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Datasat Digital Entertainment Touts Benefits of Calibration Service Offering at CEDIA 2017

Datasat calibration services help dealers fine-tune audio systems for maximum performance, even in environments that lack acoustical engineering

SIMI VALLEY, CA (August 2017) — Datasat Digital Entertainment®, the world leader in audio solutions for home cinema, will educate and inspire home technology professionals with information about its Academy Award®-winning technologies and the benefits of Datasat calibration services. The service enables integrators and technology professionals to deliver a superior listening experience in any environment—whether it has been acoustically engineered and optimized, or not. Even in the best of rooms the listener will have a noticeably improved experience.  Professional calibration helps dealers elicit the best sound out of Datasat’s lineup, including the flagship RS20i and the feature-rich, mid-level LS10 processors.

Calibrated AV Systems Deliver the Best, Most Immersive Experience
Datasat RS20i and LS10 digital audio processors feature Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Dirac Live Room Optimization, which helps deliver bombastic, detailed and accurate sound without the need for additional products. Datasat also enhances performance through the use of specialized filter sets and custom written pre-EQ settings for multiple performance-based speaker lines. Reducing additional signal paths in the chain from source material to output, the RS20i and the LS10 stand above the crowd and deliver the best sonic results, even before calibration. But to achieve the superior performance today’s marketplace demands, professional calibration remains the answer. From the best of rooms to the rooms that lack acoustical engineering, Datasat calibration services fine-tune the system for the best, most immersive performance possible.

Datasat Engineers: Leaders in Calibration for Three Decades
Datasat field engineers have been calibrating theaters and systems since playback in commercial theater became mission critical with the release of Jurassic Park in 1993. As directors placed more emphasis on sound quality and accurate playback, Datasat’s expertise played a key role in engineering critically acclaimed solutions for playback in both the commercial and consumer environments.

Over the decades, Datasat has worked with every motion picture studio and calibrated thousands of systems. From directors’ personal screen rooms to red carpet premieres, Datasat engineers have calibrated rooms in more than 20 countries. Now, every Datasat dealer can enjoy the benefits of these services, enabling any home cinema or private two-channel listening room environment to rival the most prestigious venues in terms of superior sound quality and the emotional experience offered.

“Calibration is a necessity for high-end audio performance. We offer our professional calibration services as part of our ongoing commitment to support our family of dealers, helping them to achieve greater customer satisfaction with every project,” concludes Robert McKinley, Datasat EVP, Operations.

About Datasat Digital Entertainment
Datasat Digital Entertainment (formerly DTS Digital Cinema, an Academy Award™ winner for the design and development of the DTS digital sound system for motion picture exhibition) is the leader in audio processing technologies for high-end home audio and professional cinemas. Pioneering digital audio delivery in professional cinema since 1993, Datasat has provided cutting edge and forward thinking technologies for the last 20 years featuring global distribution, engineering and support headquartered in Los Angeles.

Datasat equipment has been installed at the heart of over 30,000 cinemas worldwide and Datasat products and technologies have been chosen around the world as the reference standard for high-end two-channel music, multi-channel music and multi-channel movie soundtrack digital audio products. Datasat provides quality, reliable, flexible and feature rich products for a true listening experience.

Headquartered in Simi Valley, California, Datasat Digital Entertainment is part of Amplifier Technologies Inc. To learn more, visit www.datasatdigital.com, “like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

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