An effective alternative to media streaming, Zappiti’s media players bring a modern twist to watching classic DVDs and Blu-ray discs with multi-room viewing capability and engaging graphic user interface. 

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (June 17, 2020) Zappiti, an award-winning manufacturer of 4K media players, is helping AV integrators worldwide deliver to their customers an enriched, engaging home entertainment experience utilizing their existing DVD and Blu-ray video collections. As families spend more time at home and online, bandwidth issues can impede the audio and video quality of content delivered to home entertainment systems by media streaming services. As a result, many consumers are rediscovering their classic movie collections as a home entertainment alternative. 

Recognizing the enjoyment people derive from reconnecting with their movie collections and their demand for high-quality viewing experiences, Zappiti offers a full range of high-performance media players loaded with advanced technology to enable quick and easy access to entire movie collections at the press of a button in stunning 4K clarity. 

A user’s optical discs can be converted into a bit-perfect, uncompressed format on the hard drive of Zappiti’s 4K HDR NAS unit, automatically categorized by genre and artist, and distributed over a home network to any of Zappiti’s media players, including its Pro 4K HDR model. Each display connected to a media player presents corresponding movie cover art and titles on an intuitive on-screen menu for easy navigation and retrieval. With the tap of a button on a remote control, a dramatically enhanced picture-perfect rendering of the chosen film begins to play. 

Easily integrated with existing home AV systems, Zappiti’s media players, which range in price from $249 to $3,999, breathe new life into consumers’ movie libraries for a simple, enjoyable home entertainment option that combines the best of old and new technologies.  

“As people look for new forms of home entertainment, they are finally dusting off the DVDs and Blu-ray Discs they’ve had stored away for years,” says Rémy Pariselle, Zappiti Marketing Manager. “It’s a trend that presents new opportunities for AV integrators to deliver to their clients a fun, engaging way to reconnect with their classic collections with nothing more required than the touch of a button—no Internet connection or streaming is necessary.” 

To introduce AV integrators and consumers to the merits of movie viewing via a Zappiti media player, the company recently launched a new website, The site walks visitors through innovative technologies and features built into each player and demonstrates Zappiti’s state-of-the-art process of bringing DVD and Blu-ray disc collections out of hiding and into the limelight as the centerpiece of a home entertainment system. Timely reviews of Zappiti products from leading AV publications, customer testimonials, and an overview of the various media player options help both integrators and consumers alike understand the Zappiti difference and its unique approach to home entertainment. 

As consumers continue to demand fresh, innovative ways to stay engaged, connected, and entertained at home, Zappiti is building its brand throughout the U.S. by forming strategic partnerships with rep firms. Over the next several months Zappiti will broaden its dealer base by adding rep firms in every territory in the U.S., while providing valuable training and educational opportunities for new and existing integrators. Interested reps can send an inquiry via the website here:

About Zappiti

Zappiti is an international leader in the design and manufacturing of high-end universal media players. Providing AV integrators with a range of solutions, Zappiti has offices in both Europe and the U.S., with operations including research and development, tech support, and sales. Engineered to deliver high-caliber audio and video reproduction, Zappiti media players create an immersive, dimensional, and emotional entertainment experience that is just as the original filmmakers intended. Rich in innovative software and hardware technology and boasting user-friendly operation, Zappiti media players appeal to both casual viewers and serious home theater enthusiasts. 

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