Innovative patent pending new Kordz PRO SlimCat Patch Cord BeltPak packaging combines multiple patch cords in a single eco-friendly, tear-off strip for efficient transport, faster, easier handling, and leaves significantly less waste for disposal.

January 16, 2024One of the most tedious exercises systems technicians face when installing networks is the removal of individual patch cords from their packaging. When an average residential networking job might require dozens of patch cords, the process of freighting, storing, unboxing and carrying traditional patch cord packaging equates to an incredible amount of time, space, clean-up and waste. Kordz has solved these nagging issues and reduced the average cost per patch cord by developing a compact, eco-friendly belt that systems technicians can easily carry and open during installation.

Debuting at ISE 2024, Stand #2F500, the Kordz PRO SlimCat Patch Cord BeltPak comprises a multipack strip of perforated, tear-off recyclable paper packs each containing a single patch cord. Each pack can be quickly torn open at one end—no knife necessary ̶ to extract the patch cord without bending it. The BeltPak comes in multiples of 5 or 10 patch cords, making it quick and easy for the systems technician to count and carry the exact amount needed for the job—no guesswork or excess to deal with. 

In addition to hassle-free installation, the eco-friendly paper packaging of the BeltPak Patch Cords produces less waste for disposal and is 100% recyclable—even the cable ties are made of paper. Plus, the patent pending BeltPak design cuts shipping volume and costs significantly less. All things considered, the Kordz PRO SlimCat Patch Cord BeltPak delivers systems technicians incredible value on top of all the popular performance features of the PRO SlimCat line, such as the ’snap-proof’ connector.

As former integrators, we understand the tedium and labour involved in cutting dozens, if not hundreds, of individual patch cord packages before installation can even begin. It’s a task nobody enjoys, slows down a project, and can put the integrity of the patch cord at risk,” says Kordz managing director, James Chen. “The foundational aim of our business at Kordz has always been to make integrators’ jobs easier and more profitable. BeltPak is one more way we are delivering on this promise. A simple change in packaging design can make a huge difference to an integrator’s business while meeting the increasing demand for eco-friendly, time-saving and cost-efficient tech solutions.

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To see Kordz’ new installation- and eco-friendly PRO SlimCat Patch Cord BeltPak and learn how this revolutionary packaging design can reduce labour, cost and waste, please visit Stand #2F500. Here, Kordz will also introduce a number of new market-first connectivity products to its broad range of professional-grade cabling lines and host its popular Termination Challenge throughout the show. To explore the entire Kordz portfolio of premium professional-grade cabling, connectors, and other connectivity solutions, please visit

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