Brighter and lighter than other single-chip laser projectors, Digital Projection’s M-Vision 27000 WU, E-Vision 8000i, E-Vision 10000i WU, and E-Vision 16000i WU are joined by the company’s flagship TITAN and award-winning Satellite MLS projectors at InfoComm 2024. 

LAS VEGAS, Calif., May 28, 2024Digital Projection, a Brand of Delta, continues to push the boundaries of projector technology with the introduction at InfoComm 2024 of four new single-chip laser projectors. Designed and engineered to produce incredibly bright images from a smaller-than-average footprint, these innovations set new performance benchmarks for single-chip laser projectors. They are joined at the Digital Projection Booth #W1245 by the company’s muti-award-winning TITAN and Satellite MLS projector families.

Digital Projection’s New Single-Chip Laser Line Offers Greater Performance and Value

Digital Projection’s new M-Vision 27000 WU, E-Vision 8000i, E-Vision 10000i WU, and E-Vision 16000i WU single-chip laser projectors boast features normally associated with higher priced three-chip laser projectors, including source redundancy, brightness sync and auto white balance correction. Despite their advanced capabilities, these laser projectors boast a compact footprint, enhancing their installation versatility.

The M-Vision 27000 WU stands out with an impressive 27,000 ISO lumens output, providing exceptional brightness for a wide range of commercial environments. The addition of ColorBoost + Red Laser technology enables the M-Vision 27000 WU to produce exceptionally realistic and saturated colors, including a full range of red hues, which has historically been unachievable by most other single-chip laser phosphor projectors.

New to the new four laser projectors is the inclusion of Digital Projection’s latest NEXUS chip electronics. This ensures higher bandwidth processing and integration with Digital Projection’s Projector Controller II software to enable seamless image warping and blending.

Inch-for-inch, dollar-for-dollar, these new projectors set a new performance benchmark for single-chip DLP projectors in a form factor that’s small enough to fit discretely into tight spaces.

Digital Projection’s TITAN Projectors and Satellite MLS Back by Popular Demand

The revolutionary Satellite MLS has proved incredibly popular over the last few years and has seen a huge demand for even more brightness and efficiency. To satisfy this request from systems integrators, Digital Projection has increased the light output of the Satellite MLS line by adding a 20,000- and 30,000-lumen Modular Light Source to complement the original 10,000-lumen Satellite MLS. Combined with an incredibly small modular footprint for extreme installation flexibility and a near REC2020 color space, the Satellite MLS line represents a breakthrough in projector design and performance.

Digital Projection’s flagship TITAN family of projectors will also be well represented at InfoComm, offering systems integrators a three-chip powerhouse for demanding commercial applications.

Where to See Digital Projection at InfoComm 2024

To see how Digital Projection is helping systems integrators succeed in the commercial market with a wide range of high-performance projection solutions, please visit Booth #W1245. To learn more, go to

InfoComm 2024 Booth #W1245

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