Kordz delivers the products and support systems integrators need to advance their Cat6 networking projects with faster, easier installs and top-notch performance.  

Hong Kong, China (February 16, 2023) – Dedicated to providing systems integrators with the premium cabling products, tools, and support they need to deliver exceptional connectivity to their customers, Kordz has developed a comprehensive, insightful Professional Briefing on the history, evolution, recommended practices, and growing use cases of 28AWG Cat6 and Cat6a cable in computer networks. Particularly helpful to integrators faced with fitting cable through tight spaces and challenging retrofit situations, the thinner, more flexible form factor of 28AWG cable offers greater installation ease than bulkier traditional 23 and 24AWG cables. 

The paper, Kordz Professional Briefing: The Application of 28 AWG Category 6 and 6a Cable for Small and Medium Sized Networks, is available to systems integrators at https://www.kordz.com/whitepapers/. Replete with fresh, relevant content, it provides integrators with a strong working knowledge of 28AWG cable that can be applied to current and future small to mid-sized networking projects. The Professional Briefing also details Kordz’s new Cat6 28AWG networking solution, PRO SlimCat™ Network Cable System, a turnkey solution for fast, reliable end-to-end connectivity that meets all current networking standards and is PoE++ compliant up to 50 meters. 

“Computer networks have come a long way since their inception in the late ‘70s. Network cable technology has progressed along the way, leading us to the next generation of Cat6 and Cat6a cable — a 28AWG solution that delivers all the advanced performance required of today’s technology in a thinner, more flexible cable that’s easier to handle and install,” says James Chen, Kordz Managing Director. “Systems integrators looking to stay ahead of the technological curve should embrace new 28AWG as a viable alternative to their standard network cable. Our PRO SlimCat™ line coupled with our informative Professional Briefing gives them all the knowledge and tools they need to progress their skills and offerings to the latest generation of Cat6 cable.” 

As outlined in the Professional Briefing, utilizing thin, flexible 28AWG Cat6 cable can simplify installation in high-density equipment racks, tight bend radiuses, and cramped wall spaces. Despite being half the size of other Cat6 cables, it supports the data rates and bandwidth requirements of current networking standards. Discussed are 28AWG solutions including Kordz PRO and PRS Patch Cords, as well as its new PRO SlimCat™ Network Cable System. 

About PRO SlimCat™ Network Cable System
Kordz’s latest innovation, PRO SlimCat™ Network Cable System, comprises bulk-reducing 4mm diameter 28AWG Cat6 cable and specially designed RJ45 crimp connectors and RJ45 keystone sockets for robust, compact end-to-end connectivity. Simplifying retrofit installation, the thin, flexible cable fills a void in the industry while supporting 100W PoE++ and delivering 1Gbps network connectivity up to 50 meters. The PRO SlimCat™ system comes with a lifetime warranty and complies with both EU and US fire rating standards. Components are conveniently packaged in standard lengths in an easily identifiable Reel-in-Box. Like all Kordz products, each component of the PRO SlimCat™ system has been individually tested during each phase of production for quality assurance and adheres to the latest performance standards and fire ratings. For more information about the Kordz PRO SlimCat™ line of products, please visit www.kordz.com/new-from-kordz.

About Kordz
Kordz’s professional-grade products are designed, engineered, and constructed to enable industry partners to focus on the big picture, not the little hurdles. The company’s extensive line of robust, fast, and effective cabling and networking components deliver the seamless interoperability and digital experiences today’s tech-savvy end-users expect and dramatically simplify deployment for systems integrators. By offering a wide range of professional cabling solutions backed by expert technical support, Kordz helps systems integrators around the globe meet the evolving cabling requirements of a wide range of residential and commercial environments. For more information about Kordz, please visit kordz.com and follow the company @kordzglobal on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

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