WALL-SMART’s broad range of flush wall mounts helps home builders, architects, designers, and systems integrators minimize the appearance of iPads, Wi-Fi access points, touchscreens, voice assistants, and more. 

Las Vegas, Nevada (January 4, 2023)WALL-SMART, a multi-award-winning manufacturer of custom wall mounts, understands the challenges builders, architects, designers, and systems integrators face when adding popular technologies like touchscreens, tablets, voice assistants, security cameras, Wi-Fi access points, and other home tech devices into homes. Achieving an aesthetically pleasing finish can be difficult. Rather than let smart home technology detract from the home design, WALL-SMART offers to the build/design community a range of custom-designed and -manufactured mounting hardware that recesses devices flush with wall and ceiling surfaces. Developed for new construction and retrofit applications, the innovative wall and ceiling mounts turn home tech devices into natural, seamless extensions of wall or ceiling materials, rendering them dramatically less conspicuous yet still easy and convenient to use. 

“Technology has become a necessity for most households, but that doesn’t mean the home environment must suffer from ‘wall and ceiling acne’,” says WALL-SMART Co-CEO and Founder Galia Ben-Dor. “This is the philosophy on which WALL-SMART was conceived and bases the design of every product we develop. We think every home should be as beautiful as it is smart, and our mounting solutions give builders, architects, designers, technology integrators, and their clientele even more ways to achieve this objective with ease and simplicity.”

WALL-SMART showcases at IBS 2023, Booth W2264, a variety of design-friendly flush wall and ceiling mounts from its portfolio, including mounts for the newest generation of Apple iPad tablets, an all-inclusive mount that accommodates multiple brands of Wi-Fi access points, and a mount made for the installation of technology within masonry walls. These new products join WALL-SMART’s diverse family of discreet mounting solutions for installation in drywall, as well as marble, glass, wood, concrete, and other solid surfaces. 

Each of WALL-SMART’s wall and ceiling mounts is custom-designed, -engineered, and made with a specific home tech product in mind. This attention to detail ensures not only a seamless, flush appearance but optimal convenience of use and quality of performance. Included in the WALL-SMART line are mounts for best-in-brand devices, including Sonos Beam and Arc soundbars, Apple iPad tablets, Lutron lighting keypads, Control4 and Crestron home automation touchscreens and keypads, Savant low-voltage keypads, Araknis Wi-Fi access points, IC Realtime security cameras, Honeywell home security keypads, Legrand light switches, and more.

WALL-SMART Recesses Apple iPad Tablets Flush with Wall Surfaces

Recognizing the need for a secure, convenient, aesthetically pleasing storage option for handheld tablets, WALL-SMART has developed an entire line of wall mounts customized for various generations of the Apple iPad, including the new iPad 10; iPad Pro 11, 4th generation; iPad Pro 12.9, 6th generation; and iPad Air, 5th generation. The new design- and installation-friendly selection of Flush Wall Mounts for Apple iPads recesses the device flush with the wall surface. Builders, architects, designers, and systems integrators can now blend these ubiquitous mobile devices beautifully into the home environment where they won’t clash with the interior design, clutter coffee tables, or go misplaced. 

WALL-SMART’s New Line of Universal Mounts Conceals Wi-Fi Access Points from Several Leading Manufacturers

Created for universal accommodation of popular Wi-Fi access points from CommScope, Juniper Networks, POEWIT, Snap One, and Ubiquiti, among others, WALL-SMART’s new line of ceiling mounts simplifies the specification process for builders, architects, designers, and technology integrators. Rather than searching for and stocking a brand-specific Wi-Fi access point mount, building professionals can rely on one all-inclusive mount to take a device that would ordinarily protrude from the ceiling and recess it completely within the surface. By rendering Wi-Fi access points virtually invisible, the Universal Access Point Mount helps deliver high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity without compromising the aesthetics of the home environment.





WALL-SMART Develops Mounting Solution that Recesses Home Tech Devices Flush with Masonry Walls

Designed, engineered, and manufactured to simplify and beautify the installation of a wide range of technologies within masonry construction, WALL-SMART’s Frameless Flush Mount provides a seamless fit between rugged wall surfaces and sleek keypads, switches, touch panels, tablets, and more without sacrificing the architectural integrity of the structure or the performance of the device. Homes and buildings made of masonry can now provide the smart benefits of technology many buyers have come to expect in addition to unquestionable strength and durability. Furthermore, builders, designers, and architects can differentiate their businesses with a technology solution that’s simple to deploy and attractive to tech-savvy homebuyers.

Where to See WALL-SMART

IBS 2023 attendees can see WALL-SMART’s portfolio of innovative, design-forward wall and ceiling flush mounts customized for keypads, touchscreens, tablets, surveillance cameras, Wi-Fi access points, soundbars, and more at Booth W2264. To learn more about WALL-SMART’s complete line of innovative mounting hardware and view instructional installation videos, go to www.wall-smart.com

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WALL-SMART is the leading designer and manufacturer of custom flush ceiling and wall mounts for high-end home electronic devices, including tablets, touchscreens, Wi-Fi access points, security cameras, voice assistants, and more. Dedicated to providing cutting-edge, creative, and cost-effective concealment solutions for technology in new and existing homes, WALL-SMART inspires homes that are both technically advanced and exceptionally beautiful. A wide range of 

products, combined with simple installation, and fast, hassle-free worldwide shipping, positions WALL-SMART as a valuable smart home resource for home systems integrators, home builders and contractors, architects, and designers. 

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