A full range of Wi-Fi 6 wireless access points, ala carte availability of Sophos router and firewall, new cloud-based Core systems, online design and configuration tools, and technical support through live chat round out Access Networks’ offerings at the CEDIA Expo Virtual Experience, September 15-17, 2020

LOS ANGELES, CA (September 14, 2020) – Access Networks, the premier enterprise-grade networking solutions provider, continues to evolve its offerings to deliver the best networking solutions for homes and bandwidth demands of every size and scope. As the residential integration community’s first provider of Wi-Fi 6 Certified wireless access points, Access Networks has expanded its Wi-Fi 6 WAP line to include three different models to provide dealers with the perfect solution for every project. Access Networks leverages its support of Wi-Fi 6 with unbundled router/firewall options and a more streamlined purchasing, design, and deployment process. For example, the company’s highly acclaimed Sophos router with advanced firewall protection can now be purchased by integrators as a separate component rather than bundled with an Access Networks Core system. This, combined with newly implemented cloud-based configuration of Core systems, live chat for both tech support and sales-related questions, and online design and ordering, helps integrators streamline their design and deployment of residential networks. 

Debuting during the CEDIA Expo Virtual Experience, these new products and services, as well as a number of training opportunities held throughout the event, demonstrate Access Networks’ commitment to offering the best products, service, support, and ongoing education to support the modern smart home.

NEW Wi-Fi 6 Certified Wireless Access Points 

Adding to its best-in-class lineup of networking products, Access Networks introduces a comprehensive line of Wi-Fi 6 certified wireless access points. Comprising the well-rounded portfolio is the A550, A650, and A750. The availability of these three Wi-Fi 6 certified wireless access points allows integrators to choose the best WAP for the size and scope of a project, offering customers the best possible Wi-Fi experience as family members work and learn from home. Designed for large homes with heavy Internet traffic is the most robust WAP in the line, the A750. The A550 supports homes and Wi-Fi demands of smaller scope, while the A650 caters to mid-range applications. 

NEW Ala Carte Availability of Sophos Router and Firewall Protection

Seamless, reliable, and safe connectivity is a huge area of concern for consumers as they spend more time using home networks for working, learning, entertaining, and controlling IoT devices. Access Networks has been providing integrators and consumers with enterprise-grade firewall protection as a component of its comprehensive Core systems. Now, they’ve expanded the Sophos offering with the addition of several varieties of unbundled routers/firewalls. Available are five different models of Sophos router with integrated XG Firewall, offering varying levels of protection. Suggested retail prices range from $550 for an entry-level router to $2,400 for the most advanced model in terms of throughput speed and hardware capabilities. With these options, integrators can choose a router that best fits the needs of each project.  

NEW Cloud-Based Configuration for Core Systems, MyAccess Partner Portal Adds Online Chat and Design Services

Remote access and support of home technology is a huge growth area for integrators as they seek alternative methods to effectively serve clients. Access Networks is doing its part by providing dealers with a variety of new tools and resources to streamline the design, configuration, and deployment of network solutions. For starters, the company is transitioning its Core systems to the cloud. Integrators will soon have the freedom to configure a complete system via the cloud and access those settings virtually to handle future modifications simply and quickly. 

Maximizing network design and deployment efficiency have been main areas of focus for Access Networks, and MyAccess now has new features to support that. Technicians can now receive answers to technical questions via live chat on the MyAccess technical support page. With fast, live response, technicians have the information they need to keep their projects running smoothly. Live chat is also available with the Access Networks Client Services team for answers to non-technical questions. 

And when it’s time to design and deploy a Core system, integrators can now customize a solution via a dynamic online design form on MyAccess. Based on information an integrator enters into the form about the project–such as building materials, the number and type of clients, and the number of ports–a design is automatically generated and reviewed by the Access Networks team. 

Access Networks Emphasizes Education with Course Offerings 

With the rollout of new technologies like Wi-Fi 6, network requirements and demands are changing rapidly, and it’s sometimes hard to keep pace let alone convey the right information to your clientele. To help integrators effectively design, sell, implement, and manage enterprise-grade networks, Access Networks presents several valuable training sessions during CEDIA Expo Virtual: 

“Wi-Fi 6 is Here!” September 16, 12 p.m. EST, presented by Nathan Holmes, Director of Training & Development

Wi-Fi 6, the newest and most efficient Wi-Fi standard ever developed, is here along with client devices that are designed to use it. Learn why you should already be installing products that support the newest networking standard.

“Selling Enterprise-Grade Networks Made Easy with Andrew” September 16, 3 p.m. EST, presented by Andrew Ward, Sales Manager

Explaining to your clients the importance of an enterprise-grade network may sound complicated, but with Andrew it’s simple. In this 30-minute sales training course, Andrew explains why enterprise-grade matters and how to effectively sell your clients the networks they need. 

“Best Practices: WLAN Design & Implementation” September 17, 12 p.m. EST, presented by Bobby Giebenrath, Partner Training & Development Manager 

In this class, Bobby will guide you through what to consider when designing and implementing a high-performance wireless network. 

“AVoIP: Streaming Onto Your Network One Source at a Time” September 17, 3 p.m. EST, presented by Nathan Holmes, Director of Training & Development 

Sending audio and video over IP (AVoIP) has become the go-to standard for distributed AV. Proper design of a LAN that can support the high bandwidth requirements of AVoIP is critical for ensuring a great client experience. Learn how to design the correct network to support your preferred AV over IP solution. 

Sophos Training Courses

Also available to integrators is a series of training courses required to sell Sophos routers ala carte. For more information on how to get started, integrators are invited to visit the Access Networks booth at CEDIA Expo Virtual or contact the company’s Client Services team at [email protected].

Get to know the Access Networks Team During CEDIA Expo Virtual, 2020

CEDIA Expo Virtual Attendees are encouraged to visit the Access Networks online booth on or after September 15th, not just for valuable learning opportunities and new product intros, but to meet the Access Networks team who will be available to discuss company strategies, learn more about products and network trends, share insights, and collaborate. See Booth listing here: https://cediaexpovirtual.com/page/73235/all-brands.

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