Techteriors’ Sam Luckow details how choosing a Critcal One with supporting KPIs and key metrics, getting employees engaged, and celebrating success can improve an organization.

Chester Springs, PA – (August 2018) – For Wisconsin-based Techteriors, the process of becoming an agile, Key Performance Indicator-focused organization took about two and a half years of consistent effort, but the results were incredible. Techteriors’ efficiency and billable hours skyrocketed and business increased approximately 100 percent, with 23 percent less employeesSam Luckow Techteriors

A group of 60 Azione Unlimited home technology integrators and manufacturers gathered to hear fellow member Sam Luckow, Techteriors’ senior vice president, share insights on KPIs during a stand-out presentation at the buying group’s recent Key Leaders Meeting. Understanding how vital it is for dealers to have the capability to adapt in an ever-changing business environment, Azione is helping its members be more agile, flexible, and strategic.

Using Key Performance Indicators to Transform a Business
Dealers can use Key Performance Indicators as a tool to improve productivity, performance, and profitability. But creating a structured environment with well-defined roles and learning to rely on analytics and business insights takes time, patience, and the right techniques.

Many dealers are currently accustomed to an organization where individuals wear multiple hats and everyone goes from project to project without pausing to consider analytics like hours billed and job profitability.

With expertise in operations management, project management, sales, and business analysis, Luckow knows how business intelligence and analytics can positively affect an organization. He encourages Azione dealers to take the first steps and keep going because the payoffs will be worth it.

Luckow’s Azione presentation focused on 10 steps to start using KPIs. But if dealers absorbed only three key takeaways from the talk, they would be well on their way to positive change, increased employee engagement, and higher profits.

How to Get Started Using KPIs: 3 Tips from a Business Expert
Luckow emphasizes that his presentation was not a roadmap for dealers, but, instead, meant to spark ideas and discussion. “This is a snapshot in time of Techteriors,” he says, encouraging dealers to hire a business coach or an analyst if they feel an outsider can help guide them down the path.

1. Identify the “Critical One.”
Luckow calls that one area where a business needs the most improvement the “Critical One.” For AV integrators, the Critical One is often profitability, customer service, or employee engagement. Once an integrator has identified “the One,” the next step is determining which KPIs can help improve that “One,” and, from there, determining the metrics to assess the KPIs.

2. Start measuring.
Luckow encourages organizations to start small. When he first introduced KPIs to Techteriors, the organization only focused on tracking time. “Once we started getting accurate time entries, we could start measuring the things that mattered.”

When it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of tracking real KPIs, Luckow advises, “Pick something that’s easily measurable that will resonate with employees quickly.”

3.Reward success.
Luckow believes in absolute transparency at Techteriors, which means every employee receives access to all KPIs and analytics every Tuesday. Wins are celebrated, while losses are analyzed.

Most importantly, says Luckow, “Everybody in the entire organization is compensated toward our Critical One. So how they’re doing on their individual metrics defines what they’re total possible bonus would be.”

Azione Continues to Inspire and Educate Dealers
Luckow’s presentation at the Key Leaders meeting encouraged dealers to start thinking about KPIs and how focusing on business intelligence could help them scale their company. Azione’s upcoming Fall Conference in Denver promises to dive deeper into KPIs and management styles to help dealers find a business system that works for them.

“Azione has always been about more than just the technology. The programming at our Key Leaders Meeting, along with the seminars, presentations, and roundtables we have planned for our Fall Conference will offer tangible tips and actionable insights our dealers can use to weather any market changes and grow profitably,” says Azione Unlimited President Richard Glikes.

About Azione Unlimited
Azione Unlimited, the education and buying group for integrators, is a consortium of like-minded custom installers, home technology professionals, and vendors. The organization helps its members achieve greater levels of prosperity, technical acumen, and sophistication in running their businesses and serving customers. Founded by industry veteran Richard Glikes and headquartered in Chester Springs, PA, the organization hosts two high-energy, information-packed conferences per year, Azione provides its members with a host of benefits, from product discounts to educational middle management meetings and marketing tools.