Visually discreet flush mounts from WALL-SMART blend technology beautifully into the architecture and interior style of residential and commercial environments.

BARCELONA, SPAIN; BUFFALO, NY (January 25, 2024)WALL-SMART understands the importance of preserving a building’s unique design characteristics when incorporating technology into the interior space. Premium materials and finishes, fine architectural details, and elegant interior surroundings create an aesthetic that technology should not overshadow. Yet, touchscreens, keypads, tablets, Wi-Fi access points, and other technologies have become critical components of modern living. WALL-SMART’s distinctive, design-friendly, flush wall and ceiling mounts solve this ongoing dilemma by enabling systems integrators to blend, if not hide, a wide range of tech seamlessly into any wall or ceiling surface, new construction and retrofit applications, alike. 

Displayed for the first time at an ISE event are WALL-SMART’s award-winning Universal Access Point Mounts and Mount for Sonos Beam Soundbar. At stand #2F460, ISE 2024 attendees can see the precise fit and clean finish of these and other products from industry-leading brands including Savant, Crestron, Control4, Lutron, and more, mounted in a variety of building materials. It’s this attention to detail and level of customization that renders devices less noticeable, preserves the architectural, design and structural integrity of the surrounding surface, and maintains optimal performance and convenient use of the technology. By turning eyesores into natural elements of the home or business environment, WALL-SMART offers integrators a means of differentiation and an avenue into new untapped markets. 

“Technology has become a necessity for most homes and businesses, but this doesn’t mean the aesthetic environment must suffer from ‘wall and ceiling acne’,” says WALL-SMART Co-CEO and Founder Galia Ben-Dor. “This is the philosophy on which WALL-SMART bases the design of every product developed. We think every living or working space should be as beautiful as it is functional, and our new solutions give technology integrators, builders, architects, designers, and their clientele even more ways to achieve this objective with ease and simplicity.”

WALL-SMART Introduces All-Inclusive Mounts for Wi-Fi Access Points 

Created for a universal fit of popular Wi-Fi access points from Araknis and Netgear, among many others, WALL-SMART’s Universal Access Point Mount offers integrators an opportunity to broaden their scope of business. Reliable, stable Wi-Fi connectivity is just as critical to IT and commercial customers as it is to homeowners, which drives the need for discreetly installed Wi-Fi access points across several vertical markets. The Universal Access Point Mount simplifies the transition into new markets and product specification process for builders, architects, designers and technology integrators. Rather than searching for and stocking a brand-specific mount, building professionals can rely on this one all-inclusive mount to take a device that would ordinarily protrude from the ceiling and recess it completely within the surface. By rendering Wi-Fi access points virtually invisible, the Universal Access Point Mount ensures high-performance Wi-Fi 6 and 7 connectivity without compromising the aesthetics of the environment. The multi-purpose design of the Universal Access Point Mount, which comes in ceiling- and wall-mounted versions, in small, medium, and large sizes, accommodates other products, as well, such as gateway devices and networking components like the Bond Bridge from Olibra.

WALL-SMART Mounts for Sonos Beam and ARC Break Soundbar Barriers 

Another popular yet visually invasive technology addressed by WALL-SMART is the soundbar. They’ve overcome the tech-versus-design conflict by creating a flush wall mount for the Sonos Beam and ARC soundbars. Systems integrators now have an eye-appealing alternative to placing soundbars inside furniture or attaching directly to displays. “While the Sonos Beam and ARC soundbars are beautiful in their own right, sometimes furniture is not desired or possible underneath the display. For these applications, our Wall Mounts for the Sonos Beam and ARC Soundbars provide a clean, minimalist appearance in any surround-sound application,” says Ben-Dor. The wall mounts, which are available in black and white, are covered with an attractive, matching acoustically and IR transparent grille cloth, allowing sound to transmit to the audience unfettered. 

Mounts Purpose-Built for Best-in-Class Keypads, Touchscreens, Tablets, and More

WALL-SMART demonstrates to ISE 2024 attendees its extensive breadth of products by also bringing wall mounts for inconspicuous installation of keypads, touchscreens, tablets, and electrical receptacles. Recessed wall mounts for keypads from ABB, Basalte, Black Nova, Lutron, and Vantage will be exhibited. In the touchscreen category, WALL-SMART showcases wall mounts for Control4, Crestron, Nice, RTI, and Savant. Leading brands of tablets are accounted for, as well, with solutions designed for the latest versions of the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy. Electrical receptacles from Atlier and Basalte sit flush with wall surfaces, thanks to mounts customized by WALL-SMART.

Where to See WALL-SMART Flush Wall and Ceiling Mounts at ISE 2024

ISE 2024 attendees can see WALL-SMART’s latest additions to its extensive portfolio of technology concealment solutions at Stand #2F460. For more information about WALL-SMART, its growing list of manufacturer partnerships and products, and to view installation videos, go to European distributors interested in carrying WALL-SMART products are encouraged to meet with WALL-SMART at the show. Schedule a meeting here:

WALL-SMART is the leading designer and manufacturer of custom flush ceiling and wall mounts for smart home devices, including tablets, touchscreens, Wi-Fi access points, security cameras, voice assistants, and more. Dedicated to providing cutting-edge concealment solutions for technology in new and existing homes, WALL-SMART inspires homes that are both technologically advanced and exceptionally beautiful. A wide range of products, combined with simple installation, and fast, hassle-free worldwide shipping, poises WALL-SMART as a valuable smart home resource for home systems integrators, home builders and contractors, architects, and designers. 

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