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MERIDIAN’S DSP320 Digital Active Loudspeakers Combine Superior Audio Performance with Ease of Installation to Create the Winning CI Formula

Meridian’s DSP320 in-wall / in-ceiling architectural loudspeaker is revolutionizing the custom installation channel with its unique capability to deliver unmatched audio performance, while saving significant time, cost, and space for installers working on whole-home, superyacht, home theater, and media-room projects. Meridian will be showing the DSP320 at CEDIA 2016, booth 5708.

“When we introduced this speaker, the custom-installation market was desperate for an architectural loudspeaker solution that was easy to install with pristine sound. The compact DSP320 delivered, and has been building a strong following among top integrators since,” says Barry Sheldrick, Director of Sales for Meridian. “Our DSP320 digital active loudspeaker not only cuts down on the need for speaker cable, rack-based amps, cooling mechanisms, and other related components for a much cleaner and more simple installation, but does so without compromising the premium audio quality for which Meridian is known. Nothing else comes close.”

Within its 12-inch square (300mm square) and 4-inch deep (100mm deep) enclosure, the DSP320 contains all necessary electronics, including digital audio converters and two integrated, powerful 80W class amplifiers for wide-range and deep bass. The result of more than 26 years of refinement and proven reliability, Meridian’s DSP approach provides unparalleled performance from a small design, making the DSP320 capable of predictable and repeatable performance—perfect for a variety of in-wall and in-ceiling applications. The Meridian DSP320 also eliminates the need for amplification in the equipment rack, not only saving space but also reducing power and thermal management requirements and improving system reliability.

Delivering superior performance over conventional designs, DSP320 loudspeakers provide sound that is equivalent to an enclosure eight times its physical volume. The DSP320 features a special Left + Right mode, which the installer can select via a switch on the front panel. This mode combines the left + right stereo signals and outputs them perfectly from the one loudspeaker, eliminating the cancellation effects and increased harmonic distortion typical with passive “single stereo” loudspeakers.

On-board digital signal processing offers excellent thermal and dynamic bass protection with very accurate transients, so the DSP320 always delivers a clean, detailed, and accurate sound when playing at high levels. Other benefits include Enhanced Bass Alignment (EBA) for perfectly timed music playback and dynamic volume compensation for great sound at low listening levels.

Installers can easily integrate the DSP320 into systems with Meridian’s free-standing DSP loudspeakers to create a complete, coherent, and authentic-sounding system. It is ideal for applications ranging from distributed whole-home audio through a Meridian Sooloos system to two-channel and multi-channel applications in both home and marine environments.

Meridian introduced the DSP320 specifically to deliver maximum dispersion over a wide listening area, with minimum unwanted diffraction thanks to an intentional baffle and grille design. The speaker can be flush-mounted or finished with an optional bezel to hold the magnetically attached, paintable grille. All the elements—fireproof rough-in box, frame, loudspeaker enclosure, and the included scrim and grille—allow room for on-site adjustment (except when flush-mounted) so that the entire assembly can be fitted with precision into almost any type of ceiling or wall.

Installers can wire the DSP320 with Meridian’s Speakerlink or equivalent CAT5e cable, enabling long cable runs and click-and-play connectivity without any loss of sound quality or additional speaker cable or wiring. The end result is a phenomenal-sounding system that is quicker and simpler to set up and install, providing an exceptional experience for both dealer and customer alike.

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Meridian Audio, based in Cambridgeshire, UK, was founded in 1977 by two music lovers: psychoacoustics expert Bob Stuart and design engineer Allen Boothroyd. With almost 40 years of innovation and development of consumer home entertainment systems offering exceptional performance, Meridian Audio is recognised as a world leader in high-quality audio and video reproduction. Meridian developed the world’s first audiophile CD player, digital surround controller and digital loudspeaker; and the MLP lossless packing system included in Blu-ray Disc. The company’s award-winning optical disc players, DSP loudspeakers, video systems, streaming and personal audio products are unique in the industry, maintaining a super-quality digital signal from the studio to the home, using advanced digital signal processing to deliver natural sound and crystal-sharp images.


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