Kordz’s commitment to quality, engineering expertise, in-the-field experience, and a firm grasp of the systems integration industry make it a go-to cabling resource for systems integrators worldwide.

Hong Kong, China; Barcelona, Spain (January 16, 2023)Networking, once the unsung hero of the systems integration industry, is now one of the hottest categories in the business. It’s no wonder, given the proliferation and reliance on connected devices in homes and businesses. Those networking solutions of yesteryear, however, are no match for the bandwidth demands of today’s sophisticated systems. Launched at the birth of interoperability, connectivity, and AV distribution, Kordz has followed the progression of connected technologies closely for 20 years, continually evolving its own cabling components to stay ahead of the curve. During its 20-year history, Kordz has provided systems integrators with the right products at the right time, incorporating unique features to differentiate its line and facilitate quick, easy installation in myriad environments, all while complying with the latest performance specifications and meeting the bandwidth demands of cutting-edge technologies.  

Created by Integrators for Integrators
There are many nuances to consider and challenges to overcome when integrating network cabling into residential and commercial settings. Kordz knows this all too well, as several of its team members were former installers of networking equipment. With decades worth of combined in-the-field experience, they bring a real-world perspective to Kordz, spearheading the development of products that make a real difference to the bottom-line efficiency and profitability of an integrator’s business. “Like the systems integrators we serve, our team understands best practices and the value of high-quality cabling,” says James Chen, Kordz Managing Director.  

“We approach the market differently by focusing on how to make cables more installation-friendly,” Chen continues. “We broke the stigma of HDMI cables being thick and hard to manage by making ours the perfect balance of robust, thin and flexible.” A core Kordz philosophy that’s still practiced today: Spend more time on the design and construction of cabling, thoroughly testing each component at every phase of production and again before final delivery from the factory, so that technicians can complete jobs quickly and confidently. 

Reliable & Robust Enough for Critical Applications
When the military chooses a cable for their operations, you know it has to function exceptionally well. The high-performance standards to which Kordz cables adhere make it a choice product for highly sensitive and mission-critical environments such as the military, aerospace, government, and healthcare. Given its rich history serving these environments, Kordz is a no-brainer for the high-speed, high-resolution and high-bandwidth requirements of AV distribution and connectivity in luxury homes, yachts, and businesses.  

Built to Last a Lifetime So It Doesn’t Go to Landfill
To minimise maintenance and ensure its cable and components last the lifetime of a building, Kordz uses the right materials, backed by superior mechanical integrity and engineering expertise. For example, the nylon composite comprising its patch cord connectors provides a remarkable lifespan of 2,000 bend cycles. Another benefit of this longevity is sustainability. Thanks to their lower failure rate and long lifespan, Kordz products won’t end up prematurely in landfill.  

Where to See Kordz at ISE 2023
ISE 2023 attendees can see Kordz’s expansive portfolio of HDMI and Ethernet cables and components at Stand #2F450, where they can partake in the company’s 20th birthday celebration. Systems integrators are invited to take ‘The Terminator’ cable termination challenge for their chance to win a variety of prizes. To learn more about Kordz’s premium professional-grade cabling solutions, please visit kordz.com 

About Kordz
Kordz’s professional-grade products are designed, engineered and constructed to enable industry partners to focus on the big picture, not the little hurdles. The company’s extensive line of robust, fast and effective cabling and networking components deliver the seamless interoperability and digital experiences today’s tech-savvy end-users expect and dramatically simplify deployment for systems integrators. By offering a wide range of professional cabling solutions backed by expert technical support, Kordz helps systems integrators around the globe meet the evolving cabling requirements of a wide range of residential and commercial environments. For more information about Kordz, please visit kordz.com and follow the company @kordzglobal on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

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