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OneVision Resources Launches 20/20 Program with 20 Top Companies to Improve the Consumer Technology Experience Across the Industry

New program benefits industry manufacturers, software providers, remote systems management platform providers, service providers, and trade organizations by improving the consumer technology experience with fast, efficient, and high-quality support

BOSTON, MA (December 7, 2016) — OneVision Resources, a leading provider of smart home support services, announces its new 20/20 program designed to unite the industry by bringing together manufacturers, software providers, remote systems management (RSM) platform providers, service providers, and trade organizations with the goal of enhancing technology experiences for consumers.

Following a successful launch of OneVision’s flagship offering, Integrator Service Desk™ (ISD), at CEDIA 2016 in Dallas, OneVision introduces the next phase in its mission of revolutionizing the technology support experience. This comprehensive new program reinforces the organization’s overarching goal of enhancing the consumer technology experience through faster, more knowledgeable, and more emotionally intelligent service.

“The 20/20 program is a collaboration between OneVision Resources and the CEDIA industry based on the premise that a better consumer experience in the home will lead to a better business environment for everyone,” says OneVision founder and CEO Joseph Kolchinsky. “The entire industry benefits from fast and friendly end-user support, so we’re working together with manufacturers, RSM platform providers, software developers, service providers, and industry organizations to create the best experience possible. Although we’re starting with 20 of the top names in the industry, our goal is to have active participation across all brands and organizations.”

Companies Who Already See the Vision

The founding cohort of 20/20 participants consists of true visionaries who understand the importance of improving the post-purchase experience in order to secure the successful future of the consumer technology industry. The founding group consists of many respected companies, including manufacturers Lutron, ELAN, SurgeX,, Luxul, and Dana Innovations; software providers D-Tools, iPoint, and Portal; RSM platform provider Ihiji; service providers PanTech Design, WhyReboot, RAYVA, Johnnie & Co., and One Firefly; trade organizations Azione Unlimited, HTSA, and BRAVAS; and CEDIA, the custom electronic design and installation association, with public relations support from KMB Communications.

“As an industry, we are no longer just technology integrators. Instead, we are becoming an industry of technology managers. This requires a dedicated focus on service and can benefit from industry support. If we transition successfully we will grow existing revenue streams and create new ones,” says Vin Bruno, CEDIA CEO. “As the industry continues to evolve, programs like OneVision’s 20/20 are critical to making sure that tomorrow’s technology manager is prepared to meet the needs of the modern family.”

20/20 Program Benefits

One of the key tenets of the program is working together to improve OneVision’s Instant Triage™ services, already used by home technology professionals nationwide to provide instant, 24/7 support and monitoring services to their clients. The 20/20 platform enables participants to help OneVision and home technology integrators deliver Instant Triage and emotionally intelligent service to technology users more easily, armed with even more extensive knowledge about the products and systems installed.

In addition to the information gleaned from providing support directly to end-users, each company will enjoy co-marketing opportunities to share their brand’s story with the OneVision partner network, co-branded press releases with maximum exposure provided through the OneVision network, and presence on the OneVision website in the form of a logo, description, and link.

Additional benefits are tailored toward the company’s unique offerings, whether they are a manufacturer, software provider, RSM platform provider, service provider, or trade organization.

“Lutron is committed to providing world-class lighting and shading control solutions and OneVision is committed to delivering outstanding post-installation support services by working together to provide the ultimate end-user experience,” says David Weinstein, Vice President of Residential Sales at Lutron Electronics Co. “Instant response, 24/7 availability, and proactive monitoring of critical systems in the home is something the modern family expects. We’re thrilled to be a founding member of their 20/20 program, and equally excited to support our dealers’ interest in this program for the mutual benefit of our residential homeowner customers.”


Manufacturers rely on home technology professionals to represent their brand in the home. Now manufacturers can enhance the experience by providing information, troubleshooting knowledge, and training resources to OneVision, enabling a faster and higher-quality support experience. With the support resources 20/20 manufacturers provide, OneVision and its network of integrator partners can more quickly resolve customer issues resulting in greater overall brand satisfaction and further enhancing the manufacturer’s reputation as a company that delivers superior technology experiences.

“Excellent service and the resulting customer experience is an important initiative for ELAN and Core Brands,” says Mike Jordan, Vice President of Product Management with Core Brands. “Hence, we are contributing training and technical support services to the OneVision 20/20 program which directly contribute to a superior level of service for our users which, in turn, builds recurring revenue for our integrators.”

Software Providers

20/20 software products will be integrated directly into the OneVision workflow, resulting in a more streamlined software experience for users and greater visibility through OneVision’s vast network of ISD customers.

“OneVision’s approach to service takes the entire client lifecycle into consideration,” says Kirk Chisholm, CEO of Portal. “With Portal having such a critical role at the beginning of many projects, we’re happy to help OneVision provide a better level of service by making it easier to access product lists for established systems.”

Remote Systems Management Platform Providers

A key component to OneVision’s ISD offering is the remote systems management (RSM) of home systems, a service that is provided 24/7 and paired with proactive end-user support. An RSM platform provider who joins the 20/20 program has proven that their troubleshooting platform meets the qualifications required by OneVision to be an effective and reliable tool. OneVision uses these qualified tools to provide integration partners with pre-configured remote management systems, which enable improved remote troubleshooting and proactive monitoring of smart-home technology. By responding to all service notifications using the Instant Triage™ process, OneVision streamlines an integrator’s ability to manage service agreements and removes barriers in deploying RSM platforms to both new and existing clients.

“OneVision’s offering goes hand-in-hand with the modern integrator’s pivot towards service,” says Stuart Rench, CEO of remote systems management pioneer, Ihiji. “If you’re looking for a complete solution to reduce service costs, improve the client experience, and build recurring revenue, OneVision is a natural fit.”

Service Providers and Trade Organizations

Trade organizations, including buying groups and other aggregators, play a critical role in the growth of this industry by encouraging best practices across their members and facilitating education. When a group participates in the 20/20 program, it benefits from preferred pricing, dedicated workshops, and enhanced brand prestige as the result of a higher quality end-user experience.

“OneVision is streamlining the most important element of the client-facing experience with their Instant Triage™ service,” says Paul Starkey, Executive Director of the BRAVAS Group. “As a group looking for consistency and performance, BRAVAS shares their vision and believes they are paving the way for a great client experience that is cost-effective for our members.”

We Are Stronger Together

OneVision will include all 20/20 companies’ offerings in the initial and ongoing training of OneVision team members for the purposes of knowledgeably discussing the services with the industry and providing a superior level of support for these products. The reputation of each member’s brand as well as the collective group will be further enhanced by the association with exemplary service that OneVision, ISD, and Instant Triage™ provide.

Most importantly, 20/20 companies will benefit from the synergies amongst OneVision and its integration partners. “We’re proud to include our industry colleagues in our mission to revolutionize technology support and how it’s delivered,” says Kolchinsky. ”Consumers today expect the service-oriented approach our network of partners are now able to deliver. With service-oriented Home Technology Professionals, the future is bright for the CEDIA channel,” he concludes.

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OneVision Resources has launched its 20/20 program with a clear vision of improved technology experience for consumers. The program supports
home technology industry manufacturers, software providers, remote systems management (RSM) platform providers, service providers, and trade organizations in their goals to help custom installers improve the technology experience with fast, efficient, and high-quality support. As the industry continues to evolve into a technology management role, programs like the 20/20 program are critical to making sure the technology manager, the manufacturer, and the service provider are in lock step and working together for the good of the consumer.

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