Certainly, TVs are getting slimmer and lighter, but there are still plenty of applications that require a heavy-duty lift to carry beefier models. Outdoor entertainment areas where TVs need to pop-up from inside a cabinet often require a lift with enough power to move weighty enclosure tops and TV/soundbar combos. For this reason, Nexus 21 developed its DL-65 Series, a complete line of motorized pop-up lifts for use in covered outdoor settings.

ISE 2024 attendees will be the first to see the newest member of the DL-65 Series, the DL-65x. It combines the same powerful dual motors, quiet lift technology, and installation ease as earlier models, with the addition of a newly developed extra-weight swivel mechanism. This feature, which mechanically swivels a display to a preferred position, increases the weight capacity from 45kg (100 lbs) to 79kg (175 lbs) and can extend up to 97.7 cm (38.5”). The inclusion of sleek actuator technology ensures no visible tracks or gears in the extended position.

Other models in the new DL extra-weight, pop-up series include the DL-65en and DL-65ens, which are designed for the inclusion of custom cabinetry to cover the back and sides of the TV. The DL-65en elevates a TV but with no swiveling action; the DL-65ens elevates a TV and swivels it manually.