Innovative mounts from Wall-Smart recess 13 voice assistants, 4 thermostats, and 7 touchpanels flush with stone and stucco surfaces, rendering the technology nearly imperceptible. 

Technology can dramatically enhance home environments, adding convenience, comfort, and connectivity. But it can also raise havoc with design and architecture. At least that’s what the custom builders at Boca Raton-based Compson Homes thought. This belief was quickly dispelled, however, by an innovative line of mounting hardware from Wall-Smart. Introduced to Compson Homes superintendent John Collins by the low-voltage contractors at TYM Home Technology Design at the onset of a recent project, the mounts turned what could have been a new home overwhelmed by unsightly smart devices into a thing of unparalleled beauty. 

Tasteful Application of Technology 

Having integrated a wide variety of systems into hundreds of luxury homes, TYM was well aware of builders’ concerns over the impact of tech on the home’s architecture and interior design. The possibility for a clash definitely existed in this home, as the owners had requested a huge array of smart home features: color-changing circadian lighting, more than a dozen voice assistants, automated window shades, and plenty of touchscreens and keypads to manage it all. The clincher: None of the technology could detract from the clean, modern decor.  


TYM suggested using Wall-Smart mounts to downplay the appearance of the devices. Recessed into the simple, easy-to-install wall and ceiling mounts, the 13 voice assistants from, plus seven touchpanels and four thermostats from Savant sit flush with the home’s solid stone and stucco surfaces. “The Wall-Smart mounts make these devices look like a seamless part of the walls and ceilings, barely imperceptible yet easily accessible to the homeowners,” says TYM Vice President Greg Montgomery. “The beauty of the home was preserved without adding construction or design complexities to the workflow.” 

Differentiation of Home Design

The remarkable result, thanks in part to the clever and covert implementation of technology, is a visually stunning and smart residence tailored perfectly to the tastes of its owners. They have the best of both worlds—technology that enhances their lifestyle and a design that is drop-dead gorgeous. What began somewhat as an experiment to obscure technology turned into a legitimate smart home solution for Compson Homes. 

Where to See Wall-Smart Mounts

To see Wall-Smart’s extensive portfolio of technology concealment solutions for the design-build community, visit Go to for more information about its extensive line of flush mount products and instructional installation videos, the company itself, or its partners. 

About Wall-Smart Ltd.

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