Half the size and more flexible than ordinary Cat6 cable, Kordz’s next-generation, multi-award-winning PoE++ compliant home networking solution simplifies installation, broadens customer bases, and drives profitability for systems integrators.

Hong Kong, China (February 28, 2023)With consumer adoption of and reliance on bandwidth-intensive smart home devices at record levels, there’s never been a better time for systems integrators to deploy a new generation of Cat6 network cable and installation practices. Paving the way to enhanced networking performance and installation simplicity is Kordz with the recent launch of its innovative, multi-award-winning PRO SlimCat™ Network Cable System. Kordz applied its deep knowledge of the custom installation industry to develop this new breed of 28AWG Cat6 network cable and matching component to deliver a host of meaningful benefits to systems integrators and their customers. 

“Like the systems integrators we serve, our team understands best practices and the value of high-quality cable to fast, reliable, stable network connectivity,” says James Chen, Kordz Managing Director. “We approach the market differently by focusing on how to make cables more installation-friendly. Thinner, more flexible, extremely durable and robust, our new PRO SlimCat™ Network Cable System challenges the stigma that Cat6 cables have to be thick, rigid, and difficult to manage.”   

Adds Louise Tarling, Owner/Director of systems integration firm Louise Tarling Ltd., “SlimCat™ is a real game changer for us. We use Kordz patch leads in our equipment racks and termination boxes exclusively due to their quality of construction, small form factor and flexibility. With the new SlimCat™ system, we can now make custom length patch leads using the same flexible 28AWG cable and unbreakable latch on the RJ45 plug, which makes our racks even neater.”

During its debut at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, Jan. 31-Feb. 3, PRO SlimCat’s™ rich and powerful features didn’t go unnoticed. The Kordz team brought home two prestigious industry awards, TNT (Top New Technologies) in the Home Networking Device category from CE Pro and Best of Show from Sound & Video Contractor. ISE attendees took notice, as well, visiting the booth to learn how the new system adds value and creates new opportunities for their systems integration businesses. 

Top 5 Key Benefits of Kordz’s PRO SlimCat™ Network Cable System

  • Supports Next-Generation PoE++ Technology

Engineered, tested, and rated for compliance with the latest IEEE802.3bt PoE++ standard, the PRO SlimCat™ Network Cable System supports a broader range of products than previous iterations of PoE, including those that require higher power wattage, such as video conferencing system components, building management devices, smart lighting systems, laptop computers via PoE adapters, and future models of televisions. PRO SlimCat’s™ POE++ adherence allows transmission of power and 1Gbps signals up 50 metres, making it ideally suited for small and medium-sized projects.

  • Reaches Places Other Cables Can’t and Tidies Up Equipment Racks 

A common pain point among systems integrators is the often-difficult process of terminating endpoints in cramped equipment racks. SlimCat™ mitigates this issue, thanks to its thin, flexible footprint. The cross-sectional area of the unshielded 28AWG SlimCat™ cable is half the size of 23AWG and 24AWG network cable and boasts a 32mm bend radius. This innovative design enables the 4.0mm diameter SlimCat™ cable to reach places other cables can’t and with less compromise to a home’s structural and aesthetic integrity. 

  • Matching Connectors and Sockets Ensure End-to-End Connectivity

Kordz’s PRO SlimCat™ Network Cable System includes more than just its revolutionary 28AWG cable—also available to systems integrators are specially designed and engineered SlimCat™ connectors and sockets that are customised for the SlimCat 28AWG conductors to deliver complete, end-to-end connectivity. Employing the same 2000-cycle ‘snap-proof’ latch found on Kordz’s popular patch cables, the SlimCat™ connectors ensure secure terminations for optimal networking performance.

  • Built to Last a Lifetime

Designed with the future in mind, the PRO SlimCat™ Network Cable System establishes a network foundation that keeps pace with technological innovation and its components are each backed by a lifetime warranty. 

  • Cultivates a Better, More Lucrative Retrofit Business

Given the complexities of installing network cabling into existing buildings, it’s no wonder systems integrators often pass up these projects. The PRO SlimCat™ Network Cabling System finally makes retrofit a legitimate money maker, as the small footprint and quality of the cabling and connectors help integrators add networking components to existing buildings quickly and efficiently. 

For more information about Kordz’s PRO SlimCat™ Network Cable System, please visit https://www.kordz.com/product/kordz-pro-slimcat-network-cable/. Learn about Kordz’s complete line of network cable and components at https://www.kordz.com/.

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