New rubber covers designed for AtlasIED’s strategically hidden speakers prevent dust and other particles from passing into clean environments while maintaining exceptional coverage of paging, announcements, and notifications. 

PHOENIX, AZ – (June 4, 2020) – AtlasIED, a global electronics manufacturer providing comprehensive audio, communications, and security solutions for commercial markets, introduces a new accessory designed to help hospitals, medical and pharmaceutical facilities, manufacturing, and other establishments minimize the spread of dust and other particles that can pass into the air through speaker grilles. 

Available as a separate cover (SHS-CVR) or included with AtlasIED’s SHS strategically hidden speaker (SHS-6T2CVR), the durable rubber cover offers a simple, affordable solution for any environment where clean air quality is of paramount importance, such as dust-sensitive manufacturing and testing facilities with “cleanroom type” requirements. The covered SHS speaker can be calibrated so that announcements and paging maintain a high level of clarity and coverage.

The SHS-CVR clean room speaker cover installs easily over the opening of the SHS strategically hidden speaker to create a barrier between the building plenum, where particles exist, and the room environment. The SHS-CVR can be ordered as a separate accessory or included with the SHS-6T2 strategically hidden speaker as a kit (SHS-6T2CVR). 

“We designed the cleanroom speaker cover to help hospitals, medical and pharmaceutical facilities, manufacturing, and other facilities provide intelligible notifications to spaces where ensuring clean indoor air quality is necessary,” says AtlasIED President, John Ivey. “The SHS-CVR and SHS-6T2CVR offer dealers the added benefit of being easy to install and visually unobtrusive.”

AtlasIED’s SHS-CVR clean room speaker cover and SHS-6T2CVR strategically hidden speaker with included clean room cover are currently available. To see how easily the SHS-CVR installs, watch this video

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AtlasIED is a global technologies manufacturer providing comprehensive audio and security solutions for commercial, corporate, educational, healthcare, retail, transportation, hospitality, and government environments. Offering industry-leading mass notification, life safety, VoIP, background music, paging, and sound-masking systems, AtlasIED delivers more than 2,000 audio solutions with a variety of resources to help security dealers sell, design and install audio communication technologies.

With nine locations and a network of manufacturer representatives and distributors around the world to provide superior support to dealers and customers, AtlasIED’s customer service is an industry benchmark that competitors strive to match. AtlasIED is family-owned, with manufacturing operations in the United States that hold an ISO9001:2008 Quality Standards Certification to ensure consistently high-quality products, service, and support.

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