Home technology professionals can now pair OneVision’s comprehensive service platform with the remote support and management features of SnapAV OvrC support to take their service operations to the next level

Boston, MA (June 2018) OneVision Resources, the leading provider of service and support solutions for home technology professionals (HTPs), announces SnapAV OvrC support, an industry-leading remote systems management (RSM) solution. Combining OneVision’s transformative service platform with the powerful support and management features of OvrC gives HTPs a turnkey solution to the service problem. HTPs using SnapAV OvrC can now join the OneVision platform to transform their service departments into profit centers while simultaneously improving company culture and elevating their client-service experience.

The Growing Challenge of Service
The growing demand for round-the-clock support is taxing today’s HTP like never before. Eroding employee morale, pressuring operating margins, and pulling resources from high-margin projects and important company initiatives, the service problem represents one of the biggest challenges faced by HTPs today. These factors have made the growth of RSM solutions one of the most important trends in the home technology channel. The remote troubleshooting and management features provided by these solutions allow HTPs to lower support costs and an improve their client experience. However, while RSM is a foundational piece of any effective service operation, the technology only reaches its maximum potential when combined with a comprehensive strategy designed to tackle every facet of the service problem. By addressing service in this holistic way, HTPs can convert service from one of their biggest challenges to one of their biggest opportunities, allowing them to differentiate their companies and create new revenue streams through the sale of premium services.  

OneVision and OvrC — an End-to-End Solution
The new partnership between OvrC and OneVision addresses this growing challenge by combining OvrC’s sophisticated troubleshooting and diagnostic tools with OneVision’s industry-leading service platform. Making this partnership possible is OvrC’s new “groups and permissions” feature set which will allow HTPs to grant access to their monitored sites to OneVision’s team of service and support experts. This access enables OneVision to leverage the full feature set of OvrC to monitor and manage client homes on the HTP’s behalf.

In addition to leveraging SnapAV OvrC to provide 24/7 monitoring and support, OneVision’s team of service experts work closely with employees throughout the company to implement a proven service playbook. With OneVision leading the development of the service department, the burden-of-service is removed for HTPs, allowing them to maintain an increased focus on their projects, sales, and other high-level operational initiatives. Combing OneVision and SnapAV OvrC provides HTPs with a path to transformational change, streamlining their service operations and providing a framework to convert new and legacy clients alike into a more profitable service delivery model.

“We know that RSM is a vital part of any effective service strategy and a key component of this industry’s future so we have watched with excitement as SnapAV has continued to invest significantly in OvrC,” says OneVision founder and CEO Joseph Kolchinsky. “We are thrilled to incorporate it into our full suite of solutions and know it will play an important role in helping us transform our partners into the Technology Managers of the future.”

OneVision’s platform tackles the service problem in its entirety with a proven operational playbook, enterprise-class software implementation, RMR marketing and subscription management, and ongoing training for everyone in the company from leadership and sales to projects and service staff. This turnkey strategy removes the burden of service, bolsters company profitability, and enhance the client experience.

“OneVision’s focus on implementing end-to-end service strategies for integrators is a perfect complement to the OvrC platform,” says Kenny Kim, SnapAV’s VP of Connected Products. “Pairing our leading support platform with OneVision’s proven service and RMR strategies is a winning recipe for integrators looking to implement a profitable and sustainable managed services model.”  

Tackle the Service Problem Head-On
Staring on Thursday, June 21, 2018, HTPs using SnapAV OvrC will be able to add OneVision users to their sites. As a OneVision partner, we could not be more excited about this new partnership with OvrC,” says Mark DiPietro, President of SoundVision, LLC. “Combining OneVision’s holistic approach to service and RMR with the OvrC ecosystem is going to have a dramatic impact on our company culture, profitability, and client experience.”

To incorporate your SnapAV OvrC deployments into a proven strategy designed to generate RMR and transform your company’s relationship with service, get in touch today by visiting onevisionresources.com/contact.

About OneVision Resources
OneVision Resources empowers home technology professionals, giving them the technology platform, services, and processes they need to simplify home technology management and deliver exceptional service to their clients. OneVision’s comprehensive platform combines the latest in service technology with a world-class remote support team, allowing them to not only remotely monitor, manage, and secure their client’s home environments in a seamless manner, but scale rapidly and profitably. OneVision and its 40+ partners support more than 35,000 connected homes.