San Diego Beer: Sciacca’s Top 10 Craft Brews to Drink @CEDIA

Welcome guest blogger John Sciacca on the best San Diego beer to drink during CEDIA!

According to Beer Connoisseur, San Diego has earned props as one of the world’s top craft beer cities. And with more than 140 craft breweries in the area, there is plenty of hoppy delicious to keep your week interesting. Having reviewed over 500 craft beers ( I have a few favorite breweries that I’d suggest you check out while in town.

Read this list with a big grain (pun intended) of my favorite beer styles being IPA, Imperial IPA, and Triple IPA, especially those with massive, juicy, fresh West Coast style for which San Diego IPAs are particularly well known. When I’m not enjoying a massive IPA, I’m not adverse to pouring an Imperial stout or Belgian Tripel. I think sours are disgusting, and I don’t have any time for light, low-ABC, low-cal brews.

So, here are ten breweries I suggest you check out while in San Diego:

Stone Brewing Company – Stone has a massive array of big, 8+% ABV Imperial IPAs and they are practically all delicious. My favorite Stone IPA is the RuinTen, which is just the glorious perfection of a Triple IPA. From my review: “The beer was a perfect, magical harmony of sublime hops, malt and alcohol that all worked together like a symphony conducted by the very hands of God himself. From look, to nose, to first dash on the tongue, to the lingering finish that was like Mozart creating a masterpiece in your mouth with his fruffy white wig dripping in sticky-icky sweet-juicy hops.”

Green Flash Brewing Co. – Another company that specializes in the West Coast IPA, Green Flash offers several beers that are sure to please, some of which aren’t even IPAs! My favorite is the Green Bullet. From my review: “The smell is just flat-out great. Piney and hoppy and sweet and juicy and mango-pineappley. It’s just totally spot on; not just hitting the bulls-eye but splitting the frickin’ arrow that Palate Wrecker put into the bulls-eye! Can’t wait to taste… My hands are trembling a little bit from the emotion of it, and I just had a panicked moment where I nearly overturned my glass. Dammit, man! Get it together, Sciacca!”

Ballast Point Brewing – These guys are very widely known for the Sculpin, which is a nationally distributed – and quite delicious – IPA. The Sculpin comes in multiple flavors now such as Pineapple, Grapefruit, and Habanero. Yes, Habenero. If you like spicy AND beer, this is for you. From my review: “Wow. I mean, you feel it like an IPA on your tongue but then the spicy heat just kicks you right in the back of the throat. It is like a taco truck just drove through your mouth, dripping all kinds of pepper juices out of its tail pipe and burning out in your throat on the swallow. The heat kind of radiates down your throat and into your belly a bit on the swallow, negating any real bitter on the finish. In fact a belch just brings up more spice and heat.”

Coronado Brewing Company – Surprise! Another brewery I love for their IPAs! Some of my favorites from Coronado have been their anniversary releases, but their year-round brews, like the Idiot IPA, are nothing to miss! From my review: “Nose is rich with big juicy hop notes; sweet with orange juice and grapefruit citrus. First sip and boom! This lands like a bitter bomb right on the tongue, surrounding it and coating your mouth with rich, juicy hop citrus.”

AleSmith Brewing Company – OK, this is for the dark beer lovers out there, as the AleSmith Speedway Stout is all world. Dark, big, and so full and rich! From my review: “Nose is not hitting you over the head, but if you get down into the glass and really breathe it in, you are rewarded with dark, bitter cocoa nibs, and burnt espresso and roasty malts. First sip and it hits the mouth with a silky, velvety luscious creaminess. I feel like my mouth has entered a Japanese bathhouse, been welcomed by two lovely, delicate geisha, and it was then wrapped in a beautiful silk kimono.”

Mikkeller Brewing – Another one for the dark beer lovers, this company makes a beer that rocks 16% ABV, perfect for those times when you want to drink a little something before stumbling into bed. The Black Tokyo is a massive beer. Fortunately, it comes in a small (250 Ml) bottle. From my review: “I can’t tell so much if I poured a beer or someone let out the drain plug on an early 80’s vehicle that has been driving around the country in desert conditions, and this beer oozes thick and black into the glass, produces just a whisper of dark brown foam that vanishes almost as quickly as the bubbles form. Rolling the thick liquid around in the glass causes the viscous fluid to etch itself on to the glass, carving in long, lingering lacing trails wherever it touches. The nose has an edge of sweetness to it, with some burnt, dark-dark roasted coffee but also a salty-sweet edge of soy sauce.”

Belching Beavery Brewery – You got your chocolate in my peanut butter! Well you got your peanut butter chocolate in my beer! And it works! If you’ve ever wanted to try a Peanut Butter flavored milk stout, there is no better place to visit. From my review: “For a beer with this name, it actually drinks surprisingly easy and smooth. I was thinking that it would be overly sweet or heavy, but it is really easy drinking with just a bit of sweetness. At the end of the first glass, the finish is more creamy peanut butter smooth Jif style and less roasted coffee with nuts, but still fairly mild on the peanut flavor.”

Iron Fist Brewing Company – This company makes a Tripel that isn’t all Tripel. From my review: “Nose has that sweet, banana and bubble-gum juiciness that I love from a Tripel, but with a pretty big and nice hoppy undernote. First sip and the beer draws a freeway line down the center of my tongue, as I feel it literally tracing its way through my mouth. There isn’t as much carbonation as I was expecting, but notes of sweetness, that flash of bubblegum juicy, and then an almost burnt malt note and then a lengthy bitterness on the finish that is all IPA. This thing is about as complex as a Rubik’s Cube without a cheat sheet.”

Karl Strauss Brewing – To be honest, I’ve never had any beers from Karl, but his reputation precedes him, and from everything I can see, Karl Strauss is one of the fathers of the San Diego craft scene, and I don’t plan on leaving SD without having some serious glass time with Karl and his brewings!

KMB Travels: Our Recs for San Diego Restaurants & Must-Dos During CEDIA 2018!

Did you know KMB hails from San Diego? This is our hood, people! Here are KMB’s recs for our fave San Diego restaurants, plus entertainment and escape spots to beat the chaos of the CEDIA show floor. 

Breakfast Republic (Liberty Station) (Formerly MCRD)
Filled with arts, eats, and shops, Liberty Station has become one of our go-to’s now that the original Naval Base and Marine Corp Recruiting Depot has been completely overhauled and repurposed. We are particularly fond of Breakfast Republic, where you can enjoy the most important meal and power up for your CEDIA agenda. Try the breakfast Mac-n-Cheese! Open from 7am–3pm, it also has 20 beers on tap. Delish.

The LOT Movies & Dining 
Also at Liberty Station, The LOT is great for all of the many movie and dining fans that CEDIA inevitably attracts. It’s one of those new theaters with a restaurant and bar, all with the great AV (not to mention incredibly comfy seats by Fortress Seating). A high-energy social hub for craft coffee, artisan pastries, elevated cuisine, premium spirits, and sophisticated wines.

Women’s Museum of California (Liberty Station)
Need a little culture in your CEDIA week? Check out the Women’s Museum of California while you’re at Liberty Station, where Katye’s sister heads up the events and design teams!

Rubio’s Coastal Grill
As cliché as it might sound for a native Californian to recommend a fish taco, it’s hard to beat one when you’re in America’s Finest City. If you’ve never tried a fish taco, this is the year to do it!

Puesto Mexican Artisan Kitchen and Bar
Stewart Filmscreen’s Shannon Townley introduced us to Puesto, very near the Convention Center. Good prices for fresh food and powerful drinks. (And you know you are gonna need one after day one!)

El Indio Mexican Restaurant
We’re huge fans of authentic Mexican food, and one of our favorites is close to downtown—El Indio Mexican Restaurant and tortilla factory. Insider tip: We often stop here before going back home in order to get a stash of fresh corn and flour tortillas. If you have access to a freezer the night before you depart, these tortillas freeze and travel well in a plastic bag (now outlawed in California).

Roberto’s Taco Shop
For an entirely different, very SoCal, authentic Mexican food experience known to many who grew up in the area (and perhaps had too much to drink on rare occasion), visit the Roberto’s empire. Really, honestly, any “-erto’s” is more than likely gonna be good. Try the rolled tacos and a carne asada or California burrito.

Bluewater Seafood Market and Grill
Like fish? Look no further than Bluewater Seafood Market and Grill, which happens to be next to El Indio. John Bennett says you have to have one of their fish sandwiches! Be careful, you might want to move to SD just for this sandwich. #Truth.

Point Loma Seafoods
Robert Keeler of Stewart Filmscreen agrees that this is the place to go for your daytime seafood eating needs, especially if you like a diverse—very diverse—seafood offering. They claim to be the “freshest thing in town,” and friends agree.

Little Italy
If authentic Italian food and atmospher is more your style, try Little Italy. We like both Solunto (the bakery!) and Sorrento (great pizza!)

Rustic Root
This place has incredible rustic American fare where traditional dishes are given a modern twist. Last year several companies and KMB got to know Rustic Root and became big fans. We’re going back and know others who are too. Like Shawn Tobin of CE Pro, whose bone-in ribeye was larger than his head. (This was proven. We saw the pictures.)

Raised by Wolves
We haven’t been here yet but friends tell us it’s a fun place to be. Yelp reviews suggest it might be a bit of a pain, so proceed with caution. We’re gonna check it out for a) the interior design (see below) and b) the fact that it’s a speakeasy. KMB loves to speak easy.

The Whiskey House
Whiskey lovers, rejoice. We’re told this place is the place to go while in SanDiego. Industry expert Robert Keeler of Stewart Filmscreen attests to the breadth of its offering, which tops 600 different kinds of whiskey.

Gelato Vero Cafe
Big fans of ice cream here at KMB. So we always try to stop at Gelato Vero Cafe for gelato. It’s just North of El Indio. Go for the gelato not the service.

In-N-Out Burger
Do you know about the secret menu? Look it up and be woefully cool when you order in front of your colleagues California’s most famous burger. For Katye, it’s animal style with crispy fries.

San Diego Surf Polo Club
Ever taken in a game of Polo? Just so happens there’s a world-class polo venue just north of San Diego in Del Mar, with games taking place both weekends, before and after CEDIA Expo. Even Better, there’s a tournament on the beach in front of the Del, which in and of itself is a sight to behold (see below).

Water Taxi

Rent a Boat
Want to hit the water? Rent a stand up paddle board, boat, or even a yacht and take to the seas (or just stay in the marina).

Upscale Baja-style seafood with menu items like Lobster and Black Bean Flautas, you can’t miss with this rec. We haven’t eaten here ourselves, but hear from our foodie friends it’s divine, and the views appear to be amazing!

Top of the Hyatt Bar
Home of the original Bombay Sapphire martini and 40 floors above the ground overlooking the harbor. You might see KMB peeps hanging here pre- or post-dinner during CEDIA week.

So Many Craft Beers, So Little Time
According to Beer Connoisseur, San Diego has earned props as one of the world’s top craft beer cities. And with more than 140 craft breweries in the area, there is plenty of hoppy delicious to keep your week interesting. Having reviewed over 500 craft beers. John has a few favorite breweries to share in this guest blog.

We hope you try (and love) some of our recommendations. Tell us what you thought of them in the comment section below. And see you in sunny Sandi!

Rayva at CEDIA Expo 2018: Dealers Can Now Select the Gear They Want to Pair with Rayva’s Curated Interiors & Packages, Making it Simple to Sell Home Entertainment

At CEDIA Expo 2018, Rayva’s shows new Complete Solutions lineup that offers more flexibility; online Configurator makes specifying theaters simple; new interior options like ‘The Light Edge’ provide more design choice.

New York, NY (August 2018)—During CEDIA Expo 2018, Ravya, supplier of engineered and fully customizable turnkey home entertainment solutions, will show AV integrators how to make home theater simple with its new Rayva Complete Solutions lineup featuring gear selected by dealers paired with custom curated interior designs like ‘The Light Edge’ by Dimitri Theodorou. Rayva’s new lineup and unique go-to-market strategy give dealers more choice, flexibility, and profit potential in the home entertainment and home theater categories than ever before.

Leading Brands Partner for CEDIA Expo 2018 Demos and Joint Press Conference
Reimagining the way home theaters are specified and sold, Rayva’s demo will feature an introduction to the Rayva model and products from leading manufacturers Origin Acoustics, Barco Residential, Stewart Filmscreen,, Kaleidescape, Fortress Seating, and Audio Control. This demo will present what’s possible with Rayva and intended to promote home entertainment value, simplicity, and profitability. Together, Rayva and its AV partners Make Home Entertainment simple.  

Origin Acoustics and will join Rayva for a joint press conference for registered media attendees on Friday, September 7th at 11:00 a.m in SR-6 to showcase Rayva’s offering, demonstrate’s new, state-of-the-art voice control, and listen to Origin’s Marquee precision loudspeaker technology designed for modern applications. Together, these three brands will demonstrate Why Rayva’s New Approach to Home Entertainment Simply Works.

A Simple Approach to Modern Home Entertainment
Rayva combines state-of-the-art technology with Theo Kalomirakis’ curated line of proprietary interiors, acoustic specifications, and engineering and design accessories. These complete solutions make it easy and highly profitable for AV integrators to sell home entertainment and reward the consumer with outstanding entertainment value.

Dealers Choose the Gear That Goes Into Their Rayva Home Entertainment Package
With Rayva, dealers now have the freedom to select the products they know and trust to integrate into a Rayva system, so long as they are within the performance requirements of the selected Rayva package. This gives dealers the flexibility they need to maintain the valuable relationships they have with their vendors and customers while making it simple to deliver different levels of performance to their customers. With several new designs available and more on the way, dealers can easily provide clients with equipment packages that meet their needs and interiors that meet their style. 

Online Configurator and Engineered Solutions Make it Easy
Rayva will also demonstrate its new Configurator (shown above), an online tool that makes it incredibly easy to select and specify the Rayva home entertainment solutions to meet a range of needs and budget. The process starts with the selection of a room template that is closest to the client’s allocated space. An intuitive step-by-step process, the Configurator uses industry standards for acoustics and optimal viewing criteria that maximize the number of seats and screen size for the chosen space and includes 12 new and proprietary interior designs.


New ‘Light Edge’ Theater Design Premieres at CEDIA
To enrich its library of home theater and media room designs, Rayva continues its search for fresh design concepts in the AV industry and beyond. Recently, Rayva Executive Director Theo Kalomirakis worked with artist Dimitri Theodorou to create a new interior design, The Light Edge. Based on abstract shapes, Light Edge uses beams of light from multiple sources to generate dynamic shapes on the walls of a room. An impressive addition to the Rayva lineup, The Light Edge is a beautiful illustration of Dimitri Theodorou’s talent.

See what’s Possible in Home Entertainment with Rayva During CEDIA Expo 2018
Rayva invites CEDIA Expo 2018 attendees to visit Sound Room 6 (SR-6) on the show floor to learn about its new lineup and offering, try its new Configurator in person, and see how Rayva makes it easier, more approachable and profitable to sell home entertainment solutions.

About Rayva
Rayva is the AV industry’s first exclusive provider of turnkey, engineered home entertainment solutions. Supplying system specifications, designs, and engineering documents as well as acoustics and aesthetic enhancements, Rayva makes it simple for integrators and home technology professionals to sell and install immersive entertainment solutions. Rayva removes the barriers of complexity and the unknown, helping to create an exceptional technology experience that brings families closer together through the magic of movies and music. Learn more at and follow @RayvaTheaters on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay up to date on the company and its offering.


Stewart Filmscreen Delivers the New Wow-Worthy Director’s Choice Masking System and Unveils a New, Ease of Use Website During CEDIA Expo

From the newly defined Director’s Choice to the highly differentiated Phantom HALR to the much anticipated new website, Stewart Filmscreen continues to lead the market with producing the world’s finest projection screens for every application.

Torrance, CA (August 2018) — Manufacturing completely custom, seamless, high-performance screens for more than 70 years, Stewart Filmscreen continues to challenge the limits of what’s possible with two-piece projection. CEDIA Expo 2018 attendees are invited to see Stewart’s product lineup and explore opportunities to exceed their clients’ visions in booth 5324, September 6–8 in San Diego.

Making its worldwide debut during CEDIA Expo, the definitive Director’s Choice continuous four-way masking screen system has been redesigned, creating a larger image size. Robustly built with the same luxurious finishes and multiple screen material choices, the new Director’s Choice has no equal. Easy to service and up to 30 percent more viewing area makes this screen the continued favorite among those who must have the very best.

Stewart will also showcase a variety of advanced projection screen technologies including the highly differentiated Phantom HALR screen material and the time-tested and value-centric Cima projection screen models alongside other exciting solutions for the modern home.

“Today’s homes present challenges which can’t be served by a one-screen-fits-all approach,” says Stewart Filmscreen President and CEO Shannon Townley. “Design is at the forefront, image is everything, and consumers are looking for larger screen sizes. That is why Stewart Filmscreen produces bespoke screens for nearly every type of environment. Whether it’s our multi-directional, high ambient light rejection screen material—Phantom HALR, our newly designed, high-end Director’s Choice masking system, or our more value-oriented Cima line of products, our customers will be provided with the very best projection screen solutions, period.”

Director's Choice

Legendary Director’s Choice Delivers Exceptional Entertainment Experiences
Director’s Choice, Stewart’s four-way masking screen system, has been reimagined and re-engineered and will debut at this year’s CEDIA Expo. The ultimate screen system for deluxe home theaters, the newly refined Director’s Choice now features a slimmer frame and offers a larger viewing area. By reducing the frame up to 75 percent, the Director’s Choice offers homeowners and integrators a sleek, streamlined look and a larger image size for today’s home theaters and media rooms.  

Content comes in all shapes and sizes, and Director’s Choice accommodates it all with exacting precision by automatically adjusting changing aspect ratios using four-way variable masking that eliminates vertical and horizontal black bars around the image. This unparalleled screen provides limitless flexibility, luxurious custom craftsmanship, robust sizes, and 16K+ capabilities to deliver exquisite images and an exceptional experience.

Phantom HALR in high-light setting - KMB PR

Pioneers of Ambient Light Rejection Projection Screen Technologies
Stewart Filmscreen solely developed the very first ambient light rejection (ALR) screen material, creating an entirely new category, now recognized worldwide by the AV Industry. Since then, the company continues to drive advancements by bringing to market multiple new generations including the venerable GrayHawk®, FireHawk® and now the highly-differentiated Phantom HALR™- the only true, multi-directional High Ambient Light Rejection screen material made today. Flexible, rollable, and also available in acoustically transparent seamless sizes up to 40- by 90-feet, Phantom HALR is capable of delivering an image that meets ANSI standard industry contrast ratio specs in a room flooded with ambient light and more than 50 foot-candles shining directly onto the surface of the screen. Representing more than two decades and four generations of innovative screen solutions, Stewart’s ALR lineup continues to be perfected over the years to deliver wow-worthy images for nearly any environment.

Stewart Cima ScreenLegendary Quality and Performance for Any Budget
With several options available, Cima® by Stewart Filmscreen delivers incredible durability, image quality, and aesthetics at an unbelievable value. Designed and manufactured in the U.S. by Stewart, Cima retractable ElectriScreens feature quiet electric motors and finely machined roller tubes to provide years of dependable operation. High-grade, extruded aluminum cases elegantly support the screen system, protecting it from dust, dirt, and other environmental factors that can shorten the life of a projection screen system. Above and below-ceiling models are available in standard sizes from 100 to 164 inches diagonal and fixed frame models are available in standard sizes from 100 to 153 inches diagonal.

New Website Showcases What’s Possible and Simplifies Screen Specification
With an exciting, clean new look and enhanced user-friendly capabilities, Stewart Filmscreen invites CEDIA Expo attendees to check out their website demo and ‘Experience the Stewart difference – creators of wow-worthy moments of timeless quality and superior design – made just for you.’ Designed to help visitors quickly find the solutions they need or simply learn more, the new website will go live soon. The website features enhanced product sections, high-resolution images, a refined screen finder, and a broad assortment of technical papers, articles, and other insightful resources to educate and inspire integrators and end-users, alike. Stewart invites you to visit booth 5324 and experience the new website interface on display and also see what’s possible in the two-piece projection category.

Partnering With the Best to Deliver the Best
During CEDIA Expo 2018 many of the finest demonstrations and displays will again feature Stewart Filmscreen projection screens including Barco, JVC, Rayva, Pro Audio Technology, Digital Projection, Kaleidescape, Epson, LG Electronics, and Bowers & Wilkins.

CEDIA Expo takes place September 6-8, 2018, at the San Diego Convention Center, and is open to the trade only. Registered attendees are invited to visit Stewart Filmscreen in booth 5324 to see and experience the Stewart Filmscreen difference.

About Stewart Filmscreen®
Stewart Filmscreen is the premier manufacturer of professional projection screens since 1947. Headquartered in Torrance, California, with additional manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Singapore, Stewart is the preferred choice for major movie studios, discerning integrators and consultants, architects, and audio-video enthusiasts, alike. With unparalleled ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing capabilities and unrivaled image fidelity, two-time Academy Award® winning Stewart Filmscreen produces the most optically immaculate projection screens for the most discerning customers in the world. Utilizing proprietary material science, innovative manufacturing methods, along with a solutions-driven design team, Stewart can custom engineer a projection screen solution to meet nearly every need. Simply put, if a screen can be imagined, Stewart Filmscreen can deliver it.

Learn more at and by following us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and @StewartFilmscrn on Twitter.



Torus Power Isolation Transformers Provide Optimal Power and Protection for Residential AV Systems

Torus Power’s  CEDIA Expo booth will feature full line of toroidal isolation transformers that deliver clean, uninterrupted power for today’s high-resolution home theater and audio systems

Toronto, ON, Canada (August 2018) Torus Power, maker of uncompromising, clean, isolation-transformer-based power components, will be exhibiting its full line of products at this year’s CEDIA Expo, September 6–8 in San Diego. There, Torus Power will showcase the benefits of using isolation transformers like the bestselling AVR and Wall Mount (WM) series of toroidal isolation transformers, as well as the smaller-sized TOT AVR, and the all-new POWERBLOCK (PB) series.

Isolation Transformers are critical in residential AV systems. These specialized units—not to be confused with power conditioners or surge protectors—de-couple and isolate electronic components from the power source to eliminate transients and deliver robust audio and a far more compelling image in home theaters, media rooms, and other AV environments.

Custom-specified for each project, Torus Power’s products improve audio quality by dramatically lowering the noise floor while adding better dynamics, imaging, and bass. Video is noticeably crisper with brighter colors, deeper blacks, better contrast, and a more captivating overall image. Connected components are protected from surges, spikes, and brownouts, ensuring systems continue to perform as intended. Torus Power Powerblock PB4

New for 2018: Torus Power POWERBLOCK Series Perfect for Smaller Systems
The POWERBLOCK (PB) Series is Torus Power’s new midrange line of isolation transformers that delivers clean, uninterrupted power to smaller AV systems or single components. Compact and affordable, POWERBLOCK provides unparalleled performance at a competitive price point.

Two models are available: The new POWERBLOCK PB 10 isolates outlet pairs to separate source components from power components for a cleaner signal, resulting in an exceptional audio-video experience. The compact POWERBLOCK PB 5 offers four total outlets for applications where it’s only necessary to protect a few components, such as a source, speakers, monitor, or projector.

Torus AVR2 - KMB PR

Torus Power AVR2 Protects Against Power Spikes, Surges, Damage From Variable Grid
The Torus Power AVR2 Series boasts the most feature-rich models in the Torus Power lineup of toroidal isolation transformers. AVR2 features enhanced Ethernet control and monitoring, Automatic Voltage Regulation technology that protects equipment from surges, spikes, brownouts, and other events caused by a variable grid. It also delivers a stable source of power regardless of outside line conditions—connected equipment is kept within the optimal operating range of 115–125 VAC. Balanced Inputs are available.

Torus Power at ISE 2018

TOT AVR: Toroidal Power Isolation In a Compact, Affordable Unit
Torus Power’s award-winning TOT AVR packs all the features of the bestselling AVR series into a 2U chassis. Robust and powerful, the TOT AVR is rated at 4 amps and available at an affordable price for budget-conscious installations. Like the AVR2, the TOT AVR also features Torus Power’s proprietary Automatic Voltage Regulation technology.

Wall mount series from Torus

Wall Mount Isolation Transformers: Ideal For Larger High-Performance Systems
Ideal for luxury estates, home cinemas, media rooms, recording studios, or anywhere rack space is not available or at a premium, the Wall Mount (WM) series packs the power and protection of Torus Power’s shelf and rack-mount units into a standalone unit. Wall Mount models do not need to be in the rack or even adjacent to the rest of the gear to provide connected systems a source of clean, stable, uninterrupted power.

Properly Powering Residential AV Systems Requires the Right Products and Technology
To better understand the difference clean, uninterrupted power can make in AV systems and to learn why so many integration firms and consultants rely on Torus Power to power and protect their installations, visit us at CEDIA Expo in booth #1427.  

For more information about Torus Power, visit and follow Torus Power on Twitter and Facebook.

About Torus Power
Toroidal isolation power transformers by Torus Power are the world’s finest clean power source for audio, video, and control systems. Dramatically increasing performance levels of connected AV components from video displays to amplifiers and powered speakers, Torus Power products utilize Plitron Manufacturing’s patented NBT technologies and medical-grade toroidal isolation transformers to eliminate virtually all power-line noise artifacts and protect equipment from potentially damaging AC power line events while increasing system reliability and extending product life. Torus Power products deliver higher levels of instantaneous current which ensures that dynamic components and high-performance systems are never compromised, nor starved for power.

Built to rigorous specifications under Plitron Manufacturing’s ISO 9001 quality control system in Toronto, Canada, Torus Power’s toroidal transformers—the heart of the Torus Power product line—utilize similar technologies as those found in leading AV amplifiers as well as in industrial, medical, broadcast, telecommunications, IT, power conditioning, and energy management applications. For additional information visit and follow Torus Power on Twitter and Facebook.