Domotz support coming soon to OVR
OneVision Adds Domotz to its Expanding Service Platform

Home technology professionals using Domotz can now leverage OneVision’s comprehensive platform to enhance their client-service experience, improve company culture, and bolster profitability

Boston, MA (January 4, 2018) OneVision Resources, the leading provider of service and support solutions for home technology professionals (HTPs), has partnered with Domotz, a leading remote systems management (RSM) solution. By combining Domotz technology with the OneVision platform, HTPs can immediately offer their clients a turnkey service offering that enhances the client experience, provides work-life balance and drives recurring revenue.

OneVision’s comprehensive platform empowers HTPs, giving them the services, processes, and technologies they need to provide round-the-clock support, avoid burnout, and build a more sustainable and profitable business.

Fielding more than 2,000 unique support events each month, OneVision is the CI industry’s most experienced service provider, assisting HTPs in delivering the service today’s consumers expect.

OneVision’s scale leads to specific requirements from an RSM provider. OneVision and Domotz collaborated closely to address these unique needs, ensuring a seamless experience for HTPs using Domotz in conjunction with the OneVision platform.

“OneVision solves scalability issues for HTPs interested in streamlining operations and transforming the client experience,” says Clark Roundy, CEO of Domotz. “The combination of Domotz Pro™ technology and OneVision’s service infrastructure offers HTPs an even more powerful platform upon which to build their businesses and enhance their service capabilities.”

“We know that home technology professionals standardize on a single RSM platform to achieve better operational efficiency,” says OneVision CEO Joseph Kolchinsky. “We have long believed that Domotz is an excellent platform and we could not be more excited about the possibilities that our new collaboration with them represents.”

OneVision’s Service Platform Expands Further With Control4’s Acquisition of Ihiji
In addition to OneVision’s active effort to support popular platforms, the recent acquisition of Ihiji by Control4 further expands the company’s ability to help HTPs leverage the RSM platform of their choice. “As Control4’s BakPak and Ihiji unify into a single platform, we’re excited to help a growing number of home technology professionals incorporate their RSM platform of choice into our comprehensive service solution,” says Kolchinsky. “OneVision’s support for existing Ihiji customers will remain unchanged.”

An Evolving Solution to the Service Challenge
With the addition of Domotz compatibility and the acquisition of Ihiji by Control4, OneVision expands to become the industry’s most diverse and capable solution to fully address the service challenge. By combining the company’s industry-leading holistic service platform with a growing number of best-in-class technology solutions, OneVision continues its effort to improve the service experience for HTPs and consumers alike.

“We’ve always been eager to partner with other technology providers, including RSM manufacturers, who provide service and support solutions. And we will continue to look for opportunities to collaborate with other providers in an effort to enhance the service experience and help our partners solve the service challenge,” concludes Kolchinsky.

About OneVision Resources
OneVision Resources OneVision’s comprehensive platform empowers home technology professionals, giving them the services, processes, and technologies they need to provide round-the-clock support, avoid burnout, and build a more sustainable and profitable business. OneVision’s comprehensive service delivery model combines the latest in service technology with a world-class remote support team, allowing them to not only monitor, manage, and secure their clients’ home environments in a seamless manner, but scale rapidly and profitably. OneVision and its growing network of partners support more than 25,000 connected homes across North America.

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