Systems integrators attending Lightapalooza, Feb. 26-29, can learn how to develop, sell, and execute an inclusive “Power Plan” to improve the performance of clients’ lighting systems and other connected devices.

PLANTATION, FL – February 20, 2024 – RoseWater Energy, a leader for more than a decade in advanced, professionally installed power conditioning, energy management and storage systems for luxury homes, will lead several educational sessions and panel discussions at Lightapalooza 2024, held Feb. 26-29 in Phoenix. RoseWater Energy CEO and managing director Joe Piccirilli will present a wealth of information to systems integrators eager to capitalize on this quickly growing market. Courses will cover the fundamentals of electrical power, the importance of clean, conditioned power to the performance of a home’s electronic systems, and how to develop and execute a proper and profitable “Power Plan.” 

“Clean, reliable, stable power is essential for optimal performance and longevity of every electronic component in a home,” says Piccirilli. “Given the countless spikes, sags, and other problems that feed into a home’s electrical panel via incoming power lines, the best way for systems integrators to protect their clients’ tech investments is by including a comprehensive power management solution in every luxury home project.” 

Integrators attending power-related courses at Lightapalooza will learn the basics of electricity and the impact of unconditioned, unprotected power on their projects, the right way to incorporate power management systems into homes, and how power solutions can broaden their scope of business and build additional revenue. 

Lightapalooza attendees can also see a complete power management system in action by visiting the RoseWater Energy exhibit on the Lightapalooza show floor. “We want to give systems integrators a thorough education on power, and this means also showing them the necessary components of a full power management solution,” Piccirilli continues. “Lightapalooza attendees who stop by can see how our award-winning Energy Hub integrates with a home’s electrical panel and third-party systems, what makes it different from other options, and how as an authorized dealer they can take advantage of our complete, white-glove design and installation service and support.”

Power and Controls courses will be held at several different times throughout the 3-day Lightapalooza event to give attendees ample opportunity to work them into their schedules. Most courses are free with a Lightapalooza registration and last one hour. 


Course Descriptions:  

Electricity and Power: What you need to know about power but were afraid to ask

Attendees will gain a fundamental understanding of how electricity enters a home, is distributed, and affects equipment, and walk away with a better basic understanding of the state of power today, how to address the issues, and make money doing it. 

How to Plan and Sell Power: a hands-on real-world workshop

Learn why you need a “Power Plan” and how to develop and execute one. Work through a real-world project to see how a Power Plan can assure greater success. 

The Energy Category: A guided discussion about the future of our business

A guided open discussion led by several industry leaders in the power category offers attendees a chance to ask questions and get answers from experts in the field. Panelists will provide valuable insights on the key players in the power industry and how dealers can make power the most profitable part of their business. 

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About RoseWater Energy

RoseWater Energy understands that Power is the Foundation® for any smart home. The company designs and manufactures a complete solution providing both power conditioning and consistent energy, as well as surge and lightning protection for the main power source, solar input, and battery backup, along with analytics and remote monitoring in a redundant industrial-grade system made for large, high-end residences and commercial environments. 

Committed to building Simply the Best® energy management system on the market, RoseWater Energy Hubs work 24/7 and are always providing clean power in any situation – including during normal grid operation as well as grid spikes, surges, brownouts, or power outages. RoseWater Hubs are built with full power conditioning functionality and zero-transfer-times between power sources. These unique features enable technology integration professionals to reduce or eliminate a plethora of unnecessary and expensive client service calls due to power issues and instead, provide peace of mind. White-glove support ensures a successful outcome. RoseWater will work with authorized integration firms to help design, build, integrate, and manage a custom Power Plan™ specific to the needs of each project. For more details visit

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