Demonstrated at two exhibits at internationally renowned high-end audio show, Blu-ray Disc players from Magnetar Audio elevate the entertainment experience by blending nostalgia with cutting-edge AV technology. 

(May 8, 2024) Magnetar Audio is elevating the home entertainment experience with the introduction of a new breed of high-end Blu-ray Disc player. Engineered to play many forms of physical media with all the realism, clarity and sharpness professional audio experts and AV enthusiasts expect from today’s high-end home AV systems. Showcase at several exhibits at High-End Munich, Magnetar’s flagship, reference-grade UPD900 represents a compelling new way to enjoy old and new Blu-ray discs, as well as DVDs, 4K UHD discs and media files. By seamlessly uniting classic media with state-of-the-art technologies, Magnetar Audio is resurrecting a market one thought dead and driving demand for newer, more capable Blu-ray Disc players. 

High-End 2024 attendees can witness the exceptional versatility and performance of this game-changing AV component May 9-12, in Munich, at several individual exhibits: at the Magnetar Audio booth #M15, Pure Audio booth #H3, M07, and SVS booth #H3, P02/R03.

With the introduction of the Magnetar UPD800 and more advanced UPD900, collectors have a great reason to bring their collections out of storage and back to the center stage. “Physical media [still] resonates strongly with consumers and the market is growing exponentially,” says Raphael Tabutin, CEO of Let’s Get Physical, Magnetar Audio’s exclusive distributor of the new Blu-ray Disc players. “Unlike streaming media, physical media conjures an emotional connection to the content and pride of ownership. The content consumers purchase is to enjoy whenever and however, they want.”  

Magnetar Blu-ray Disc players feature advanced imaging decoding and processing technology, including 4K upscaling of low-resolution media; 4K Ultra HD and HDR support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+; and Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Atmos and DTSX. The inclusion of premium Digital Analog Converters further enhances audio playback. IP and RS-232 drivers enable seamless integration of prominent third-party control systems, including Crestron and Control4, and others. The UPD900’s user interface represents a significant improvement over the rudimentary controls of Blu-ray Disc players of the past, as well. On-screen navigation is smooth and intuitive, and allows easy access to various settings and local USB devices and networks. 

The Magnetar UPD800 and UPD900 Blu-ray Disc players are available to systems integrators and consumers from Let’s Get Physical Distribution. To learn more about Magnetar Audio and the technology and features of its premium multi-format Blu-ray Disc players, please visit

About Magnetar Audio
Founded in 2021 after more than 20 years manufacturing high-end DVD and Blu-ray Disc players for prestigious brands. Their goal is to produce the best multi-format physical media players in the world for video and music lovers to enjoy without any compromise for quality and design. 

About Let’s Get Physical Distribution Inc.
Founded in late 2022 by Raphael Tabutin, an AV enthusiast with 20 years of experience in home theater installation and consulting, Let’s Get Physical Distribution, Inc. offers a best-in-class portfolio of products capable of reproducing the Director’s intent on screens. Their portfolio now includes Magnetar (Blu-ray Disc Players), Reavon (Blu-ray Disc Players), R-volution (Media Players) and Bridgee Cables (High-End Audio/Video Cables).