Serving as a liaison between integrators and designers, rep ByDesign Vision & Sound offers unique services that mesh a home’s technology and architecture

Durability, profitability and support. These are the three pillars on which ByDesign Vision & Sound Marketing (VSM) bases its unique business model. It’s a philosophy that resonates not only with home systems integrators who buy best-in-class products from this well-established manufacturer’s rep firm, but also with high-profile architects and interior designers. “We have the word ‘Design’ in our company name for a reason,” says company founder Joaquin Rivera. “Design is at the heart of everything we do. Every product line we carry and every service program we provide revolves around design. We give our dealers the tools they need to deliver real value to the design community and establish long-lasting, meaningful relationships for greater success.”

ByDesign VSM helps fosters dealer/designer relationships in ways beyond offering focused product lines that cater to creativity of design. For dealers who have limited resources to create their own home theater and lighting designs, ByDesign will do it for them, often at no charge. “Being able to present architects and designers with professional, comprehensive CAD drawings, sightlines, and renderings puts the dealer in a completely different light,” says Rivera. “No longer is the dealer perceived as an adversary but as an advocate of good design.” Moreover, it fosters closer collaboration between the two professionals and helps ensure cohesion between a project’s technology and design.

ByDesign VSM reinforces its design services by facilitating communications between the dealer and designer. “Our in-house designers have the knowledge and training to speak the same language as the designers with whom our dealers are collaborating,” Rivera explains. “We can bridge the communications gap that sometimes exists to ensure a smooth, successful working relationship, and that the technology and design mesh well together.”

To inspire the design community to embrace technology as a valuable asset for their projects and clientele, ByDesign VSM hosts classes and presentations at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, Calif.

About ByDesign Vision & Sound Marketing

Established in 2014 by Joaquin Rivera and Benito Joaquin, ByDesign Vision & Sound Marketing (VSM) is a manufacturer’s representative of best-of-brand audio, video, and lighting systems serving custom home systems integrators in California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii. Dedicated to providing integrators with stellar service and support, ByDesign VSM helps the home systems industry grow and prosper, while promoting innovative applications of technologies in custom homes throughout its distribution territories.

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