Reference-grade Dolby Atmos home theater combats a problematic power grid thanks to Torus Power Isolation Transformers.

All it takes is one electrical surge or spike to damage a piece of home theater equipment. This threat is very real in Russia, where most of the country is fed by a single electrical grid. Home to several industries, Moscow is particularly prone to electrical disturbances. Every time a big piece of machinery turns on, the power grid takes a significant hit. The resulting electrical surges can affect nearby residences, putting sensitive electronic gear at significant risk.  When a home has been outfitted with some of the finest AV equipment on the planet, protection from power disturbances is just as important to the entertainment experience as the quality of the speakers, amplifiers, processors, AV sources, and video projector.

“When we started plans for a custom theater in a large luxury home in Moscow, we knew the quality of the power grid was questionable,” says Christian Søgren Nielsen, creative director and founder of Danish AV integration firm CSN Teknik. “It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when installing such high-end gear, so no ordinary surge protector would do for this client. We needed a heavy-duty power conditioner, like the RM 16 Power Isolation Transformer from Torus Power.”

To ensure that every audio, video, and control component would receive clean, protected power, CSN Teknik installed six RM 16 Power Conditioners into the newly built theater. Fully protected from electrical disturbances and lightning strikes are a Dolby Atmos system comprised of Wisdom Audio speakers, amplifiers, and controllers; Trinnov Audio processor, Barco dual-laser 4K HDR video projector, Kaleidescape media server and player, Blu-ray Disc players, Apple TV, and RTI home theater control system. “We didn’t want to leave anything to chance, especially considering the instability of the power grid and the amount of construction that was happening in the building as we were installing the theater,” Nielsen relates. “There’s no doubt in my mind that the Torus Power units saved us and our selective customers from the worst-case scenario.” 

As it safeguards the reference-grade equipment from dirty electricity, the Torus power transformers ensure full dynamic range from the audio equipment and stunning imagery from video gear. CSN Teknik optimized the audio and video presentation even further by constructing and designing the home theater for pristine acoustics. Working in tandem with the architect and other craftsmen, CSN Teknik employed a “room-within-a-room” construction technique to prevent sound from entering or leaving the space—important when neighboring units are located directly above, below, and adjacent to the seventh-floor residence. This construction method completely decouples the envelope of the home theater from the residence’s interior and exterior walls so that “No extraneous noise would interfere with the home theater presentation, nor would audio from the powerful Wisdom system disturb other occupants of the building, fulfilling the customer’s wish for absolute silence outside the theater and killer sound inside it,” Nielsen says. Insulating the home theater also gave CSN Teknik a “clean slate” from which to calibrate the audio to perfection.

It’s been four years since CSN Teknik completed the home theater, so construction of neighboring units—an initial source of electrical issues–has subsided. Yet, problems with the power grid remain. the six Torus power conditioners combined with high-caliber AV equipment and proper acoustical design maintain an entertainment environment that’s just as powerful and enjoyable today as the day it was installed.

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