New rep firms chosen for having a strong dealer base and dedication to providing customers with exceptional power protection and storage solutions to growing electrical grid-related problems in Florida, Arizona, and Southern Nevada.

PLANTATION, FL – February 7, 2024 – RoseWater Energy, a leader in advanced, professionally installed power conditioning, energy management and storage systems for luxury homes for more than a decade, continues to expand awareness and adoption of its solutions with the addition of two reputable manufacturer’s rep firms. LK & Associates Inc. and Innovative Consulting & Marketing will now carry and distribute RoseWater’s advanced Energy Hubs to their dealer customers in Florida, and Arizona and Southern Nevada, respectively. 

These areas of the country are particularly prone to power-related problems; authorized dealers serving luxury homeowners in these markets now have convenient access to complete energy management solutions that combine the delivery of clean and conditioned power to all electronic devices and systems in a home, along with surge protection, solar battery storage, battery backup with remote monitoring, and redundant industrial-grade systems. The manufacturer’s rep firms will also provide their dealer partners access to complete design and installation service and support via RoseWater’s industry-leading white-glove commissioning and delivery. 

“LK & Associates and Innovative Consulting & Marketing possess all the qualities we look for in premier representatives of our innovative power management systems. They each have a strong reputation and passion for new, up-and-coming technologies like power management and recognize the performance and revenue advantages of our solutions,” says RoseWater CEO and managing director Joe Piccirilli. “Having dealt with escalating power-related issues in their respective markets for several years, they understand the necessity for solutions like our Energy Hubs to deliver clean, reliable power to every connected electronic system while protecting them from spikes, surges, and other anomalies on the power grid. ‘Power is the Foundation’ of a home’s comfort, convenience, and efficiency. By aligning with rep firms like LK & Associates and Innovative Consulting & Marketing, we can push this core message and our solutions to customers who know what it’s like to live with unreliable, unstable electricity and are ready to do something about it.” 

Adds Seth Kaplan, principal of LK & Associates, “Like RoseWater, we believe consumers have a much better appreciation for the role power plays and are eager to learn how to protect their tech investments. The key to future and profitable business for all our dealer partners is the reliability of their jobs for their clients. Power is a major reliability factor, and RoseWater transforms this challenging variable into a positive and helps dealers add value and differentiate themselves.” 

Patrick Boyer, principal at Innovative Consulting & Marketing echoes this sentiment. “RoseWater is a thought-leader in the energy management space and more of our dealers are looking to expand their energy offerings. Innovative prides itself on a consultive sales process and we feel that RoseWater is a natural fit with our style of representation. Coupling RoseWater with our other industry-leading brands will be beneficial for everyone in the value chain from the manufacturer all the way to the end user.” 

To discover more about RoseWater Energy, its philosophy, and how its technology and products enable better power delivery and energy management across an entire home, visit Integrators can contact and to find their designated RoseWater rep.

About RoseWater Energy

RoseWater Energy understands that Power is the Foundation® for any smart home. The company designs and manufactures a complete solution providing both power conditioning and consistent energy, as well as surge and lightning protection for the main power source, solar input, and battery backup, along with analytics and remote monitoring in a redundant industrial-grade system made for large, high-end residences and commercial environments. 

Committed to building Simply the Best® energy management system on the market, RoseWater Energy Hubs work 24/7 and are always providing clean power in any situation – including during normal grid operation as well as grid spikes, surges, brownouts, or power outages. RoseWater Hubs are built with full power conditioning functionality and zero transfer times between power sources. These unique features enable technology integration professionals to reduce or eliminate a plethora of unnecessary and expensive client service calls due to power issues and instead, provide peace of mind. White-glove support ensures a successful outcome. RoseWater will work with authorized integration firms to help design, build, integrate, and manage a custom Power Plan™ specific to the needs of each project. For more details visit and subscribe to the RoseWater Energy YouTube channel for valuable insights and to stay up to date on the latest energy management advancements.

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