CEDIA Expo 2019 – That’s a Wrap

CEDIA Expo 2019 – That’s a Wrap

CEDIA Expo has historically been the time and place manufacturers choose to “Wow” home systems integrators and the media with innovative new products, systems, and technologies. This year was no exception. From amazingly vivid displays and smart lighting solutions to motorized window fashions and user-friendly home automation systems, all the “regulars” came out to play during CEDIA Expo 2109, held recently in Denver, with cool new features, functionality, and form factors. This year’s show also served as the coming out party for a few exciting new trends for the home systems industry. KMB Communications was on hand to witness these promising new market disruptors, and many of its clients are leading the charge:

Health and Wellness: In the past when people thought about healthy homes, indoor air quality came to mind. While this is still an important component of healthy living, the ability to create a home environment that’s more serene and peaceful and establishes a closer connection with nature is the current focus. Lighting that simulates sunrise and sunset and syncs with our circadian rhythms is a good first step. Taking the concept further is Rayva. The company’s collection of turnkey home cinemas are engineered and designed with all the best technology and accouterments to deliver a stellar movie viewing experience, but as demonstrated at CEDIA Expo 2019, they can also function as a wellness retreat. With a shift in colored lighting, video, and audio, the room can transport viewers to a forest, beach, or yoga studio. “Wellscapes” are a huge initiative of Rayva’s, offering home systems integrators another avenue of differentiation and end users an exciting new way to utilize technology. 

Home Cinemas Outdo Commercial Theaters? As technology advances, it’s possible for the performance of home cinemas to match if not surpassed the AV quality delivered by commercial theaters. Demonstrating this trend at CEDIA Expo 2019 was Zappiti and Cortex VIP Cinemas. A newcomer to CEDIA, Zappiti draws from years of tech experience designing high-end media servers for the European marketplace, and for its U.S. debut demonstrated the AV industry’s first ISF-certified media player. The certification ensures that the color reproduction and fidelity of content delivered by the Zappiti is accurate and engaging. 

When it comes to the ultimate cinema experience, nothing outdoes a commercial Dolby Cinema theater … unless you consider Cortex VIP Cinemas. The company is bringing a Dolby Cinema experience to home theaters via a groundbreaking new product, the Dolby CP850-C Audio Processor. Demonstrated as a component of Pro Audio Technologies’ Sound Room, the processor paired with specially engineered Pro Audio Dolby Atmos speakers.  The audio improvement over residential Dolby home cinemas was clear … literally, as sound room theater goers could hear Lady Gaga’s footsteps as she walked onto the stage during a clip of “A Star is Born.” Without a doubt, this represents a completely new performance standard for home cinema.

Artistry in Audio:  Speakers are going through a major cosmetic makeover. Models that can be recessed into the wall and ceiling surface are being joined by speakers that double as pieces of artwork. Leading this trend is Leon Speakers, which showcased a remarkable assortment of eye-catching loudspeakers designed to be admired just as much for their visual appeal as their audio performance. Grabbing attention at the booth were wall-mounted speakers covered with grilles customized with images from celebrity photographer Roberto Rabanne and custom metal artwork from Gabriel Urist. The Ente SoundTiles represent a completely new way of looking at loudspeakers—as an art form not just a piece of technology. When speakers weren’t masquerading as fine art at the CEDIA Expo, some were functioning as useful pieces of furniture. Leon’s Horizon Denza Modular Credenza, for example, sounds like a soundbar but looks like the perfect spot to display framed photos, vases of flowers and other decorative items.  

Residential and Commercial Crossover: Home technology products and systems have become so reliable, powerful, and sophisticated, that many of the solutions initially intended for home use are finding their way into restaurants, bars, offices, retail shops, and other light commercial environments. AltasIED is making it easier for residential integrators to transition into commercial through its new line of EZSYS solutions. All of the necessary parts for sound masking, paging, and music distribution are packaged together in a single carton to simplify installation and configuration. 

Networking is another area that’s inspiring manufacturers and integrators to span residential and commercial sectors. As homes become increasingly more reliant on Wi-Fi, networking systems that support bigger bandwidth—the kind historically found in businesses—are making huge inroads in the residential marketplace. Delivering enterprise-grade wireless networking solutions is Access Networks. At CEDIA Expo the company displayed its entire range of products designed for both businesses and homes. The focus, however, was on products designed for the custom residential market, including a new entry-level wireless access point for homes, the A320, and a new line of switches powered by Ruckus.

Behind-the-Scenes Systems Share the Limelight: It’s easy to get swept away by bright, vivid displays; amazing audio systems, and elegant, smart lighting when scouring the CEDIA Expo show floor, but systems that work behind the scenes to ensure the reliability, stability and optimal performance of these products are crucial to the livelihood of the home systems marketplace. D-Tools, for example, has refined its Cloud platform to streamline the development and management of projects for integrators; Torus Power debuted its AVR Elite, a power control system for high-performance A/V systems; while OneVision Resources promoted its tools and programs designed to help integrators step up their level of customer service. 

In Store for CEDIA 2020: From the front of the house with solutions like decorative speakers and high-end home theater systems to back of the house technologies like power control systems, plus business management tools and software, KMB clients at CEDIA Expo 2019 has every inch of the home systems marketplace covered. With a continued emphasis on the unification of design and technology, plus momentum in the kitchen and bath, there’s sure to be even greater diversity and opportunity for integrators to explore at next year’s conference and trade show.

D-Tools CEDIA 2016 Wrap-up: Awards, Integrations, and Ideas

DTLOGO_2C_TAGD-Tools CEDIA 2016 Wrap-up: Awards, Integrations, and Ideas

KMB Communications client D-Tools enjoyed CEDIA 2016 in Dallas in a way that was anything but ordinary. Certainly, some staples of the show surfaced, including the announcement of the D-Tools Design Awards winners and a packed booth where D-Tools staff showcased the latest iteration of System Integrator software (in this case, SI 2016, R2). But the D-Tools team also celebrated several one-of-a-kind moments that emphasize the company’s overall growth in recent years. Read on to learn more about three stand-out CEDIA 2016 moments for D-Tools.

D-Tools CEDIA Highlight #1:

Awards, Given and Received

Every year, the D-Tools Design Awards, culminating at CEDIA, showcase the most unique residential and commercial AV integration projects using the D-Tools Systems Integrator platform. D-Tools honored five winners this year, in the categories of Best Residential, Best Commercial, Most Unique, and Best Overall. (View the winning projects here on the D-Tools website.)

From whole home automation to sports bar and schools, the Design Awards showcase D-Tools’ versatility for integration projects of any size, scope, and style, and serve to recognize the home and commercial integrators who use the platform to its maximum capabilities.

While it may be better to give than to receive, D-Tools is honored to once again win the CE Pro BEST Award in the Business Operations Category for SI 2016 R2. The significant enhancements to this version of SI2016 placed the popular platform in the running and on the radar of CEDIA attendees once again.

D-Tools SI platform, was, additionally, recognized as a CEDIA Best New Product Finalist and, earlier this year, was recognized as one of CE Pro magazine’s top  brands based on numbers from the annual “2016 CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis” study, which gauges the industry’s highest-revenue integrators.

CEDIA Highlight #2:

D-Tools’ Third Party Integrations: Well Received by CEDIA Attendees

As technology users—including custom integrators—get used to everything being connected (ala the Internet of Things), it’s equally important for business operations tools to interface seamlessly. With this in mind, D-Tools announced multiple third party software integrations, which were very well-received by CEDIA attendees.

D-Tools’ API and integration strategy is an integral component of the company’s core vision – to provide integrators of every type and size with a software platform that gives them the flexibility to select and adopt the various tools that best suit the needs of their business.

Strategic partnerships with Connectwise, Slateplan, TRX.io, ProjX360, and fellow KMB client Ihiji move D-Tools closer to its goal of providing AV, IT, and security system integrators and consultants with a complete end-to-end solution that allows data to flow seamlessly throughout the project lifecycle – from initial client contact through the ongoing service relationship.

CEDIA Highlight #3:

Blueprint for Success Panel Packs the House

On the topic of partnerships and service agreements, D-Tools’ CEO Randy Stearns took part in a first-of-its-kind breakfast panel presented by CEDIA and moderated by CE Pro’s Jason Knott. blueprintpanelStearns was joined by Slateplan, Portal (by SupplyStream) and KMB clients Ihiji and OneVision Resources, all industry leaders and former integrators.

“The concept came about last year at CEDIA,” Stearns tells Ed Wenck in a post on the CEDIA blog. “It was the realization that there’s a group of us – former integrators – that have turned our attention to developing tools or services for the integration community.”

With a packed house full of enthusiastic home technology professionals and the trade press, Stearns and the four other panelists discussed the technology tools and services available to custom integrators today to help them improve business processes and increase profits through enhanced efficiency.

Whether custom integrators choose to deploy just one software platform—such as D-Tools—or to incorporate a number of apps to help streamline operations and provide better service to customers, there’s no doubt they found a number of solutions at CEDIA 2016. The Blueprint for Success panel gathered some of the best software and service solutions, along with their creators, in one room to brainstorm ideas on how technology professionals can stay ahead in an ever-changing industry.

Keep your eye on the KMB social media feeds and newsroom for key takeaways from this disruptive panel session, and be sure to visit the D-Tools website and blog and follow the company on social media to learn more about the award-winning System Integrator platform.

5 Reasons to Visit the Meridian Booth 5708 at CEDIA 2016

5 Reasons to Visit the Meridian Booth 5708 at CEDIA 2016

Meridian Audio Logo5 Reasons to Visit Meridian Booth 5708 at CEDIA 2016

Dedicated to the custom integration market, Meridian Audio puts high-resolution performance, ease-of-installation, and immersive entertainment at the forefront of their CEDIA initiatives. During CEDIA 2016 in booth 5708, Meridian will reinforce and showcase its dedication to the custom install market, debuting new partnerships and demonstrating both new and flagship products that emphasize high-resolution performance, ease of installation for the custom installer, and impressive functionality. New, much-anticipated two- and eight-channel amplifiers and a new Zone Controller are on the docket for CEDIA, along with favorites, like the acclaimed Meridian DSP3200 in-wall / in-ceiling architectural loudspeaker, enhanced Sooloos multi-room streaming audio platform, and the new Meridian Design and Specification Service.

Just about a month ago, our client Meridian Audio shared with the industry “5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Meridian Audio at CEDIA Expo Dallas 2016.”

We have to say, we can’t think of five better reasons ourselves. It’s a quick read—compelling and informative. Make sure to log in to your calendar app, because there are a few dates and times you’ll want to remember.  We’ll give you a few minutes to read their post here.

Here's Why You Should Visit Meridian at CEDIA

Back already? (Well, we did say it was a quick read!)

While you’re looking, check out these two videos as well!

Make sure to visit Meridian booth 5708 in Dallas and stay tuned for the rest of KMB’s CEDIA series of posts. (Clearly, inspired by Meridian Audio.)  Tell them KMB sent you!

5 Reasons to Visit the Meridian Booth 5708 at CEDIA 2016

KMB Heads to CEDIA 2016

KMB Communications’ clients are some of the biggest in the AV industry, and we’re headed to CEDIA 16 this year.

With sessions and certifications, demonstrations and product releases, CEDIA helps determine the future of the home technology industry. The motto this year is “Think Big,” and KMB’s clients have certainly delivered!

Take a moment to see who’s going and what they’re about!

D-Tools logo.

D-Tools – Booth #2512

Any hints on what you’ll be unveiling at the show?

We’ve actually just announced the integration with a number of third party software providers, including Slateplan, Portal by Supply Stream, TRX.io, ProjX360, Ihiji, and more. These partnerships serve as part of our ongoing mission to provide integrators with a comprehensive end-to-end solution that allows data to flow seamlessly throughout the project lifecycle – from initial client contact through the ongoing service relationship. (Find more on the CEDIA panel discussion regarding that project here.)

See more of Tim Bigoness’ D-Tools Exhibitor Spotlight here.

Logo for Datasat Digital Entertainment

Datasat Digital – Booth #4454

Any hints on what you’ll be unveiling at the show?

What you’ll see is the evolution of our products, both in capability and surround formats. Being a finalist for the CEDIA Manufacturers Excellence Awards for Best New Product is an honor, and showcases the exhaustive efforts of our engineering team to stay current and capable. They’ve truly built the best product available.

Read what else Steve Evanitsky of Datasat had to say here.

Logo for Fortress Seating

Fortress Seating – Booth #5315

Any hints on what you’ll be unveiling at the show?

We’ll have all of our newest and most popular seating models, but our showcase piece is our new Smart Chair. It features some exciting smart technology for audio- and videophiles that will enhance their movie-watching experience. This new technology can be integrated into many of our seating options and will connect to most automation systems. It allows for various customizable features including preset sitting positions and pausing of the movie when someone exits the chair, among other options.

See what else Gabi Wolper has to say about Fortress Seating here.

Logo for Ihiji

Ihiji – Booth #5712

Any hints on what you’ll be unveiling at the show?

We’re showcasing significant additions and enhancements to both Ihiji Invision and Ihiji ServiceManager and will be displaying a new Mobile App for Ihiji Invision, which will further simplify a technician’s already hectic life. Additionally, we’re making recurring revenue and managed services a reality for integrators with big enhancements to our award-winning Ihiji ServiceManager platform. We are also proud to showcase more than 250-plus NEW IP product integrations that we’ll detail more through the show. I’m also teaching RMR and networking courses at the show, which provides attendees the opportunity to return home from CEDIA in Dallas with the foundation for a clear path to recurring revenue within their business.

See what else Mike Maniscalco has to say here.

Meridian Audio Logo

Meridian Audio – Booth #5708

Any hints on what you’ll be unveiling at the show?

Many know Meridian to be a manufacturer of high performance, groundbreaking loudspeakers, but for the CEDIA audience, we want the industry to see Meridian as a highly differentiated custom installation brand with a heightened focus on the CI channel that includes new products and enhanced services. During CEDIA we will be emphasizing this commitment and will be unveiling and showcasing the following in booth #5708:

  • Meridian 258 Dedicated eight-channel, rack-mountable power amplifier
  • Meridian 857 Reference two-channel rack-mountable power amplifier
  • Meridian 218 Single zone audio controller for Sooloos and whole-home distributed audio
  • Meridian Design & Specification Service enhancements
  • Meridian Sooloos enhancements
  • Meridian and Barco partnership
  • Meridian and Josh.AI partnership (more news via forthcoming announcements)

All of Meridian’s new product introductions at CEDIA will be…

To read more of Rayner Sheridan’s comments, go here.

Logo for OneVision Resources
OneVision Resources – Booth #5712

Any hints on what you’ll be unveiling at the show?

We’re the industry’s first and only turnkey RMR generation platform and started only this year. We’ve been excitedly collecting some amazing data that will surprise a lot of folks. When CEDIA attendees discover what a well-trained service team can do to improve their clients’ technology experience and increase profits for their integration firm, they may be even more eager to begin implementing service contracts as a standard offering.

To see what else Joseph Kolchinsky has to say, go here.

Logo for Stewart Filmscreen

Stewart Filmscreen – Booth #4108

Any hints on what you’ll be unveiling at the show?

This year at CEDIA 2016 Stewart Filmscreen will have a BIG reveal at the show that will revolutionize the screen category and the way we enjoy movies, music, and more. Our social media marketing campaign introduces new hints each week, using video and catchy copy to introduce a new projector screen technology that only Stewart Filmscreen could pull off. The hints are subtle but reveal something BIG, driven by an unwavering passion and pursuit of perfection to deliver a future-proof 16K+ resolution product. Check out our YouTube channel. We’re having a lot of fun and we’re bringing that energy to CEDIA. Come see what’s new and different – I think you’ll be impressed!

To read more from Vijita U.G., go here.

Logo for Torus Power

Torus Power – Booth #1305

Any hints on what you’ll be unveiling at the show?

We have a couple of surprises in the works, but rest assured that will be showing many of our larger/custom solutions at CEDIA Expo this year. We are the specialists in delivering solutions for 20 amp and larger installations and we will be showing several models that are designed for larger custom installations such as our Wall Mount AVR panel, and our All-In-One panel that was initially designed for recording studios by Arthur Kelm. Kelm is both VP/General Manager/Chief Engineer for Capitol Studios (part of the Capitol Music Group) and also CEO of Ground One AV Inc., a consulting firm that addresses the specific power and grounding requirements of professional recording facilities and high end home installations. His list of clients reads like a who’s who of the entertainment industry. He has been Director of Engineering for Record One, The Complex, Record Plant Studios, Skywalker Sound and consultant for Walt Disney Imagineering. He brings his vast and varied experience, technical knowledge, and impeccable reputation to the marketplace. He now focuses his energies full time on problem solving and creating solutions. The Torus Power All-In-One panel offers an incredible power solution for custom theaters that is very unique — it includes a complete breaker panel so that you can run a theater and multiple TVs or other components in different locations all off of one unit. It really simplifies the larger projects.

See what else Kevin Main has to say here.

Stop by these KMB clients’ booths during CEDIA to get more information on their exciting products. See you there!

OneVision Resources Shares Success Stories at CEDIA 2016


Download Images Here

CEDIA Booth #5712

OneVision Resources Shares Success Stories at CEDIA 2016

OneVision Resources debuts Integrator Service Desk at CEDIA 2016, participates in “Blueprint for Success” breakfast panel, and teaches insightful CEDIA training classes, showcasing how home technologists can pivot to a service-oriented business model for enhanced success

Boston, MA & Dallas, TX (Sept. 8, 2016) — OneVision Resources, a leading provider of smart home technology and IT support services, announces the launch of its new offering, Integrator Service Desk, participation in the Blueprint For Success panel session and breakfast, and providing multiple training opportunities for home technologists at CEDIA 2016, to be held September 13 – 17 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, Texas.

CEDIA Booth #5712: The Technologist’s Internet of Things Dallas Destination

The OneVision team makes its CEDIA debut in a booth co-hosted with their friends Ihiji, the leading provider of remote technology management solutions for the integration market since 2009. Ihiji provides solutions for home technologists, including Ihiji Invision remote network monitoring and management software and Ihiji ServiceManager, the cloud-based solution that streamlines the management of service plans.

Within the booth, the OneVision team will meet with potential partners to discuss how to build recurring monthly revenue by pivoting to a service-oriented business model, based on OneVision’s experience doing exactly that. OneVision’s position in booth #5712 with Ihiji gives the company the opportunity to showcase some of the tools that enables the Integrator Service Desk concept, based on OneVision’s proprietary Instant Triage© process, to perform so well.

OneVision Founder and CEO Joseph Kolchinsky says, “Our business is based on three principles: Respond instantly, be available 24/7, and keep things simple. By combining the art of triage—documenting the symptoms of any given service request, asking the right questions to diagnose the problem, and assessing the urgency of the situation—with the science of troubleshooting to provide a quick fix or workaround, OneVision helps technologists create incredible technology experiences for their clients. We’re excited to continue growing our partnership base in order to provide a nationwide network of the best home technology professionals in the industry.”

OneVision and Friends Host Blueprint For Success Breakfast Panel Session

As today’s home technologists battle increasing costs and decaying profit margins, a migration to a service-centric business model positions a custom installation firm to generate recurring monthly revenue through today’s technology. OneVision Resources joins D-Tools, Ihiji, Supply Stream, and Slateplan to present a free breakfast and discussion panel, moderated by CE Pro Editor-in-Chief Jason Knott, during CEDIA 2016 to explore how this can best be accomplished.

The session “Blueprint for Success: Former Systems Integrators Collaborate to Simplify Your World” will take place in Ballroom C at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, Texas on Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 8 AM. During the discussion, OneVision’s Kolchinsky, along with Randy Stearns of D-Tools, Stuart Rench of Ihiji, and others, will announce the details of a collaborative plan to create a seamless and effective blueprint for success for home technology professionals. As a group, they are working together to make it easier for home technologists to transition to a service-based business model that emphasizes recurring revenue. Attendance is free, breakfast is included, and registration is not required.

OneVision Resources Presents CEDIA Training Classes

Kolchinsky, along with OneVision Director of Technology Service David Williams, will, additionally, lead two separate classes at CEDIA focused on service teams and building recurring monthly revenue. Kolchinsky’s course, “Service Plans Are Easier Than You Think” will take place on Friday, September 16 at 12:00 pm and will focus on how to structure service plans for easier sales and enhanced profitability —while keeping clients happy at the same time. The course will help home technologists evaluate their business from a service perspective in order to thrive in this new economy. Integrators and technologists who use this proven method can successfully show customers the value, benefits, and cost-savings of a service plan, while reducing truck rolls and improving profitability.

In the second course, “How to Build a Successful Service Team,” held Saturday, September 17 at 10:00 am, David Williams and Joseph Kolchinsky describe the difference between managing a projected-oriented team and a service-oriented team for home technologists looking to pivot their business model toward service and build recurring revenue. Attendees will learn how to structure a service team, organize service requests, manage client expectations and build a proper service culture for sustainable success.

Register online for these classes now and stop by booth #5712 for a meeting with the OneVision Resources team.

“We invite top home technologists interested in joining the service movement to join us for the panel session and breakfast, attend one of our classes, or stop by Booth 5712 to learn more,” concludes Kolchinsky.

For interviews, editorial appointments, or media tours during events, please contact Katye (McGregor) Bennett of KMB Communications, Inc. by phoning (425) 328-8640 or emailing kayte@kmbcomm.com.

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About OneVision Resources
OneVision Resources creates incredible technology experiences. The company partners with home technology professionals with existing client relationships and provides a turn-key service desk focused on providing high-quality support to their clients. The company’s Instant Triage service ensures successful post-purchase interactions by providing always available, emotionally intelligent, and knowledgeable support. In addition, the company drives growth in recurring revenue by marketing, selling, and managing service plans on behalf of its partners. For more information, visit www.onevisionresources.com.

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Former System Integrators Collaborate to Simplify Your World

Former System Integrators Collaborate to Simplify Your World

Former System Integrators Collaborate to Simplify Your World

Industry leaders present the “Blueprint for Success” breakfast and panel discussion during CEDIA, sharing ideas for home technologists to drastically improve operating efficiencies and generate recurring revenue through service plans

Dallas, TX – August 31, 2016 — Executives from D-Tools (Booth #2512), Ihiji (Booth #5712), OneVision Resources (Booth #5712), Portal by SupplyStream (Booth #1312) and Slateplan (Booth #3016), will participate in a free-of-charge panel discussion and breakfast, moderated by CE Pro Editor-in-Chief Jason Knott, during CEDIA 2016.

The session, “Blueprint for Success: Former Systems Integrators Collaborate to Simplify Your World” takes place in Ballroom C at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, Texas on Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 8 AM.

The Tools to Battle Today’s Business Challenges
Systems integration is a tough business, with home technologists battling increasing costs and decaying profit margins, as the industry transitions to a service-centric business model with customers demanding more from their technology experience than ever before. To that end, a number of software tools, products, and services have been brought to market—many by former custom integrators who understand the pain of trying to make a profit from product sales, and the design and installation of systems—to help home technologists streamline business processes. Today’s technology can help with the following and more:

  • expedite getting contracts signed
  • improve the efficiency and precision with which projects are executed
  • streamline the process of servicing clients

But technologists may still struggle with which tools to use, and how to integrate them–both with each other and into their business—for maximum benefits. Thursday’s unprecedented breakfast event, a unique collaboration between home technology professionals-turned-service providers and software developers, gives CEDIA attendees the opportunity to ask questions, share thoughts, and brainstorm ideas.

Industry Leaders Collaborate to Offer Solutions
Randy Stearns of D-Tools, the worldwide leader in system integration software; Stuart Rench of Ihiji, the leading provider of remote technology management solutions for the integration market since 2009; Joey Kolchinsky of OneVision Resources, a turn-key smart-home service desk and RMR-generation platform; Scott Marchand of Slateplan, provider of modern software for home technology sales professionals, and Kirk Chisholm of Portal by SupplyStream, will discuss why they have transitioned from being custom integrators to service and technology providers for the custom electronics industry.

As a former systems integrator who, like so many, struggled with multiple software solutions and data that was continually out of sync, I set out on a mission to streamline data flow and the resulting business processes for system integrators worldwide. In order to accomplish this objective, D-Tools has developed an API and integration plan that at long last makes it possible for integrators to select and adopt the various tools that best suit the needs of their business,” says D-Tools CEO Randy Stearns, one of five participants on the panel.

Announcing a Seamless and Effective “Blueprint for Success”
At the breakfast, these prestigious companies will also announce the details of their collaborative plans to create a seamless and effective blueprint for success for home technology professionals. As a group, they are working together to help home technologists improve business processes and service for greater efficiency and profitability.

Many of us have been integrators in our past lives, and we understand many of the pain points in the life cycle of a project, including sales, design, engineering, project management, procurement, installation and ongoing support. We’ve each developed unique, specialized solutions to address and solve specific pain points. But we want to go one step farther by making sure that these solutions work well together—we want dealers to enjoy a simple and consistent experience as they move from one solution to the next,” says Scott Marchand of Slateplan.

With the modern integrator’s business growing in complexity across the project lifecycle it’s more important than ever that software and service providers work together to create a more streamlined workflow,” adds panel participant Joseph Kolchinsky, Founder and CEO of OneVision Resources. “The best platform experience will come from collaboration between providers.”

We are happy to be part of a group of forward-thinkers that all recognize the need to collaborate on solutions, processes, and education to help our mutual dealer bases be more successful executing the daily operations of their business,” says Ihiji co-founder and CEO Stuart Rench. “This collaboration will benefit the entire project lifecycle from initial consultation through the long-term service relationship.”

Dealers in the AV industry will benefit immensely as they will be able to more easily implement specialized software and scale up as they grow with seamless integrations,” says Kirk Chisholm of Portal by SupplyStream. “I’m proud to be a part of a group that understands and supports the methodology of using specialization to solve highly specific use-cases through software APIs and then leveraging other services to solve the rest,” he concludes.

The breakfast and panel is free to CEDIA attendees and no registration is required. To learn more, visit the CEDIA Special Event page for this panel here: Blueprint for Success: Former System Integrators Collaborate to Simplify Your World.
Media interviews with Randy Stearns (D-Tools), Stuart Rench (Ihiji) or Joseph Kolchinsky (OneVision Resources) can be arranged through Katye (McGregor) Bennett of KMB Communications, Inc., by emailing katye@kmbcomm.com, phoning +1 (425) 328-8640 (mobile), or by Direct Message (Twitter) to @KatyeMcGregor. Media Interviews with Scott Marchand (Slateplan) can be arranged through Jason Wright by emailing jason@slateplan.com or by phoning +1 (415) 272-6842 (mobile) and with Kirk Chisholm by emailing kirk@portal.io.

About D-Tools, Inc.
D-Tools, founded in 1998 and based in Concord, California, is a worldwide leader in accessible, highly accurate system design and documentation software platform. The company’s flagship product, System Integrator™ (SI), is a robust solution that utilizes Autodesk® AutoCAD and Microsoft® Visio to facilitate comprehensive system design, documentation and project management. D-Tools enables residential and commercial integrators to streamline business processes and increase revenues while reducing the time and cost associated with the installation and integration of low voltage electronic systems. More than 5,000 leading companies in 87 countries currently use the award-winning D-Tools platform to reduce time, costs and to streamline the system integration process. Product updates and related information can be obtained by following D-Tools on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

About Ihiji
Ihjii (eye-hee-jee) provides cloud-based SaaS solutions that empower systems integrators and technology professionals to cost-effectively deliver remote network management services to their clients. These solutions not only allow for efficient management of the network and devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT) inside the modern home and office, they also enable resellers to create a recurring revenue stream for their business by reducing or eliminating unnecessary site visits. In fact, resellers utilizing Ihiji SaaS solutions benefit from improved network performance and uptime, along with fewer service and support concerns. An award-winning global SaaS solutions provider, Ihiji is based in Austin, Texas and is privately held. To learn more, visit www.ihiji.com and follow Ihiji on Twitter. If it has an IP… Ihiji.

About OneVision Resources
As former integrators with years of experience in smart home design, integration, and service, OneVision Resources provides high quality, quick-response, white-label monitoring and end-user support for smart home installers nationwide. With a dedicated team of emotionally-intelligent and technically-skilled representatives standing by to offer Instant Triage for smart-home owners, OneVision follows up with white-label marketing and sales of service plans to generate recurring monthly revenue. For more information, visit www.onevisionresources.com.

About Portal
Portal is a web-based, industry-specific product catalog that allows dealers to find product information and make wholesale purchases from all of their suppliers in one place. Portal collects and organizes product data — including pricing, availability, specifications, videos, and more — by industry and category, then presents it in a comprehensive yet intuitive web catalog, making it easier for resellers to find what they need, build accurate proposals, and purchase products from their suppliers. www.portal.io

About Slateplan
Slateplan is a cloud-based software solution provider based in San Francisco, CA. Slateplan’s intuitive software, created for home technology sales professionals, helps them collaborate with customers and quickly define project scope and budget. Slateplan accelerates the sales process, promotes client engagement and eliminates pre-sales engineering hours. For more information visit http://www.slateplan.com/
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