When wall space is at a premium, finding room for a wall-mounted TV can be next to impossible. A highlight of Nexus 21’s ISE 2024 exhibit, the new L77i Drop-Down TV Lift, solves this issue. Dealers can choose to mount a TV above the ceiling or in an enclosure high on a wall. At the touch of a button, the mount’s motorized mechanism lowers the TV from its hiding spot into view. “For the first time, integrators have multiple viable drop-down options, which is particularly useful in situations where the ceiling is too high, or there is limited access above it,” Lovett explains.

The Nexus 21 L77i lift extends as far as 52 inches and can carry a TV as large as 86 inches and 68kg (150 lbs). “There has been a dramatic increase in requests from dealers and end-users for overhead mounting solutions,” Lovett continues. “With TVs becoming lighter and slimmer, now is the perfect time to consider mounting a display overhead. Our highly versatile L77i, as well as our L77ix, which incorporates a motorized swivel, were designed specifically for these popular applications.” No matter the project requirements, the L77i is quick to deploy, arriving at the jobsite preassembled to help cut installation time in half.