New York-area Architects and Designers can earn up to six CEU credits in one day during an inspiring, hands-on event with courses led by leading smart-home technology manufacturers.

September 20, 2018—Cloud9 Smart, New York-based smart-home technology architects and advisors are announcing its Third Annual AIA Continuing Education Summit, taking place Thursday, October 18, 2018. This unique event gives AIA members an opportunity to earn up to six CEU credits in one day in an inspiring, hands-on environment with courses tailored to the specific needs of architects and interior designers, led by leading smart-home technology manufacturers. The event will take place at the Savant Experience Center in Soho and is now open for registration.

“During the AIA CEU Summit, AIA members have the opportunity to learn directly from leading manufacturers about today’s newest and best technology, but it’s more than that. This event helps attendees better plan for and incorporate technology into their designs to achieve ultimate client satisfaction,” says Chris Smith, COO of Cloud9 Smart. “The Savant Experience Center serves as the perfect location for this event as it features a contemporary, energizing, and hands-on environment where attendees get to touch, see, and experience the convenience, comfort, and cool factor of a truly connected home, all while earning up to six CEU credits in a single day!”

This year Cloud9 Smart is excited to welcome audio companies Sonos and Leon as new presenters, in addition to Séura, Sonance, Savant, and Lutron. A detailed course listing can be found below that includes a summary of each course. Between courses, attending AIA members are invited to experience tours of the center from host Cloud9 Smart. An excellent illustration of technology and design seamlessly executed, Savant’s flagship Experience Center includes a fully functioning living space, immersive home theater, powerful boardroom, learning center, and 12-display bar, and hotel suite.

Registered attendees who come to the event are invited to stay for a free networking event after courses conclude for the day that includes beverages, appetizers, and live music. Attendees will also receive free raffle tickets for a chance to win products from sponsors.

3rd Annual AIA CEU Summit courses include:

  • Let There Be (the Right!) Light — Lutron (1 AIA LU|HSW, 1 IDCEC LU|HSW): All light is not created equal. Good designers know that light can make a room truly special or make it downright debilitating. Lutron, leader in smart lighting and shading, shares how to light it right by using the correct LED light sources, new and different approaches to light mixing, and the nitty-gritty metrics associated with LED lighting. A can’t miss lighting opportunity. (9:00, 2:45) AIA Course Code: LUTRONSUNSHINE

  • The Up-to-the-Minute Skinny on Smart Home Tech – Lutron (1 AIA LU|HSW): We all know that technology moves at breakneck speed. That’s why we’ve asked Lutron, leader in lighting and shades, to help architects and designers understand the current state of the smart home, including trends and hot topics, controlling the smart home, and keeping your customers safe and secure. Learn a little from Lutron and become a valuable resource to your customers for smart-home design.  (11:30, 4:00) AIA Course Code: LUTRON3

  • To Hide or Not to Hide the TV? That Is the Question – Séura (1 AIA LU|HSW): And the answer is usually YES. Even with incredibly good industrial design, TVs can be a blemish in an otherwise flawless room. Séura, a specialist in custom-designed and hidden TVs, take architects and designers through choices for homeowner-pleasing options—all of which ensure the television can be a part of your clients’ lives while still blending and even highlighting the design. (9:00, 10:15, 11:30, 1:30) AIA Course Code: SEURATVDESIGN

  • The Art and Science of Making Inconsistent Electronics Design Consistent – Sonance (1 AIA LU|HSW, 1 IDCEC LU): There are so many smart-home devices out there from so many different manufacturers that it can be very hard for an architect or designer to create a consistent, cohesive look. Sonance, the authority on hidden electronics and speakers, is here to let you know that it can be done. This talk explores how to avoid the pain points associated with the aesthetic inconsistencies across different devices and brands so that electronics can live in harmony with design. (9:00, 10:15, 2:45, 4:00) AIA Course Code: SONANCEVSNRLY

  • Smart Home Boot Camp – Savant (1 AIA LU|HSW): The brains and brawn behind the most elegant home control platform on the market gets you in shape and up to date on all the considerations architects and designers need to make when a smart-home system is involved in their project. Get in gear with the knowledge you need to hit the ground running and be the best resource for your clients. (10:15, 11:30, 1:30, 4:00) AIA Course Code: SVNTMRTINTRO

  • Immaculate Technology for Elevated Experiences – Leon (1 AIA LU): It’s one thing to add smart-home technology into a home, it’s another for this technology to be specified and integrated in such a way that it elevates the experience of those who live there, from both design and functionality perspectives. Leon, premier maker of high-design, high-performance custom speakers, will discuss solutions to the challenges posed by integrating audio and video systems while maintaining an extremely high level of design. (9:00, 10:15, 1:30, 2:45) AIA Course Code: LEON1

  • Listen Better to Live Better – Sonos (1 AIA LU) – Sonos, the inventors of wireless multiroom audio, join us this year to show us how music impacts our perception of the world around us, and the ways music can improve our lives—and those of your clients—individually and socially. Come and get inspired by this fascinating study on music, then pass that inspiration on to your clients. (11:30, 1:30, 2:45, 4:00) AIA Course Code: SONOS1

  • Evening Reception (5-7pm) – What better way to end a day of intense and exciting learning than with a reception where you and a room filled with like-minded colleagues can mix, mingle, and discuss. We’ll have musical entertainment, light fare, beverages, and tours of the Savant Experience Showroom in all of its automated glory. Please note: you must register in order to attend the reception, not just the course sessions.

To register for the third annual AIA CEU Summit hosted by Cloud9 Smart, please RSVP by 9/30/18 via this link:

Unable to attend the event? No problem. Simply contact [email protected] to learn more about and schedule a private Lunch & Learn event.

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