Designed and engineered to recess third-party tech devices flush with any wall or ceiling surface, WALL-SMART’s custom mounting hardware allows technology to be less conspicuous, if not completely hidden.  

DENVER, COLORADO (August 22, 2023)WALL-SMART showcases a broad range of design-friendly mounting and concealment solutions for leading third-party tech devices at its biggest-ever Commercial Integrator and CEDIA Expo booth this year. In addition to products designed to downplay the appearance of technology in luxury residences, WALL-SMART introduces several new products to help blend tablets, Wi-Fi access points and other tech into hospitality, house of worship, corporate and other light commercial environments. 

A few of the new additions prominently displayed at the WALL-SMART Booth #C1103 include flush wall mounts for the latest versions of Samsung Galaxy 9 and Microsoft Surface Pro 9 tablets, which feature a specially engineered adapter that securely mounts the device flush within drywall to prevent theft and tampering. 

Also useful for residential and commercial projects is WALL-SMART’s new Uni-inwall mount. Similar to WALL-SMART’s award-winning Universal Access Point ceiling mount, the Uni-inwall mount provides a universal fit and flush finish of any brand of product within the wall surface. WALL-SMART demonstrates the versatility of the Uni-inwall by flush mounting a new partner product from Bond into the wall of its booth. Also debuting are wall mounts customized for the iPad 10 tablet, NETGEAR Wi-Fi access points, and new keypads from Black Nova and Crestron.

WALL-SMART Introduces Uni-inwall Universal Flush Mount for Installation of Diverse Technology 

WALL-SMART introduces a versatile mount that recesses any device flush with the surface of any inner wall. The prototype Uni-inwall mount is similar in concept to WALL-SMART’s award-winning Universal Access Point ceiling mount but intended for retrofit installation in walls. No matter which brand Wi-Fi device, switch, sensor or other device a systems integrator selects for a project, the Uni-inwall mount achieves a seamless fit and finish with the surrounding surface. This provides residential and commercial integrators with remarkable design and installation flexibility that renders a variety of technology less perceptible, or completely hidden when the included matte white cover is applied. 

The all-inclusive Uni-inwall mount is built with the same moisture-resistant and proper ventilation as other mounts in the WALL-SMART line. These features protect the equipment from damage, enable ease of use, and ensure uncompromised performance—all without impacting the architectural or design integrity of the home or business. In addition to a cover, included with the recessed Uni-inwall mount are keystone panels, ½-inch, ¾-inch, and 1-inch breakouts, and a magnetically detachable back for ease of installation and service. 

WALL-SMART Welcomes Bond as a New Technology Partner, Offers Several Mounting Options for the Bond Bridge Pro

WALL-SMART boasts a large portfolio of design-friendly mounts customized to recess a specific third-party smart device flush with the wall or ceiling surface. A new partner product to join the WALL-SMART roster is the Bond Bridge Pro RF-to-Wi-Fi Bridge. Enabling smartphone control to a wide range of RF-enabled smart devices, the Bond Bridge has gained traction as a useful device in smart home applications. WALL-SMART offers a couple of mounting solutions that render the Bond Bridge inconspicuous, providing systems integrators a unique installation solution that preserves the design integrity of a home and maintains optimal performance of the concealed technology. 

Systems integrators can hide the Bond Bridge in new construction and retrofit jobs by using WALL-SMART’s new Uni-inwall mount or flush with the ceiling surface via its highly acclaimed Universal Access Point mount. Systems integrators now have the freedom to place the Bond Bridge where it works best instead of being dictated by the home design. Both the in-wall and in-ceiling options provide a well-ventilated, moisture-resistant housing for the Bond Bridge and with all the appropriate ports and sizing requirements. The Uni-inwall mount and Universal Access Point mount come with a cover that can be painted to match the wall or ceiling surface.  

WALL-SMART Introduces Locking Wall Mount for Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Tablet 

WALL-SMART adds a new twist to its popular flush wall mounts for tablets with a unit that locks Microsoft’s latest generation Surface Pro 9 tablet into place. The new locking feature affords systems integrators a solution ideal for light commercial environments where tablets need to be accessible to authorized users yet cannot be removed from the wall to prevent theft and tampering. 

Customized for a seamless fit and finish in drywall during construction, the mount renders the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 tablet a natural part of the surrounding surface where it can be used to control the lights, music, temperature and other facets of a commercial environment, display images captured by surveillance cameras, and provide access to relevant information. Installation of the mount is similar to other drywall construction procedures and requires no additional tools. 

To maintain consistent, reliable operation, WALL-SMART designed the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 tablet mount to also hold its docking station. Should the tablet need to be removed for mobile use or service, holding a smart key unlocks the tablet. It can be easily reinserted and locked back up when finished. 

WALL-SMART Flush Mounts for Wi-Fi Access Points Now Support NETGEAR Products

As part of technology partnership with NETGEAR, WALL-SMART has configured its new Universal Access Point Mount to accommodate NETGEAR Pro Wi-Fi access points. The integration support of NETGEAR products provides systems integrators builders, architects, and designers, an even greater choice of access points for hidden installation in residential and commercial projects, both retrofit and new build. 

WALL-SMART has meticulously designed its new Universal Access Point Mount with all the appropriate ports and sizing requirements of NETGEAR Pro Wi-Fi access points. WALL-SMART’s mount for NETGEAR access points can be purchased via WALL-SMART or directly from Savant. 

NETGEAR Pro Wi-Fi access points housed within WALL-SMART’s Universal Access Point Mount disappear into the surface of the ceiling where they deliver high-performance Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity to customers without compromising the aesthetics of the surrounding environment. The mount includes the necessary hardware for installation in both new and existing buildings, incorporates technology to ensure exceptional Wi-Fi performance, and enables easy access to the access point for service or upgrades. Additionally, the mount has been designed for installation in any orientation to ensure proper air ventilation to protect the access point from overheating. 

WALL-SMART Announces Partnership with ProSource Buying Group

WALL-SMART announces that its wide range of tech concealment and design-forward mounting solutions can now be purchased through ProSource. One of the largest buying groups in the U.S.,ProSource provides commercial and residential integrators the purchasing power of fast, easy access to a diverse selection of consumer-electronics merchandise. 

The addition of WALL-SMART to the ProSource lineup introduces a unique installation alternative to the marketplace that renders touchpanels, keypads, access points, voice assistants, tablets and other devices inconspicuous, if not invisible. ProSource dealer members can now add WALL-SMART’s innovative mounting solutions to their shopping lists and deliver their customers a technology experience that’s as visually stunning as it is functionally smart.  

The partnership between WALL-SMART and ProSource strengthens WALL-SMART’s presence in the U.S. market, gives dealers the buying power of a large, national group, and satisfies a growing demand for technology that complements rather than competes with the design and architecture of a home of business. Through its alliance with ProSource, WALL-SMART is able to reach more dealers with its modern approach to tech integration. 

Where to See WALL-SMART Flush Mounts and Concealment Solutions at Commercial Integrator EXPO and CEDIA Expo

Attendees of Commercial Integrator Expo and CEDIA Expo can see WALL-SMART’s latest additions to its extensive portfolio of technology concealment solutions at Booth #C1103. For more information about WALL-SMART, its growing list of manufacturer partnerships and products, and to view installation videos, go to


WALL-SMART is the leading designer and manufacturer of custom flush ceiling and wall mounts for smart home devices, including tablets, touchscreens, Wi-Fi access points, security cameras, voice assistants, and more. Dedicated to providing cutting-edge concealment solutions for technology in new and existing homes, WALL-SMART inspires homes that are both technologically advanced and exceptionally beautiful. A wide range of products, combined with simple installation, and fast, hassle-free worldwide shipping, poises WALL-SMART as a valuable smart home resource for home systems integrators, home builders and contractors, architects, and designers. 

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