Lighthouse Provides LED Displays to Leading Commercial AV Brands for Immersive Demos at InfoComm 2018

Learn why leading commercial brands are using Lighthouse Dynamic Direct View LEDs at InfoComm 2018! Find Lighthouse LEDs across the show floor where the need for incredible imagery and simplified signage solutions are required. Check it out here and at the show!

Lighthouse Quantum q-Series Direct View LEDs Debut During InfoComm 2018

Industry-first Peak Luminance Enhancement technology and HDR-readiness enable Lighthouse Quantum q-Series LEDs to deliver richer colors, higher contrast ratios. Check them out here and at InfoComm 2018!

Lighthouse Dynamic Direct View LED Series Expands with 80-inch Stretch and 104-inch Standard Models

Lighthouse expands its lineup of Dynamic Direct View LED Series of fine pitch direct-view LEDs for InfoComm 2018 with a 104-inch diagonal (16:9) and an 80-inch stretched aspect ratio screen. Check them out here and at InfoComm 2018.

Lighthouse Leads the Way with Direct View LEDs Offering Incredible Imagery, Easy Installation

Coming soon to the InfoComm 2018 show in Las Vegas, Lighthouse addresses and eliminates many of the barriers to entry for direct-view LEDs in commercial applications. The Quantum q-Series and Dynamic Series deliver high dynamic range imagery across a wide color gamut. The Quantum q-Series includes proprietary, first-of-its-kind Peak Luminance Enhancement (PLE) technology for noticeably higher contrast levels and increased luminance.