Torus Power will feature its full line of toroidal isolation transformers at CEDIA Expo, including the new AVR ELITE Power Control and Isolation System 

Toronto, ON, Canada (August 14, 2019) Torus Power, maker of uncompromising, clean, isolation transformer-based power components for AV systems, will be exhibiting its full line of products at this year’s CEDIA Expo, September 10–14 in Denver, booth 2533. There, Torus Power will showcase the benefits of using isolation transformers like the All-in-One series (recently installed in CEDIA headquarter’s new theater), the now-shipping PowerBlock (PB) series, and the brand new Torus Power AVR ELITE Power Control and Isolation System. 

NEW Torus Power AVR ELITE Power Control and Isolation System

Torus Power’s new AVR ELITE is the ultimate power control system for high-performance audio-video systems. The AVR ELITE isolates connected equipment from the electrical grid ensuring clean power delivery to sensitive electronic components. High Current capability provides performance improvements that can be seen and heard in all AV systems. Advanced Automatic Voltage Regulation protects against voltage fluctuations, and Series Mode Surge Suppression protects expensive equipment from power line damage.

The AVR ELITE (also available as a Wall Mount unit) features a powerful 32-bit processor and the all-new TorusConnect power control system. TorusConnect is a cloud-based system for control, programming, data logging, and reporting that allows installers to remotely monitor and respond to user issues, and to control and reboot power zones. The TorusConnect WebApp works with all mobile devices and tablets and features an Installer Dashboard for power control of single or multiple installations. Wi-Fi connectivity makes firmware updates and feature enhancements easy to install. TorusConnect includes live polling and on-demand reports of power-quality data, data logging and historical data reporting, graphical display of power parameters, and a monthly report of power events to TorusConnect users.

Torus Power PowerBlock Series Now Available 

The PowerBlock (PB) Series—including PB 5 and PB 10—is Torus Power’s new midrange line of isolation transformers that delivers clean, uninterrupted power to small to mid-size AV systems or single components. Both models in the series are compact, with rugged construction that makes them convenient for use in almost any situation. Now shipping, the PB Series provides unparalleled performance at a competitive price point.

Noise-filtering via proprietary narrow bandwidth technology (NBT) allows sophisticated audio-visual components to perform at their very best. Audio comes alive with a lower noise floor, better dynamics, imaging and bass, and video is notably crisper with brighter colors, deeper blacks, and a more compelling image. The PB 5 uses a 600VA toroidal isolation transformer to physically decouple the equipment from the power supply to deliver cleaner power for AV systems. The PB 10 uses two, independent 600VA isolation transformers to further isolate digital and analog loads.  


Torus Power All-in-One Panel

Featured in some of the finest installations around the world—including the CEDIA Reference Theater at the organization’s new headquarters in Fishers, IN—the Torus Power All-in-One (AIO) not only elevates the entertainment experience but also protects the equipment investment, while providing a comprehensive approach to whole-system power conditioning. 

The stand-alone electrical panel has two sections. The top section is prewired with 24 industrial grade 20A bolt-in breakers, which are fed by robust 1 1⁄4” x 1⁄4” all copper buss bars. Advanced surge suppression is provided. Clean, isolated power is supplied to the breakers by a toroidal isolation transformer mounted in the lower section of the panel. The AIO uses a separately derived equipment ground (from the isolated ground) making troubling-shooting ground loops much easier, and providing an extremely quiet noise floor. Models are rated up to 100Amps, with 240V or 208V inputs provided. The AIO was developed for the professional recording studio industry by Arthur Kelm of Ground One in California and is now widely used in discriminating consumer and professional applications. 

See Torus Power at CEDIA Expo, September 10–14, in booth 2533 or visit to learn more about the benefits of toroidal power isolation for AV installations large and small.

About Torus Power

Toroidal isolation power transformers by Torus Power are the world’s finest clean power source for audio, video, and control systems. Dramatically increasing performance levels of connected AV components from video displays to amplifiers and powered speakers, Torus Power products utilize Plitron Manufacturings patented NBT technologies and medical-grade toroidal isolation transformers to eliminate virtually all power-line noise artifacts and protect equipment from potentially damaging AC power line events while increasing system reliability and extending product life. Torus Power products deliver higher levels of instantaneous current, which ensures that dynamic components and high-performance systems are never compromised, nor starved for power. Built to rigorous specifications under Plitron Manufacturing’s ISO 9001 quality control system in Toronto, Canada, Torus Power’s toroidal transformers—the heart of the Torus Power product line—utilize similar technologies as those found in leading AV amplifiers as well as in industrial, medical, broadcast, telecommunications, IT, power conditioning, and energy management applications. For additional information visit and follow Torus Power on Twitter and Facebook.


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