and privilege to be involved with such a wonderful organization as the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Central and South Texas. We were able to turn a child’s dream into a reality, creating a special space that Miles could enjoy with family and friends while he recovers from treatments,” says SI VP of Residential Sales Jason Russell. “As a Make-a-Wish kid, Miles could have asked for any number of things, but more than anything he wanted a “movie theater” in this house. We were happy to help make that happen by providing a larger-than-life projection screen.” 

SI collaborated closely with the integration team a Macauley Technologies to customize a screen for optimal performance and seamless integration into the space. “It was a pleasure working with the Make-a-Wish Foundation on this project and giving back to our community. They let us do what we do best and make this a special room for Miles where he can watch all his favorite movies and play Xbox in a fun, immersive environment capped off with movie posters, theater seats, popcorn machine, and more,” adds Ian Shaw, Vice President of Business Development at Macauley Technologies.

Other organizations to which SI has donated in the past include Cure 4 the Kids, local food banks and blood drives, and support for the victims of the Australian wildfires. 

About Screen Innovations

Screen Innovations engineers and hand-builds all its screen and shade solutions at its 75,000-square-foot factory in Austin, Texas. Dedicated to developing the most unique and innovative screens and shade for the custom residential and commercial markets, the company offers a wide variety of design-forward products that suit any viewing environment. As a leading manufacturer of screen and shade solutions, Screen Innovations is focused on the implementation of new technologies into its products and providing its dealers with the services and tools they need to differentiate themselves and grow their custom installation businesses. 

For more information about SI, please visit, on Facebook @screen innovations, and on Twitter @SIScreens.

New Release of D-Tools System Integrator (SI) Software Now Available

New Release of D-Tools System Integrator (SI) Software Now Available

The latest release, version 16, of D-Tools’ award-winning System Integrator software delivers valuable new project and service management capabilities geared to boost productivity, operating efficiency, and bottom-line results

CONCORD, CA (April 26, 2021) — D-Tools, Inc., the worldwide leader in data-driven software for system integrators, today announced the availability of System Integrator version 16, which adds powerful new project and service management capabilities to its award-winning, end-to-end business management solution. 

“D-Tools software has been instrumental in our company’s success in not only standardizing our day-to-day operations but by positively impacting our profitability,” said Ed Ross, Director of Engineering at Fedora Intertech. “The D-Tools team listened to our feedback and requests, and the resulting new service and scheduling enhancements added to System Integrator will help us further streamline our installation and service management.”

The SI v16 release offers numerous productivity and time-saving advancements across the application, primarily focused on providing expanded customization and flexibility, resulting in improved workflow for and between the sales, project management, and service teams. These new capabilities will help system integrators deliver a higher level of customer service while at the same time improving operational efficiency and bottom-line results.

For a more detailed list of enhancements in SI v16, visit

To sign up now for a free, personal online tour, visit A free 30-day trial of D-Tools can also be downloaded anytime at

About D-Tools, Inc.

D-Tools is a worldwide leader in accessible, highly accurate business software that caters to the unique and diverse needs of systems design and installation firms. The company’s on-premises software, System Integrator™ (SI), and cloud-based platform, D-Tools Cloud, are robust solutions that help manage all aspects of an audio visual or security system integrator’s business, including sales, comprehensive system design, project documentation, procurement, and installation and field service management. Today, nearly 7,000 companies in over 90 countries use D-Tools’ award-winning software to streamline business processes, leading to improved operational efficiencies and increased profitability.

Find product updates and related information by following D-Tools on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.

Stable Wi-Fi Streams Entertainment Faster, Simplifies Control for New Homeowners

Stable Wi-Fi Streams Entertainment Faster, Simplifies Control for New Homeowners

Installed by integration firm SAV Digital Environments, business-grade network keeps tech-heavy home running smoothly.

When a family depends on smart devices to handle nearly every aspect of their home environment, a robust home network is an absolute necessity. Such is the case for the owners of this 3,500-square-foot, newly constructed home in Big Sky, Montana. Here, best-in-class electronic systems, integrated seamlessly with the contemporary design and architecture, are on call 24/7, simplifying the operation of everything from the lights, motorized shading, thermostats, and security devices to the distribution of audio and video signals to displays and speakers throughout the smart residence.

It all adds up to a very heavy stream of Wi-Fi traffic—and the need for an enterprise-grade networking system to manage the flow of data. To maintain the speed, stability, range, and reliability required of signal transmission in a smart home of this caliber, Bozeman-based integration firm SAV Digital Environments chose Access Networks. 

“A smart home is only as good as its network, and if the network is weak, everything else fails,” says Derek Flikkema, Senior Technology Advisor at SAV. “With an Access Networks solution managing the flow of audio, video, and data, there is no weak link. No matter how many devices are connected to the Internet, no matter how much bandwidth is being consumed, no matter how much content is being streamed to displays and speakers, the networking backbone of this house handles it all without a hitch.”

Passing the iPad & Cutting Cords

“When a network is designed properly, comprises high-quality equipment, and operates to exceptional standards, a home is not only more efficient but can be a lot of fun,” Flikkema remarks. The owners of this luxury residence exemplify the notion. From any iPad they quickly connect to a streaming service of choice; select a movie, TV program, or music; and direct the content to and or all displays and speakers. Guests can do the same, “often turning their parties into a game of ‘pass the iPad, where “everyone gets a chance to be the D.J.” 

Another perk: Because the network so ably handles multiple streams of entertainment content, should the owners ever decide to forgo traditional cable and satellite service they won’t miss a thing. “This house is set up perfectly to facilitate cord-cutting and transitioning the family easily to solely streaming media,” says Scott Abel, Director of Quality and Customer at SAV.

Streamlining the Flow of Network Traffic 

Directing the home’s heavy network traffic is an Access Networks C120 Controller. Based on parameters established by the technicians at SAV, the controller assigns each type of signal its own “lane” on the communications highway. For example, signals from online streaming services travel to the home’s wireless Sonos music system on one lane, while commands from the Crestron Home automation system travel on another lane to lights, thermostats, shades, and other components. 

Using the configuration settings of the C120, SAV also assigned bandwidth priority to certain applications, like giving home office connections precedence over less important activities like music streaming. These settings help optimize Wi-Fi speed and prevent communication loops, where signals end up in the wrong place, Flikkema explains. “Unlike most residential networking controllers, the Access Networks C120 has these capabilities built-in, which significantly minimizes our design and engineering time, especially for large projects like this.” 

Streamlining the setup further for SAV was Access Networks’ in-house design services. Working off the blueprints SAV sent them, the Access Networks design team created a heat map, a diagram indicating the best locations for the router, controller, switches, and access points (see Home Network Equipment List below). Four strategically located A610 Access Networks triple-stream wireless access points work around many obstacles which often create interference, such as the home’s interior design elements and construction materials. The end result ensures consistently stable connections throughout the residence. 

SAV used this as a roadmap during installation and validated its work by testing Wi-Fi signal strength throughout the installation, giving the network their seal of approval once the owners had moved in and the furniture was in place. “That ‘aha’ moment for the family was realized when they could grab an iPad and stream music, command multiple smart devices, and have the whole house running smoothly,” Flikkema says. Thanks to stable, fast, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, living with technology feels as natural as flipping on a light switch.

Wi-Fi Networking Equipment

Access Networks C120 Controller

Access Networks A610 Wireless Access Points (4)

Araknis Gigabit Switches (8)

SonicWALL TZ300 Router


Other Smart Home Equipment

Crestron Home Automation System with handheld and wall-mounted touchscreens

Crestron Lighting and Shading Control

Crestron HVAC Control

Crestron AV Distribution 

Sonos and Sonance Speakers

Sony and Samsung Displays

Ademco Security System

Axis Communications and Visonic Surveillance Cameras