New portfolio of Sophos routers provides integrators and end-users enterprise-grade firewall protection for any size or scope of home networking system.

LOS ANGELES, CA (September 30, 2020) – According to research firm Statista, hackers are the average American’s biggest fear. It’s no wonder, given that a cyberattack happens every 39 seconds. And it’s not just big corporations that are getting hit. Homeowners are just as vulnerable, especially now that so many families are working and learning from home. 

Committed to providing integrators and consumers with the safest, most reliable networking solutions for homes and bandwidth demands of every size and scope, Access Networks now offers a variety of stand-alone enterprise-grade Sophos XG Firewall solutions. Originally included as a component of Access Networks’ Core systems, the routers comprising the new portfolio are available unbundled for integration with any home networking system. 

The Sophos router/firewall lineup includes five different models with varying levels of protection. Suggested retail prices range from $550 for an entry-level router to $2,400 for the most advanced router in terms of throughput speed and hardware capabilities. With these options, integrators can choose a router that best fits the needs of each project. 

The ability to purchase a Sophos router/firewall ala carte offers integrators greater flexibility and customization of their home networking designs. Even customers with modest-size home networks can now benefit from the straightforward addition of a Sophos router and its advanced firewall protection. “Trusting anything less than a solution with enterprise-level protection is like buying a house with a security system but leaving the doors unlocked,” says Roman Rida, senior field account executive at Sophos. 

Adds Access Networks CSO, Bryce Nordstrand, “As home networking demands continue to escalate and families are spending more time than ever online, the need for a safe, secure connection is critical for the protection of personal data and the performance of the home network. And it’s not just computers that are vulnerable. Anything that’s on the network—security cameras, electronic door locks, smart TVs, and other IoT devices—can be affected. The highly acclaimed Sophos router/firewall provides the assurance that customers need, no matter how big or small their home network.” 

Sophos Training Courses

Integrators interested in offering any Access Networks Sophos router/firewall solution must complete a series of online training courses. For more information on how to get started, integrators can contact the Access Networks Client Services team at [email protected].

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