CAS attendees provided opportunity to ‘hear the difference’ Torus Power isolation transformers make on audio quality

 TORONTO, ON, CANADA –  Torus Power, a subsidiary of Plitron Manufacturing and maker of uncompromising isolation transformer–based power products, announced today that its RM Series products will be demonstrated at the California Audio Show (CAS) 2015 by Acoustic Frontiers, who will be exhibiting in conjunction with Lone Mountain Audio, in Room 332, August 14–16 at the Westin San Francisco Airport (SFO).

There, Torus Power dealer Acoustic Frontiers will be demonstrating a high-performance audio system featuring some of the best products and technologies available, including an Aurender music server, DEQX PreMATE digital preamp, ATC floor-standing speakers, JL Audio subwoofers, Wireworld cables, and the Torus Power RM15 power isolation transformer.

“In addition to hearing the intrinsic sound quality of the system and the benefits of incorporating toroidal isolation transformers from Torus Power, we’ll be demonstrating the effects of using multiple subs and room correction to improve bass reproduction,” says Nyal Mellor of Acoustic Frontiers.

Torus Power RM series isolation transformers are unrivaled in performance, protection, and relative value. The RM15 being shown at the California Audio Show is ideal for mid-size systems and features some of Torus Power’s top technology, including toroidal power isolation, NBT noise-filtering technology, surge suppression, and more. Combined, these dynamic technologies deliver tighter bass response, increased dynamic range and definition and a lower noise floor, while toroidal isolation functions completely protect connected components from the effects of inadequate power as well as surges, spikes, and other damaging electrical events.

“By isolating the power supply from AV equipment, Torus Power products protect expensive equipment and prolongs its life, while producing dramatic improvements in audio quality,” says Kevin Main, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Torus Power. “When California Audio Show attendees hear the Acoustic Frontiers demo featuring Torus Power isolation transformers, they will be blown away by the audible difference and overall performance.”

More information about Torus Power can be obtained by visiting, calling (800) 754-8766, writing to [email protected] by following the brand on twitter and Facebook. More information about Acoustic Frontiers can be found online by visiting

About Torus Power
Toroidal isolation power conditioners by Torus Power are the world’s finest clean power source for audio, video, and control systems. Dramatically increasing performance levels of connected AV components from video displays to speakers, Torus Power Conditioners utilize Plitron Manufacturing’s patented NBT technologies and medical-grade toroidal isolation transformers to eliminate virtually all power-line noise artifacts and protect equipment from potentially damaging AC power line events, while increasing system reliability and extending product life. Establishing clean, isolated, and uninterrupted incoming power from which connected components can draw upon and use, Torus Power products deliver higher levels of instantaneous current which ensures that dynamic components and high performance systems are never compromised, nor starved for power.

Built to rigorous specifications under Plitron Manufacturing’s ISO 9001 quality control system in Toronto, Canada, Torus Power’s toroidal transformers—the heart of the Torus Power product line—utilize similar technologies as those found in leading AV amplifiers as well as in industrial, medical, broadcast, telecommunications, IT, power conditioning, and energy management applications.




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