Supporting multiple media formats and delivering exceptional sound and imagery, Blu-ray Disc players from Magnetar Audio poised to revive collectors’ treasured disc collections and the physical media market.

(February 14, 2024) Magnetar Audio is helping consumers establish a new love for physical media and enabling concert fans and movie buffs to reconnect with their beloved Blu-ray Disc collections with the introduction of two new, high-end Blu-ray Disc players. Filling a void in the marketplace, Magnetar Blu-ray Disc players serve two distinct markets, those who already have a significant investment in their Blu-ray Disc collection and those who appreciate the clarity, sharpness, and realism Blu-ray Disc content can provide as part of their high-end home entertainment systems. With the introduction of the Magnetar UPD800 and more advanced UPD900, collectors have a great reason to bring their collections out of storage and back to center stage. This new breed of Blu-ray Disc player will be available to home technology integration pros in the U.S. exclusively by Let’s Get Physical Distribution. 

“Physical media [still] resonates strongly with consumers and the market is growing exponentially,” says Raphael Tabutin, Let’s Get Physical Distribution CEO. Not convinced? The physical media movie market is estimated at more than $2 billion, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, and increasingly, studios and filmmakers are releasing next-generation high-resolution DVDs to enjoy at home. 

Private collections of Blu-ray Discs are also quite sizeable. “We estimate the average Blu-ray Disc collector owns at least 1,000 titles says Raphael Tabutin. This growing niche market needs Blu-ray Disc players to not only replace those that no longer function but also to support the growing high-res audio and video community. “Our UPD800 and UPD900 players have been designed and engineered specifically to fulfill the needs of those who appreciate how Blu-ray Discs deliver vivid images and brilliant sound combined with the ease of controlling what one watches when one wants to watch it,” he continues.

Following in Vinyl’s Footsteps

Despite the popularity of streaming media, over the past few years, vinyl records have made a remarkable revival. Magnetar sees similar consumer interest increasing for Blu-ray Discs but options available were limited. “Advancements in Blu-ray Disc players came to a halt as streaming media gained ground. Players quickly became antiquated, and many brands exited the category,” Raphael explains. “Still, just like vinyl, Blu-ray Discs have a loyal following and their owners want nothing more than to spin them again, albeit with better quality.” 

Many also attribute a renewed appreciation of physical media to Disney™ movies that families continue to collect and the wide range of artists who are releasing new music on not only streaming platforms but also vinyl, Blu-Ray Disc, DVD, and CD. Gear News reports that over 40 million vinyl records were sold in 2022 and that the trend continued with more than 2 million units sold per week in December of 2023, citing Taylor Swift as a big driver of sales. Swift, however, is but one of many artists that are drawing significant numbers of music lovers to physical media, and many bands have released concerts and related footage this way over the years. Magnetar Audio strives to serve not only new fans of physical media but also those who have a love of the heightened experience felt with Blu-ray Disc content.

With the help of their exclusive U.S. distributor, Let’s Get Physical Distribution, Magnetar Audio provides music and movie lovers complete control and ownership of the content they purchase. Raphael adds, “Streaming media providers choose what you should be watching and own the content. It’s the opposite with Blu-ray-Disc-based-entertainment. The content you buy is yours to enjoy whenever, however, you want to. It’s a much simpler approach, which is a very attractive proposition to many people.”

Sparking a Blu-ray Rebirth with State-of-the-Art Technologies

Magnetar Blu-ray Disc players combine nostalgia, pride of ownership, and greater control over the entertainment experience with a rich array of state-of-the-art features. The UPD800 and UPD900 models available now produce sharp, vibrant images and uncompromised crystal-clear, immersive audio from both old and new Blu-ray Disc releases, as well as DVDs, 4K UHD discs, and media files. SACD players will soon join the lineup.  

Magnetar Blu-ray Disc players feature advanced imaging decoding and processing technology, including 4K upscaling of low-resolution media; 4K Ultra HD and HDR support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+; and Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Atmos and DTSX. The inclusion of premium Digital Analog Converters further enhances audio playback. IP and RS-232 drivers enable seamless integration of prominent third-party control systems, including Crestron and Control4, and others.

“From the moment the Magnetar player was unboxed, we were struck by its build quality and straightforward, yet elegant design. Set-up and control are easy via a simple, intuitive GUI, and the 4K output of on our 155-inch demo screen is outstanding,” says John Grevan, CEO of Home Theater Sales, Inc., of Flossmoor, IL.

“The versatility of the available audio outputs accommodates the most demanding systems. The Magnetar player is destined to take the crown as king of multi-format media players.” 

The Magnetar UPD800 and UPD900 Blu-ray Disc players are available to systems integrators from Let’s Get Physical Distribution. To learn more about Magnetar Audio and the technology and features of its premium multi-format Blu-ray Disc players, please visit

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Founded in late 2022 by Raphael Tabutin, an AV enthusiast with 20 years of experience in Home theater installation and consulting, Let’s Get Physical Distribution, Inc. offers a best-in-class portfolio of products capable of reproducing the Director’s intent on screens. Their portfolio now includes Magnetar (Blu-ray Disc Players), Reavon (Blu-ray Disc Players), R-volution (Media Players) and Bridgee Cables (High-End Audio/Video Cables).

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