CEDIA EXPO Booth #6250

Customized for Ruckus R850 access point, Wall-Smart’s innovative concealment solution delivers Wi-Fi signals throughout a home with zero visual impact.

BUFFALO, NY (July 8, 2021) –Wall-Smart, the leading manufacturer of innovative mounting hardware that conceals a wide variety of smart devices flush with wall and ceiling surfaces, offers integrators a mounting solution that makes Wi-Fi access points disappear. Customized for the Ruckus R850 Wi-Fi 6 access point, the mount takes a device that would ordinarily protrude from the ceiling and recesses it completely within the surface. Integrators can deliver their customers high-performance Wi-Fi 6 connectivity without compromising the aesthetics of the home environment. The cover of the Ruckus R850 mount can be painted to match the ceiling surface to render it even more indiscernible.

Because the mount disappears within the home design, integrators now have a better installation alternative than hiding access points in closets or behind furniture. Thanks to the new Wall-Smart mount, Ruckus R850 access points can be located where they provide the strongest, fastest, most reliable Wi-Fi 6 signals for optimal connectivity and a better customer experience. Every detail was addressed in the design of the mount. It includes the necessary hardware for installation in both new and existing homes, incorporates technology to optimize Wi-Fi performance, and is easily accessible for service. Additionally, the mount has been designed for installation in any orientation and to ensure proper air ventilation and heat dissipation to protect the access point from overheating.

Although the mount was designed specifically for the R850 wireless access point, it can also accommodate other Ruckus access points, including the R750, R730, R720, R710, R650, R610, R600, R550, R510, R320 and R310.

“At Wall-Smart we recognize that providing homeowners with optimal Wi-Fi bandwidth, speed, and coverage can be a challenge for integrators. Often, it requires sacrificing a home’s design in order to locate wireless access points where they deliver the strongest connections,” says Wall-Smart Co-CEO and Founder Galia Ben-Dor. “We developed the Ruckus R850 mount so that integrators no longer need to choose technology over design to deliver the best Wi-Fi experience.”

The Ruckus R850 mount joins Wall-Smart’s comprehensive line of design-friendly mounts customized for the modern smart home and engineered with features and technology to simplify installation for professional integrators.

Wall-Smart will debut the Ruckus 850 mount during CEDIA Expo in booth #6250 along with other innovative concealment solutions. Additional information about Wall-Smart, its products, manufacturer partners, and instructional videos can be found at http://www.wall-smart.com.

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