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ISE is the biggest audiovisual event on the planet. 2018’s showing is expected to draw more than 75,000 international visitors looking for the latest and greatest solutions. We asked Shannon Townley, CEO and president of Stewart Filmscreen, what his company plans to bring to Amsterdam.

Q&A with Shannon Townley, CEO & president, Stewart Filmscreen


AV Technology: Why ISE?
ISE is an important part of Stewart Filmscreen’s go to market strategy as it offers a unique opportunity for us to show our range of products and innovations to a global audience. Because we do business around the world, it’s important we have time, such as what ISE offers, to have meaningful one-on-one time with our partners, prospects, and peers. More important, however, is the opportunity to showcase not just what we do but how and why, which is critical considering the competitive nature of the AV industry.

AV Technology: What will you focus on at the show?
This year, Stewart Filmscreen is showcasing what’s possible with two-piece projection and really honing in on the importance of image integrity, or image fidelity, as we like to say. In the booth (or stand, as they say) we are debuting an enhanced Balon Borderless design that now features optional LED backlighting, our new Gemini dual-roller screen system, the svelte new Cascade case, and Phantom HALR, our award-winning high ambient light rejecting screen material that has quickly become a top-seller. We’ll also be talking with attendees about total cost of ownership advantages this category provides over others and other critical value propositions while sharing insights and helping people find the best Stewart solution for their most challenging installations. Anytime we’re at an event — but especially one like ISE — we are there to educate and inspire, to listen and learn, and ultimately, to help our partners specify, integrate, and manage two-piece projection technologies effectively, in a wide variety of applications.

AV Technology: What about your solutions is notable for technology managers?
Tech managers and consultants should take note not only of what’s new on the show floor but also — and maybe more importantly — what’s been proven, tried, tested, and known to work well. With 70-plus years behind us we know not only what works but also the most effective path to achieving the desired result. Because we are vertically-integrated we control every aspect of our manufacturing and production. This means we can customize a solution that is ideally suited to the application, environment, and intended use. Think about that for a minute. Think what’s possible. Then, call Stewart Filmscreen and let our team provide your team the best possible solution. That’s the Stewart Filmscreen difference.