New industry-leading 4K and 8K passive HDMI cables from Kordz extend AV signal transmission from 5 meters up to 9 meters, giving systems integrators a viable alternative to active HDMI cable. 

May 25, 2023 – Kordz, a renowned leader in HDMI cabling, continues to evolve its range to keep pace with the needs of systems integrators with the introduction of passive HDMI cable in longer lengths. Now available in both Kordz PRO and PRS ranges are passive 4K and 8K HDMI cables measuring up to 9 meters. This is a significant increase from the common 5-meter length of most passive 4K and 8K HDMI cables. In addition to nearly doubling signal transmission distance, Kordz’s new 4K PRO3-HD and 8K PRS4-HD passive HDMI cables simplify installation for systems integrators, due in part to the absence of active electronics. These and other Kordz cabling solutions make their InfoComm 2023 debut at the Future Ready Solutions booth #3454.

Now the AV industry’s longest Ultra High Speed certified 8K passive HDMI cable designed for professional integrators at 9 meters, the PRS4-HD delivers 48G and is also available from 0.5 meters up to new 7 meters. The PRO3-HD 4K passive HDMI cable delivers 18G and supports 4K HFR from 0.5 meters up to new 7 meters and 9 meters. 

The extra length of both the PRO3-HD and PRS4-HD HDMI cable affords systems integrators greater installation flexibility, and the absence of active electronics that can break down over time enhances performance reliability and longevity. Systems integrators gain the confidence and peace of mind of HDMI cabling that supports current AV technology and can withstand the frequent and prolonged bending that happens; for example, when a connected TV extends and swivels on an articulating bracket. Unlike active HDMI cable which has been affected by a global shortage in chipsets, the passive PRO3-HD and PRS4-HD cables are readily available. 

“One of the main tenets of Kordz is providing the integration community with the right cabling products at the right time, and the time is now for a longer-length passive HDMI cable. The increasing adoption of high-end AV systems in a wide range of commercial environments necessitates it,” says James Chen, Kordz Managing Director. “We extended the 4K and 8K transmission distance of our PRO3 and PRS4 ranges to a maximum of 9 meters for just this reason. Systems integrators are no longer limited by the length of the cable in the design and implementation of high-end AV systems.”

Where to See Kordz’s New Long-length Passive HDMI Cables
Kordz debuts its new passive HDMI cabling additions to its PRS4 and PRO3 alongside other offerings from its U.S. distributor, Future Ready Solutions, at Booth #3454. InfoComm 2023 attendees can see the cabling and components and speak with Kordz and Future Ready Solutions representatives on hand to learn more about the products and how to become a dealer. To learn more about Kordz’s premium professional-grade cabling, please visit www.futurereadysolutions or

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